Lidge Hits the DL

lidge 0523.jpgThe Phillies announced today they have placed close Brad Lidge on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained right knee.


Not exactly. Lidge missed time in late April/early May with inflammation in the knee, the same knee that required surgery before the 2008 season. He got a cortisone shot for it, which sidelined him a few days. But the Phillies and Lidge had maintained since that his knee was fine, certainly not bad enough to effect his performance.

But Lidge is 0-3 with a 7.27 ERA and 13 saves in 19 opportunities.

His ERA is the fifth-worst in baseball amongst relief pitchers.

His 68.4 percent save percentage is 28th out of 30 pitchers in baseball. Only Oakland’s Andrew Bailey (5 for 8) and Washington’s Joel Hanrahan (5 for 8) are worse at 62.5 percent.

I’m guessing the DL is a combination of his performance and his knee. Maybe it was his knee all along. Chase Utley maintained last season his hip was fine, and he had hip surgery in November. So if Lidge played the good teammate and pitched through pain, he isn’t the first.

More to come.


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OMG! I said this in another thread, lol.

It wasn’t that hard to figure out though, and Lidge’s poor performance in LA didn’t help his cause. People will talk about Feliz’s error and the fact that Werth almost caught that home run ball, but come on people. Even though Feliz is shouldering the weight of that loss, there should never be a time when a “light’s out” closer should allow more than 2 men on base. Lidge shouldn’t have been in a jam, and Feliz should have gotten him out of it. What’s done is done. As for the home run Furcal hit… no excuses. Lol. =D

So who do you guys think will be closing things out now? I’m sure Charlie’s leaning towards Madson, but do you think he’ll share the work with anyone? And one more thing. Why it “Paul Bako” a tag Todd? Lol =D

Smart move bringing Bako up. He can sit on the bench as the back up catcher and let Coste be the RHB off the bench. THis was they Phils imporve defensively behind the plate (Bako is known as a defensive specialist) and not waste a prospect sitting or being used as a PH. Hopefully Coste will do well in this job. He can play first, and I think a bit of the OF, but idealy he’ll just be a PH like Stairs is.
AS for closer, I suppose it will be by comittee for a while. I smell sweep of mutts coming up

This mentality of pitching thru pain in nonsense for a pitcher. It is dumb and selfish on so many levels. Pitching requires a fluid , solid motion and when one thing is out of balance (knee, hip) the chance of doing damage to another comp0onent (elbow, shoulder) is high. You hear the constant yada-yada about arm slot, over or under the ball, you can’t have something hurt , compensate and keep the fluid motion. Position players, maybe you can get away with it a little more, not pitchers. If Lidge was hurting, he owes it to the club to say so, get treated and move on from there. He hurts the club otherwise. I love the guy but I question the size of his brain pan. Guts only outflank brains in a bar fight.

I agree. All he was doing by playing through the pain was 1.) Injuring himself further. 2.)Killing his reputation. 3.) Hurting the team. He needed this. lol😀

Hopefully this stint on the DL will have the same positive effect that Myers had when he went to LV whether its mental and/or physical.

Nice timing what w/Romero back in the fold. Gives the Phils a bit of breathing room.

We all knew that this was going to happen and we sort of knew the team knew it too. The question is whether he will recover or do we look to Madson as the answer. I certainly think Madson is capable, but I did not think Myers was. This might be a good thing for the short term.

As far as all star voting, too bad. This system sucks and we Philadelphia fans should be proud that we can stuff the ballot box as good as they can in Milwaukee or LA. Maybe the league will learn from this and go back to the old system. Can you imagine if Howard would beat Pujols? Keep stuffing. Twenty-five per day.

If Rollins would make the team, it would be interesting to see if he would accept the honor.

Paul Bako is a miserable hitter and I see no reason to bring him up instead of another reliever, or, say, Mike Cervenak. I don’t understand how it makes sense that Coste can only now be our much-clamored-for right-handed bench bat, when a) you could’ve pinch hit Coste for anyone but Ruiz before, and just sat him right back down, and b) Coste is hitting a miserable .229/.341/.414 in 83 plate appearances.

Also I still fail to understand the obsession with the right-handed bench bat when our starters are having an inordinate amount of success against left-handed pitching, and in any case Coste/Bako is not the answer. I agree that we could use some bench help, but maybe a good start would be Dobbs learning how to hit a baseball again, and also calling up righty Mike Cervenak, who is hitting .326/.367/.464 in AAA.

There is NO way that Charlie forced Brad to go on the DL. His stuff has been great. Location has caused most of his problems. Also, I doubt that Brad would have hidden an injury to the detriment of the his teammates; that kind of pride rubs against the man’s faith. I think he approached Charlie and asked to be put on the DL to rest his knee a little, but mostly to go to LV and find his confidence again or restart his season. Let’s see how many days he goes without throwing at all. I bet it’s only a few.

Madson’s our closer, til Lidge returns.

Phylan: the first thing they teach you in Manager 101 is NEVER get into a situation where you have no back up catcher on the bench. If your catcher gets hurt, which statistically happens more often then any other posistion during a game, and you’ve used your #2 as a PH you have no one to put behind the plate and run the entire defense (a catcher’s main duty). THerefore, by replacing Coste as the #2 catcher you can now use him as a PH whenever you need to and not only in bottom of 9th or instead of Ruiz. BTW: Please don’t say Werth and Brunlett have been trained to catch. Neither has done it in big leagues. Brunlet has never caught an inning and Werth hasn’t done it since A ball

I’ve never seen a more limited bench than the Phillie have right now. They can’t weather an injury by a regular player right now. Look what happened with Victorino out of the lieup last week.

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