Bastardo Shines

bastardo 0602.jpgYep, that settles it. Antonio Bastardo is better than Jake Peavy.

Bastardo impressed everybody in his Major League debut last night in a 10-5 victory over the Padres at Petco Park. He allowed four hits, one run and one walk and struck out five in six innings to pick up his first big-league win. His fastball settled in the 93-94 mph range, and he attacked the strike zone.

“I thought he had a good fastball,” Charlie Manuel said. “He was on a rush and you couldn’t slow him down if you had to. He did one thing real good and that was to be aggressive and he wasn’t afraid to throw the ball.

“He has a good changeup and a breaking ball, but he was gripping the ball and trying to throw it, so there wasn’t much action. But he did a super job, but he did it with one pitch.”

Of course, Bastardo will have to be able to throw his other two pitches if he expects to remain in the big leagues, but that is for another day. Right now the Phillies are feeling good because Bastardo showed he had the guts and the stuff to pitch in the big leagues. They could use somebody like that, especially if Ruben Amaro Jr. can’t pull off a trade for one of the top pitchers in baseball (i.e. Peavy or Roy Oswalt).

Say Bastardo sticks in the rotation, but he carries a 4.50 ERA come late July. Would you rather have him in the rotation or somebody like Jason Marquis or Jarrod Washburn, knowing you would have to give up a prospect or two to get them? Marquis is 7-3 with a 3.93 ERA after 10 starts with the Rockies. Washburn is 3-2 with a 3.22 ERA after 10 starts with the Mariners.


Raul Ibanez homered twice for his 200th and 201st homers of his career. He’s good.


The Phillies optioned Sergio Escalona to make room for J.C. Romero, who is back after serving his 50-game suspension.


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Sure wish I could’ve stayed awake to watch this game. Very encouraging to see Bastardo (one of the great baseball names!) shined so brightly! I hope he gets another start Sunday against the Mutts (losing twice to the lowly Pirates—guess their injury riddled staff is catching up) Obviously Peavy wasn’t himself—don’t know why he even started since he wasn’t feeling well.

Congrats to RAUUULLL! for his birthday HRs! How sweet it is!

The kid showed a lot of guts, but Chollie was right. His fastball was in the 94 mph range but it had very little movement. I’ve heard that his fastball is supposed to have late movement so I’ll pass it off as adreneline. The Padres stink, outside of A. Gonzalez and Hairston. The bottom half of their lineup is hitting under .200 and they helped the kid out some.
Chan Ho Park is awful. He let them back in the game. Durbin had a 1-2-3 eighth, but then loaded the bases in the ninth and forced Chollie to have to use Madson for a one pitch save. Chollie was steaming during the ninth and I don’t blame him. Four walks between Park and Durbin in a blowout is unacceptable. Just pound the strike zone in that circumstance, especially against a team that can’t hit.

Phan, I understood the comment to mean that his off speed and breaking stuff wasn’t moving. I saw that Ibanez was very impressed with the movement on his fast ball.

In any case, he’ll have to get all his pitches working if he wants to hang around in the Majors. For now, however, he is a definate keeper.

So we still want to trade the farm for Peavy? (just kidding)

His change obviously wasn’t fooling anybody because Gonzalez took one deep and Hairston hit one about five feet foul. His fastball moved a little in on righthanders some, but generally it looked pretty flat to me. I think that was because of adrenaline, because he supposedly doesn’t throw consistently at 94 mph like he did last night. He wasn’t afraid to throw strikes when he had to. He had some deep counts but he only walked one and I liked that he worked very quickly. I’ll bet he threw 90% fastballs.
I liked what I saw but they will still need another veteran starter if they make the postseason. There is still a huge dropoff after Hamels unless a guy like Happ steps up really big.

I tend to agree at this point, but one start isn’t a real indication of his abilities either. Hell, Kendrick made it an entire season (last half 07 and first half 08) before the league caught onto to his stuff.
I saw in other blogs the idea of floating Werth as bait as the leading piece in a package for a SP. If this bappens, Mayberry is back up as a starter. My problem is still I dont’ see a legit top starter out there who I want and who is available. I dn’t want Peavy, and not because of last night. Cain isn’t aavailable it seems, and so on down the list.

