Sweep in SD, Back to LA

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My last time at Dodger Stadium, I left the visitor’s clubhouse drenched in champagne.

The Phillies had just won Game 5 of the National League Championship Series to clinch their first trip to the World Series since 1993. I remember Pat Burrell standing to the side soaking everything in while teammates celebrated around him. I remember Charlie Manuel afterward that he felt the Phillies were going to go all the way.

Good times.

The Phillies open a four-game series tonight against the Dodgers under much different circumstances, but that doesn’t mean this four-game series won’t be interesting. The Phillies are riding a six-game winning streak to improve to 31-20, which is the second-best record in the league. The best? The Dodgers, who are 37-18.


J.A. Happ seems to be taking advantage of his opportunity, huh?


J.C. Romero is back in the fold. That’s good for the bullpen.


We hope to know more about Shane Victorino‘s hip/back injury today.


Kyle Drabek rocked his Double-A debut.


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Happ pitched great. I still don’t get why CHarlie doesn’t let his starters finish thier shut outs instead of turning it over to the pen (who never keep the pother team off the board in these games). If SHane is out for any length of time Mayberry is back and it will serriously hurt our chances of landing the SP I dont think we need. WHile a sweep of LA would be grat, I’ll settle for a 3-1 serries. Team’s a bit different then it was in april huh?

Very encouraging to see that our starting pitchers continue to have great success. Hope the trend continues. Hope Vic will be on the mend soon and doesn’t miss too much time.

Heard Franske didn’t announce last night’s game, anyone know why??

During Tues night’s game, when Shane tailed it around to 3rd, I thought he looked like he was limping when he scored next batter. Hope he’s OK!

Whata classy move by Happ greeting Dobbs after he made that great catch.

What do you think about taking a shot at Glavine?

JIB I’ll be happy with a 2-2 split in LA. The Dodgers are still hot, 7-3 in their last 10 and play as well at home as we do on the road. It will be tough. We do luck out that we miss their #1 pitcher and we do have Cole going, so that’s good. And while Manny is still out, Juan Pierre is doing very well in his spot. So I’d be thrilled with a 2-2 series.

Not a big phan of the likes of Glavine. They’re better off with the young guys, IMO.
Drabek. Watch this guy.

My view of getting Galvine: Why get an over the hill sub 500 pitcher when I get bring up a young prosepct, give him big league experience and save a few million bucks for the same result.

If we can split 2-2 in LA and win the series against the Mutts that would be sweet! Two nationally televised games also: Sat. on Fox, Sun on ESPN (get those radios ready!)

I also agree about with Phan52 about Glavine. We don’t need another 40+ yr old pitcher even just for the season. Plus he’s coming off surgery. The Braves must not have liked what they saw to release him.

what time is the Sat game at? Maybe I can even watch it? (Please tell me it’s not an 8:00PM start est)

The Braves basically used Glavine to make the fans happy when they lost out on Smotlz. Glavine got a raw deal honestly and in his last two rehab starts he pitched 6 scoreless innings in both. Since he was released, whoever picks him up gets to negotiate his salary, so they aren’t picking up big bucks necessarily. i think he could be worth a look, especially if he will take a low offer with incentives. Plus, we don’t have to give up anything to get him. At least worth thinking about IMHO.

That’s great that the Phils are on Fox this weekend, I’ll get to see them! I don’t have ESPN, so I can’t get them Sunday.

FIJ: the Saturday game is a 4:10pm (EST) start…..sorry. Sunday’s game is 8pm (EST).

great, they start the game at 11:00pm my time. I can watch a bit of that. Galvine would be worth a look if we didn’t have so many options in the minors. Since we do it is better for us to look at the kids of the future then the great ones of teh past to get the same results. IMHO he won’t pitch better then .500 with a 4.50 ERA about the same you’d expect from a just called up kid.

Glavine is just about the last thing the Phillies need right now, and he’s also done for. He’ll never pitch effectively in the majors again. His location in the last start was abysmal, every curveball fell about a foot in front of the catcher and his fastball was all over the place.

f_i_j I think Manuel mainly pulled Happ because, despite being excellent, he was up to 112 pitches, the longest outing of his career, and the Phils had a good lead. I’m fine with worrying more about his arm not falling off than completing a shutout.

Happ being this effective is such a godsend for our rotation right now.

Happ was pulled after seven because his pitch count was 112. The days of throwing 130-140 pitches per game are over unless your last name is Hernandez.

To Ras and phylan: I realized after I posted that he had never gone beyond the 6th before. I know days of complete games are over, but I still long for them. I don’t understand how guys like Lefty could pitch 20 years and go into teh 8th and 9th most games, complete 20 games a year and have no problem but todays pitchers can’t go over 1oo pitches without their arms falling off.

BTW: Galvine had pitched 6 straight shut out innings in his rehab starts before being cut. I still dont want him, but I think he’ll help out a team this year. One with no real prospects who are desperate for pitching.

Nice job by Happ, he pitched aggressively, didn’t nibble. I hate it when guys with decent stuff just nibble around the plate (exception Jamie Moyer) like Park always does and Durbin on occasion. He is certainly taking advantage of this opportunity and we’ll see how he does once the league gets a book on him. Losing Shane will be the biggest worry, while we can plug someone (Dobbs, Stairs, Mayberry) in to play defense, we really will miss him in the batting order most of all.

IF Vic is out then the order needs to be: Rollins, Werth, Utley, Howard, Ibanez, RF, Feliz, Ruiz, P

what is teh status of Victorino todd?

John in LA, you making any of the Dodgers games? We expect daily updates LOL!

Looking forward to Mayberry’s return if Shane is out. jefzahav, it sounds like you are describing the Mets.

Here’s something to put a smile on your face on a rainy Thursday: PIRATES SWEEP THE METS!! Our Western neighbors played a day game today and beat the Mutts 11-6 with their (Pitts) top prospect McCutchen making his debut Ah….life is good!

Mutt the Fetts. Love the Bucs

The Dodgers have been unbelievable this season.

Glavine and Moyer sitting on the bench together? Are you kidding me? The only way that is going to happen is if there are some bread crumbs and pigeons too!

Strong outing by Carrasco in AAA tonight (Thursday) as he finally gets his first win of the season.

What’s with all the empty seats in LA? You’d think they would fill the place up with a little revenge in mind.

First shutout. First complete game and now 1-15 when scoring three runs or less.
Great roadtrip so far. Why can’t they play like this at home?

phan52 Interesting stat, 1-15 when scoring 3 runs or less. Thanks for the info. Any idea what the average difference in run is when the Phillies lose as opposed to when they win?

phan52 Interesting stat, 1-15 when scoring 3 runs or less. Thanks for the info. Any idea what the average difference in run is when the Phillies lose as opposed to when they win?

I’d have to look up the differentials in wins and l0sses. But another very interesting stat is that the Phillies. at 20-6, have a better record on the road than every team in MLB has at home.

Dodger fans have no passion whatsoever. Try a little give and take on one of their boards and they get defensive and nasty. I guess it’s the Philly vibe. Can’t blame them after the spanking they took last season.

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