A New High? Or A New Low?

lc 01.jpgWhen you come to The Zo Zone, I like to think that you expect a few things from me: news … analysis … all the information you need to get your daily Phillies fix. Well, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the Phillies … other than the Phillies are playing the Dodgers today at Dodger Stadium.

Lauren Conrad threw out the first pitch today. I happened upon her (some might say stalked, but I think you have to prove such things in a court of law) and snapped a photo with the rest of the paparazzi behind home plate. I honestly can say I’ve never watched an episode of The Hills or Laguna Beach, but I know she’s famous and I know I took a picture of her (which I texted to my sister back in Wisconsin to make me feel a little less creepy about what I had just done).

P.S. I saw Larry King before the game, but a picture of LC just made more sense to me.


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Well, you’re a step ahead of me, Todd. I don’t never heard of her, or the two shows. I guess that’s 3 steps. She’s pretty cute (read…hot!). Did you ask her out?

I have no clue who she is…but don’t feel bad about taking the photo. I take pictures of the players all the time that are way more inappropriate than this ;O) Ha!!


I don’t usually need another reason to dislike the Dodgers. But this will do just fine. Thanks!

Time for Lidge to sit!!!

I’m with the rest of you in that I’ve never heard of her or her shows. Also that I saw Mary Hart behind homeplate.

Lidge was naturally upset when he blew the save at least that was my lipreading interpretation. I must say it was a very good game with 2 evenly matched teams. Let’s hope we can even the series tomorrow. Another terrific outing by Blanton which is a positive in all this.

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