Phillies Following Penny?

penny.jpgA scout for one Major League team said the Phillies have been following Red Sox right-hander Brad Penny, which confirms an ESPN report that the Phillies called the Sox to ask about Penny.

The Phillies reportedly were told it would take Jason Donald to get him.

Penny is 5-1 in 10 starts this season with the Red Sox. But he also has a 5.63 ERA and opponents have .310 against him. Donald would seem to be a steep price for a pitcher who has been getting hit pretty hard. Donald certainly has value after this season as a super-utility player (currently the role Eric Bruntlett holds) or as a third baseman (if the Phillies decide not to pick up the $5 million option on Pedro Feliz). They might be better served keeping Donald and seeing if they can find something better elsewhere, unless Phillies scouts see something the numbers don’t say about him.


Been getting e-mails about the Phillies’ interest in Tom Glavine and Vicente Padilla. Neither seems to be an option for the Phillies. The Phillies already have a Glavine in Jamie Moyer, and Moyer is healthier than Glavine. And Padilla? Don’t forget the Phillies basically traded him to the Rangers for nothing after the 2005 season. There was a reason for that. They don’t want him back.


Charlie Manuel made it official: lefty Antonio Bastardo will start Sunday. No surprise there.


I took a look at why baseball is having so many hip injuries and surgeries. Some interesting theories.


The Lakers are in the NBA Finals, but it’s hard to tell in LA. Maybe I’m in the wrong neighborhood — I’m staying in Pasadena — but so far I have seen one Lakers jersey and two Lakers car flags since I arrived Tuesday night. That’s it. People here might love the LA, but they don’t show it like Phillies fans showed it last fall.


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i really hope they dont trade for him. hes a flyball pitcher, why would we want that in our park? sure hes got power but we need a stopper. he certainly isnt that. cue the, ‘well we’ve been winning with blanton and moyer so far’ comments, but you have to realize the big picture outside of this win streak we’re on. penny would be a great waiver deadline pickup, but not whats going to get us another title. plus, who are you going to bump out of the rotation that is pitching crappier than penny?

No, no, a thousand times no.

For one, I wouldn’t want Penny at any price a team like Boston would accept. For a low-level “maybe” prospect, fine. Otherwise, no thanks.

On top of that, even with Donald struggling a bit he HAS to have more value than that. If that’s really Boston’s asking price they can’t want to move him too badly.

He was an All-Star just a couple of years ago, but he appears to be a shot pitcher now. No way they give up Donald for him. No way I give up anything for him. He’ll probably be released when Smoltz is ready.
Whatever happened to Clay Buchholz? He’s still a young guy.

Since Drew Carpenter made a start for the Phillies on May 16 he is 3-0 0.66 in 4 starts with the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs. For the season in AAA he is 4-0 2.92.
Why trade away prospects for an aging, injury prone starting pitcher when the answer to the starting pitching situation may already be in their farm system?

Carpenter is not the answer for the Phillies. He struggled in his spot start against the Nationals. In AAA he has a poor K/BB ratio, his ERA is distorted by the fact that he leaves 82% of his baserunners stranded (which is not sustainable), and he’s doing it all with a .251 BABIP, meaning he’s getting lucky. Baseball Prospectus’ minor league translations predict, if called up now, he would give up 11 hits per 9, 2.1 home runs per 9, and 4 walks and 4 strikeouts per 9. That’s a normalized ERA of almost 5.

I don’t know why so many Phillies fans are allergic to trading for an established starter. This June/July is the perfect time for the Phils to make a move.

Oh, just for the sake of clarity, I think trading for Penny would be a terrible idea. Bedard is my pet favorite but someone else that could be a legit #2 is fine.

Todd, you should have titled this blog: A Penny For Your Thoughts!

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