The talk about players like Cain and Duke (who outpitched Santana last night) is whistling in the wind because those guys are still young and don’t cost their respective teams all that much to keep them. I don’t like Peavy either, for multiple reasons, but I would hope that they will investigate Oswalt and maybe Halladay if the Jays drop out of the race.
Unfortunately, I think they will end up with a guy like Marquis, in which case I don’t think he is any different than what we already have.

If that is my choice, I woudl rather not make a move. To rent him, or try to sign him isn’t worth the money and prosepects. If they are serrious about Halladay I think we can get him even if the Jays are in the race. Who in their right mind would say no to a package of Werth, Brown, Donald, Kendrick and Carpenter? if needed we can throw Marson in as well. Just dont’ try to grow any veggies next year cause you sold the farm for the guy

That’s not selling the farm. Why would they want Kendrick? I think it would take either Brown or Taylor, along with a pitcher like Savery or Worley, not Carpenter or Kendrick. A lot of phans think a lot of Donald and Marson but they are attractive throw-ins in any trade, not centerpieces. They could probably get a lesser pitcher for one or both of them. I would not include Drabek in any trade though. If they ask for him, no deal.
Brown or Taylor (preferably Brown because Taylor is already looking like the real deal), Savery, Marson and Donald. Throw in Kendrick if they want and I’ll make that deal for Halladay. The Phils would have to have an agreement on an extension at least through 2012 to make the deal. Hamels and Halladay at the top of the rotation is postseason money.

He’s baaaaack! =D

I be you JC is gonna be fired up when he takes the hill. He’s become one of my favorite Phillies so, when I heard he was suspended… Anyway, I missed his charisma on the bump. Can’t wait to see his fist pumping, screaming, taunting antics again!🙂

Great start from Bastardo last night as well. I noticed the same thing as a couple other people. His fastball was really good, but he struggled on the inside part of the plate as his pitch count rose. Also, he needs a curve or something! Your not going to fool big league hitters with a fastball and a change-up, and a high-school slider. So, as long has he can tweak his control and develop an off speed pitch, the Phillies picked a diamond in the rough. =D I loved his poise on the mound.

Phan: If the Jays will trade Halladay for Brown or Taylor (both are 5 tool it seems) Savery or Worley, marson and Donald I’d make it tomorrow. However, I dont think they’d make the deal. I think they’d want a big league player (Werth) and a pitcher who can enter their rotation now (Carpenter, Bastardo, Carlos). At this point the question marks begin.

TO give up Werth means that Mayberry becomes our everyday RF. I’m not sure he’s ready and he’s definately not equal to Werth-yet. To give up one of our top Pitching prospects means we have to resign Myers (I think Moyer hangs it up after this year), or go with a rotation of Hamels, halladay, Happ, Branton and Rookie. With Branton leaving after 2010 we will have a rotation including a 3rd year guy, a sophomore and a rookie in 2011. I’m also not sure we can fund this given that we have 100 Million dedicated to 7 regulars, 2 starter and 3 RP for next year already.

I wouldn’t have a problem with a rotation of Hamels, Halladay, Happ, Blanton and a rookie in 2010. I have high hopes for Happ and think he can be a solid #3 for years. Don’t be surprised to see Drabek in the mix as that rookie next season. He’s what they call a ‘mover’ and he’ll be in LV before the year is out. I think he’s making his first start in Reading tonight. He could blow right past Happ and give us three top of the rotation guys very quickly.

Let’s assume we make the trade for halladay. We send them Werth, Donald, Marson, Carlos and Brown. We now have teh same starting 8 except Mayberry is in RF instead of Werth. Our rotation is Hamels, halladay, Happ, Branton and Moyer.

Next year’s rotation is Hamels, halladay, Happ, Branton, Rookie
Next year, however our salaries are already: 86 million
And that’s only for: Howard, Lidge, Utley, Ibanez, Rollins, Feliz, Hamels, Romero, Madson, Dobbs.

