The Ace Loves LA

hamels 0604.jpgCarlos Ruiz
knows Cole Hamels as well as anybody, and he said he had a very good feeling about him Thursday.

He knew it in the bullpen.

Hamels’ bullpen before last night’s 3-0 victory over the Dodgers was so good that Ruiz turned to Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer and said, “It’s going to be a good day for Cole. He’ll go eight innings.”

He went nine.

Hamels allowed just five hits and struck out five as he threw just 97 pitches for the third shutout of his career. He kept the ball down in the strike zone. He mixed his pitches. He threw to both side of the plate.

He dominated.

The Phillies have won seven-straight games and 16 of their last 20 to take a four-game lead over the Mets in the NL East. The Phillies have a 3.86 ERA in that stretch. They had a 3.88 ERA last season when they won the World Series. That is an encouraging sign because this team has been consistent offensively and defensively the entire season. If they can put everything together they could be scary.

And with Brett Myers likely lost for the season, Hamels becomes even more important to this team. He’s not going to throw a shutout every night, but they need him to be the rock in a rotation that includes two rookie left-handers.

“I’d say I feel real good when he pitches,” Charlie Manuel said. “I think most guys on our team and most people in Philadelphia feel that way.”


Ruiz said Hamels shook him off maybe three or four times the entire game. They were thinking alike.


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This team is really starting to develop that killer instinct. It seems like every time they step on the field, they expect to win. It’s great to see the confidence rising. It’s still early, but they are setting the tone for another exciting summer.

Todd, the Phils telecasts are tough to watch ever since the passing of our beloved Harry Kalas. It’s just not the same, and no one could expect that it would be. I do find pleasure in listening to the games on the radio, but do you have any idea where Franzke has been on the radio the last couple games? Jim Jackson, while he seems like a good guy, should stick to hockey. We need to start a fan club to get Franzke on TV, he’s the best we’ve got by far. I know TMachas the unenviable task of replacing the only man many of us have ever known as the Phils broadcaster, and he is knowledgeable, but comes across forced. He’s a chatterbox, and his home run calls are almost uncomfortable to hear. Franzke has that natural flow in his voice, and the uncanny ability to call a game and make you feel as if you’re there. I hope he just took a couple of days of on the West Coast or something, and that his absence isn’t because of some reasons of discontent.

mlomas12: Franzke is away due to personal reasons. He’s suppose to rejoin the broadcast/club when the Phils play the Mutts. I too think Franzke would be good on TV. T-Mac isn’t too bad. I know some people don’t like Franzke & LA, but I enjoy their banter. It’s of course hard to replace a legend. I certainly appreciate them more when they are on national TV (like this weekend).

T.G.I.F.!! Now I can stay up late and watch tonights game! This team is really coming into its own. So glad the pitching is on the upswing. For awhile there, it was very concerning. Offensively there’s hardly a weak link in the lineup. Defensively, the team should be #1. Best play of the week was Chase’s armpit catch🙂

A complete game, shut out. In less than 100 pitches. Amazing!!!

I agree about Franzke’s making “you feel like you are there” at the game. But that’s why he needs to stay on radio, where there’s no visual. Unless you’re watching on TV, with the volume turned down. LOL! I really like T.Mac. I don’t think he’s forced at all. I love his enthusiasm. You can tell, he especially likes great fielding.

Karen….I agree, that Chase’s armpit pit catch was the play of the week! With Dobber’s running catch, a close 2nd. Loved how Chase showed Shane his empty glove! LOL!

What about Matthew’s? He sounds so pendantic and dismissive. Chris Wheeler is a wealth of knowledge except he seems too in awe of certain players and teams. Great story he told, however, about when Richie Asburn goes in to negotiate his contract with then GM John Quinn a guy known to be tight fisted:

Ashburn: I deserve a raise. I hit .325 last year.
Quinn: Yes, Richie, but you hit too many singles.
Ashburn: Mr. Quinn, if I hit them any harder, they’d be outs.


I really dislike Sarge. He just sounds so bored most of the time. Like he’s reading from a script. He can be kind of funny, when he’s bantering with T.Mac. He should bring that to the rest of the game.

I know a lot of people here, don’t like Wheels. I really don’t get why. I have no problem with him.

I’d love to see LA back on TV! But, he and Franzke have such great chemistry, I doubt that will ever happen.

I was listenig to the game on the radio last night and LA was on with Jackson. It was like listening to a lecture on Baseball 101. LA has to realize that he has an audience outside of the guy sitting next to him.

I think Carlos Ruiz needs to get a publicist. He has been a rock behind the plate and he’s been hitting like last post-season. We shouldn’t take him for granted. I know the Phils’ pitchers don’t!

Phans know what Carlos Ruiz has been doing. He’s a rock. I remember seeing him play in Reading back when Howard was on his minor league HR streak. All I thought was, there’s a guy who will never play in the show. How wrong was I about that?

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