Rollins Hits Sixth

Jimmy Rollins is back in the Phillies lineup tonight, but he is not hitting leadoff.

Charlie Manuel is having Rollins hit sixth, and it sounds like it could be for more than just tonight’s series finale against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Manuel thinks Rollins, who has just two hits in his last 23 at-bats, needs a different look. Fifty-four games into the season, Rollins is hitting just .217 with a .257 on-base percentage.

Rollins did not start yesterday, the third time this season Manuel has rested Rollins to try to get him going. Tonight is the fourth time this season Rollins has not hit leadoff. (He hit fifth the previous three times.)

While Rollins has hit .217 overall, he has hit .213 in 48 games in the leadoff spot, which ranks 39th out of 41 hitters who qualify for the statistic. His .249 on-base percentage is worst amongst those 41 leadoff hitters. His .294 slugging percentage is tied for 37th with Milwaukee’s Craig Counsell.


Matt Stairs is attending his daughter’s high school graduation today, which means the Phillies have just three bench players available: Greg Dobbs, Eric Bruntlett and Chris Coste.


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The Phillies bench is a joke.

It looks like it’s working for Jimmy, he’s doing pretty good tonight.
I’d love to see him start heating up again, I still think he’s the heart of the Phillies.

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I honestly didn’t see it coming with Rollins. He hit really well in the World Baseball Classic from my recollection. I thought the U.S. was not smart using Jeter over him in the majority of the games.

welikeroy x 2, I agree with both of you… Jimmy was the MVP forthe US team in the WBC. Just when he seems to figure it out, he goes into another prolonged slump. Still, Charlie shouldn’t have sat him out on Saturday. That’s why we didn’t have Bruntlett to come in to pinch hit at the end of the game. Jimmy is struggling, but he’s still a champion, and I’m sure that he’ll find his way back to the top by the end of the season, when we really need him.

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