Dodger Blues

dodgers 0605.jpgSometimes I get the feeling something is going to go terribly wrong in a baseball game, and I get ready to rewrite my game story. I got that feeling when Steve Bartman interfered with Moises Alou in left field in the NLCS in 2003.

But last night was not one of those games.

Even after Brad Lidge put a couple runners on base with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning at Dodger Stadium, I still felt like Lidge was going to get out of the inning and preserve the Phillies’ 3-2 victory.

He had been throwing the ball very well since he blew back-to-back saves against the Yankees late last month. He had thrown the ball well last night, too, except for walking James Loney to put two on with two out.

But he got Russell Martin to hit a hard grounder to Pedro Feliz at third base.

Game over … except Feliz booted the ball to load the bases.

“I just missed it,” Feliz said. “I’ve got nothing more to say.”

What else could he say?

Andre Ethier followed with a double into the right-field corner to score Casey Blake and Loney to win it.


“It was a real freak thing that you’re not going to see very often,” Lidge said.

Lidge suffered his fifth blown save of the season, but I can’t pin this one on him. Feliz has to make that play.


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I know there were Lidge problems, and the botched play by Feliz, but come on, no mention of the offense not coming up in clutch situations? They stranded 26 baserunners tonight. The offense lost this game tonight.

So you’re saying they left the bases loaded every inning except one where they only left 2?

by Max Blue

Eight straight wins, as slick as you please,
and then Russel Martin’s two-out grounder to Feliz.
The sure-handed Pedro gave it a boot,
down went Moyer’s win like coal in a chute.
One more baseball god tease.

Friday, June 5, 2009. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California.
LA Dodgers – 4, Philadelphia – 3.
WP – Broxton (6-0), LP – Lidge (0-3).
H- Romero (1). BS – Lidge (5).

You probably don’t want to hear this but, somehow I find a little comfort in knowing someone else is having closer “issues”. Granted, more run production always helps but…gosh darn it…a closer needs to be able to CLOSE! So frustrating.

Neither Moyer nor Lidge deserved that loss. Isn’t J.Roll 0-fer the last 2 games, now? And with Chase batting 2nd again last night, if he had been on base, we could have had a couple more runs. Let’s hope this is a little blip, in leaving so many guys on base. Yes, Lidge got a couple of guys on, with 2 outs. I’m not blaming him, cause these things happen, but it was Feliz’ error that cost us the game. That should have been an easy out. Well, maybe I am blaming him.

Like Stengle (and Charlie) said….”It ain’t over til it’s over.”

Todd, where is Scott Franzke? I listened to the first half of the game on the radio last night, and it sounded like Jim Jackson was doing the PBP.

Jackson WAS doing the radio play-by-play. I think Franzke’s away for personal reasons. Supposed to be back for the Mutts series. Or is it the next home stand?

As long as he’s only away temporarily that’s good. I’m not a Jackson fan, and love listening to Franzke and L.A. I really hope they either get some TV time, or get signed to a long-term deal as a team to keep doing radio. They work too well together.

To pin this loss on Lidge ss redicolous. The reason why the Phillies lsot this game is simple. 1- They couldn’t drive in runners in scoring possetion whn they had the chacne, and 2- Pedro Felix who is a sure handded third basemen booted a ball that he normally gets to. It had nothing to do with Lidge, In my opinion he was throwing great last ngiht. And I believe this team is strong enough to put this loss behind them and start a new sreak by winning today’s game.

The rest of the offense had Jimmy Rollinitis…this is defined as a deep seated inability to drive in perfectly good runs…26 of them to be precise.

It was just one of those nights…game 3 in a few hours!!!

I agree about Lidge…Feliz blew it. But then again, so did the offense. They should have scored a lot more runs than they did.


The thing is, Feliz is one of the better defensive third basemen in the league, but even he will make an error sometimes, that’s just the way it is. Lidge has been shaky at best for the whole season thus far. We need to stop trotting him out there for the ninth no matter the circumstances – the highest leverage situation calls for our best reliever (right now, Madson) no matter if it’s the seventh, eighth, or ninth.

This “closer” stuff is the most overrated stuff in the game, and Charlie’s insistence upon it has lost us one or two games already.

It’s father/ daughter weekend so I thought I would write this before we head out to the ravine. I left my wife home because she would read People magazine. I spent so much money for season tickets at the Vet just so she could have her personal outdoor library. Not many people get to Dodger Stadium before the second inning and they leave by the seventh.

I can’t blame this on Lidge. At least he got ahead in the counts, but the walk to Loney was a gift. He just wasn’t getting the corners like Broxton was. We had plenty of opportunities to hold this one and we didn’t. We were sitting between first and right field and as much as I like Bruntlett, he was lost last night. He just wasn’t moving at the crack of the bat and of course that’s what any good outfielder does especially in a park as big as Dodger stadium. Do they miss Victorino or what? I hope he plays today. Maybe the proverbial shot of cortisone would work, but he’s too valuable to ruin. Last night would have been a good night to have Jenkins or Mayberry for that matter.

I couldn’t see the Feliz play well but when I watched the replay back at the hotel, he seemed like he was too worried about the runner and took his eyes off the ball. The fireworks were pretty good although we left when they started. I was proud to wear my Phillies shirt and hat at the beginning of the game, but somehow didn’t want to show my colors to the Manny maniacs that were left. Blanton should be good today and maybe our bats will light up.

Very frustrating. Jimmy Rollins is looking more like Ron Gant—-remember him popping up/flying out 3 or 4 times every game when he played for us? I do.—-every day. It’s to the point that now the opposition is walking a pinch-hitter, Stairs, to get to him. Can’t have that at the top of the lineup. Time to drop Rollins to the bottom of the order, this time for more than just a couple games……………

Bruntlett is definitely the front runner for the “So Taguchi, useless 26th man, Award” for 2009 (Although, unfortunately for us, Dobbs is giving him some competition). Bruntlett is no Jose Oquendo, that’s for sure, and I don’t want to see him in the outfield again. We need a dependable 4th outfielder, which leads me to this……………..

Why is Jack Taschner still on the roster? He has not pitched since May 27th. Before that, his previous appearance was May 20th. Manuel lost confidence in him a month ago and he will see nothing more than sporadic mop-up duty, for which we can use Park, now that Romero is back and Eyre is pitching well. Why don’t we utilize Taschner’s unused, unproductive roster spot by bringing up one of our outfield prospects? It is the right move defensively and I’m sure we’d get more offensively, too…………..

Today we need Blanton to continue our string of good starts, Victorino to play (and be healthy), and Rollins to give us SOMETHING offensively.

I was very upset with JRoll last night, but not enough to want him to sit in lieu of Bruntlett. Bruntlett has spent any ‘WFC’ goodwill he may have had. He stinks and should not be on the team any more. The Phillies bench is going to be the reason if they fail to make the postseason this year. They need a righthanded bat and defensive replacement more than they need another starter right now.

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