Koplove Takes His Out Clause

koplove.jpgTriple-A Lehigh Valley right-hander Mike Koplove, a Philadelphia native, has taken an out clause in his contract to become a free agent.

Koplove signed a Minor League contract with the Phillies that stated he must be in the big leagues by June 1 or he can go elsehwere. He went 1-3 with a 1.14 ERA in 21 appearances with the IronPigs, so Koplove obviously feels he can get a job in somebody’s bullpen.

Unfortunately for him, even with the way he was throwing, there was not room for him unless there would have been an injury.

Righthander Gary Majewski also has a June 1 opt out clause in his contract, but there is no word if Majewski has taken his.


Charlie Manuel was asked before tonight’s game in San Diego if Manny Ramirez should play in the All-Star Game, if he gets elected as a starter: “I think if he’s elected and Major League Baseball, if that’s their procedure, then it’s fine. I think everything is fine.”


Manuel also made it clear the Phillies need to improve their rotation, and not with a bottom-of-the-rotation type of guy.

“I don’t care if it’s outside the system or inside the system, we definitely need to upgrade our pitching,” he said. “Once Myers goes out we’ve got to find somebody close to Myers. Myers is a top of rotation pithcer. We pay him a lot of money to pitch for us. And he was definitely our No. 2 pitcher. We have to find some body that can go into the rotations and replace him.”


Interesting on Charlie’s comments. Was the “we pay him a lot of money to pitch for us” quote a dig at Myers at all? Meaning, he should pitch through the pain and suck it up because we need him? Any thoughts?

To all the posters yesterday: I will admit that Donald may have more value then I gave him credit for. The question that needs to be addressed by the Phillies is do we see him as our future 3B after Feliz leaves, do we plan on keeping Feliz after next year (his option year)? If we are not keeping Happy Pete, and Donald isn’t our answer then he can defiantely be dealt.

As for pitchers, Charlie seemingly is hinting (with a sledge hammer) that he wants a #1-2 starter or nothing. I agree with that logic as we can fill the rest of the rotation from in house right now. The question is, do we ahve the peicces to get a true number 1 or 2, and do we want to give them up. Besides the price tag, we need to consider which top pitchers will agree to play in our park, what have then done over time, and what can they do over the next 3-4 seasons. There is no point in trading even 1 AAA SP to get a guy for half a year or even an entire year. While winning it all this year is very imortant, being able to win again next year, and the year after is equally as important.

bolenbak, I think you’re reading too much into the comment. And I hope you don’t think Myers should “pitch through the pain.” (1. Personal medical decision 2. Doctors advidsed surgery now 3. Effectiveness would be impacted by his injury anyway)

I definitely do not think he should pitch through the pain and would take issue with Charlie if his comments indicated that that was his position. I just wanted to see if anybody else took it that way also. So rest easy, I think Brett is doing the right thing. Not only that but I think we have all seen what happens to Brett’s pitching when he is not 100% mentally into the game. Thinking about potential future hip damage with every pitch would not help his mental state and would be detrimental to his game and his hip.

I think Chollie is just hinting that he would like Brett’s replacement to be another #2, not unwanted detritus from another team.
I expect the Phillies to go the in-house route before they make any moves. Bastardo, Carrasco and Drabek may all get a shot before going outside the system. JMO.

Charlie meant we’re paying our No. 2 starter a lot of money, and he’s hurt. We need to get a No. 2 starter (or better) to replace him … not a No. 4 or No. 5 guy. I know Charlie, and that absolutely wasn’t a shot at Myers or anything like that.

Todd, this is the first time in a month or so I’ve seen you respond to one of the comments. Good timing! You have been better at clarifying something Charlie said or did than all the local Phillies writers combined. That’s why I trust you more than anyone at philly.com. You don’t feed rumors or build discontent among the Phan-base. Keep up the great work!

It’s sad to see Mike Koplove just walk away. And even sadder, the Phils did nothing to assure him he would ever pitch this year. I wonder if Amaro could have included him in a trade for a starting pitcher. He seems to have good stuff and he’s right-handed. Couldn’t we have used him at sometime during the season?

Who would Koplove replace in the current bullpen? Durbin? Condrey? Park? Certainly not Madson or Lidge. There just isn’t any room for him now.

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