Hallady gets 15.75 million on his current contract.
former player buy outs (Eaton and Jenkins) 1.75 million
We have to go to arbitration with Victorino, Branton, Durbin, Brunlett, Condrey,
We can sign for whatever we want: Mayberry, Happ, Ruiz, Rookie pitcher, Coste, RHB (assuming rookie or Cairo type pick up.
Stairs is a FA (assuming we bring him back. We still are missing a bench player and half a pullpen.

We’re looking at 101 million plus arbitration for 5 players. Can we afford this? (I have assumed that Moyer retires and that Myers, Park, Eyre, and Tascher are not resigned).
Does this make us better then resigning myers and getting through this year with a mix of prospects as our #5 starter? I dont know

I would like to know who these five players the Phillies are committed to pay $100 million to next year. Of course if it refers to total commitment to five players over the course of their contracts, you are talking about something different considering different contracts have different durations. Thus far I have read “a hand full” or five or seven players. It seems to me that someone in the business of sports writing in general and baseball writing specifically could be more precise and could report more solid information. Concerning the Phillies current “pitching problems” why rush? Bastardo got the team through the first game and should continue long enough to get a read on him. Kyle Kendrick bought the team a year and a half. With nearly two months until the trading deadline there does not appear to be a need to rush into anything.

Pherris: as I said above, the 86 million is commited for 2010 only (salaries for that year) to Howard, Lidge, Utley, Ibanez, Rollins, Feliz, Hamels, Romero, Madson, Dobbs.
Hallaway has 15.5 commited to him (we were assuming we had aquired himin a trade). Additionally they owe money to Jenkins and Eaton as buy out opions (I believe they have to pay this money, but I may be wrong. it’s only 1.5 million though.)

If you want to see their salaries and future commitments go to:

fan_in_jerusalem Thanks for the info and the link. I thought you had written that the Phillies had committed $100 million for five player. I apologize. I do know that Todd wrote of $100 million committed to ” a handful of players” and just did not know to what a “hand full of players” amounts.

Please note that I didn’t include Werth in this list as teh premise between me and Phan was that he was traded to Toronto as part of the hallady deal. He’s on the books for next year, as if Moyer who in this list I’ve assumed retired. Between them there is another 10 million or so commited for next year

Didn’t Toronto’s GM emphatically state that Roy Halladay was not for sale? And how did replacing a #2 starter with a #1 starter come about? I can’t believe some of the fantasy baseball trades some of you are dreaming up…..I’d normally lmao but I think you guys are serious. Anyway, whatever Reuben does is not going to happen until after the All-Star break. BTW, call me stupid but I think Blanton could be on his way to being a #2 starter.

Yes! JP Ricciardi has said several times that Roy Halladay is not available. He is comfortable with the Jays rotation through next year, so Halladay won’t be coming to Philadelphia, most likely ever, but definitely not any time soon. If the Phillies make a deal it’s going to be for Oswalt or a number 2 guy.

I mentioned earlier in the thread about Drabek being a ‘mover’. He went seven shutout innings tonight in his Reading debut, giving up only three hits. Keep an eye on this kid. He might be more ready than anybody else in the system.

I agree with teh comments about Halladay. However, part of the fun is on blogs is dreaming and I still say that if the package is enticing enough the Jays may move him. In any case, I am perfectly happy not to make any moves for a pitcher this year. I think that with the rotation seemingly settling down we can thrive with a crew of Hamels, Happ, Blanton, Moyer and rookie (be it Bastardo, Carpenter, Kendrick, Carlos, Drabek, etc). I do not want to see them make a move for another middle fo the rotation guy like they have the past years (Moyers, Lohse, Blanton etc). Also, take into account that our luck with signing pitchers on the FA market, or even through trades isn’t that great. Need I remind anyone of Garcia, Eaton …)
Great game by Happ, again. THis kid is turning into something special. I just wish Charlie would let the starters finish out thier shutouts every now and then instead of letting the bullpen allow a run everytime. Kills my fantasy scores LMFAO

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