Lidge Update

Just a quick update on Phillies closer Brad Lidge.

Phillies physician Michael Ciccotti examined Lidge today in Philadelphia. He said Lidge did not need his third MRI examination since late April – Lidge had a MRI in late April and another about 10 days ago, Ruben Amaro Jr. estimated — although he gave him a cortisone shot. That is Lidge’s second cortisone shot since late April.

Ciccotti also said while Lidge has inflammation in the knee joint, there are no signs of structural damage. In fact, Ciccotti said the knee has improved since the last time he examined him.

Lidge is expected to begin a rehab process beginning tomorrow in New York.


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My Dad had a theory about Lidge’s injury which was confirmed on DNL via an article in the “Rocky Mtn. News”. That when the Phils won the WS and everyone piled on Lidge after the final out something went out of wack w/his knee. Glad to hear its not too serious and that w/rest & cortisone he should hopefully be back soon and firing on all cylinders!

So if he’s better now than he was at last examination, and in this instance it was bad enough to hit the DL, what the hell took them so long? I hate it when players/coaches are stubborn about their nagging injuries to the point where it costs their team games (potentially).

K-Rod was money last night. Even when the Phillies got in hitters’ counts (both Feliz and Stairs) he didn’t give in and threw his pitch. I thought they had a shot at him, but K-Rod handled it very well and Dobbs had a horible at-bat to end the game. What’s up with him?

Dobbs has been struggling all year. It’s tough for always-pinch-hitters to get out of slumps because they don’t get many at-bats, but Dobbs shows no remote sign of recovery. I hope he does, though.

Howard deserves some blame. In the top of the eighth, right after a home run by Utley and a single by Werth, against Pedro Feliciano of all people, with no outs, and down only one run, he hacks at the first pitch and grounds into a double play. Way more discipline is required in that situation.

Additionally, I don’t know if Dobbs messed with his swing or what, but his flyball percentage skyrocketed this year up to 55%, 11% higher than his career mark, and that’s the least successful hit type. As a result, the balls he makes contact with are only falling for hits 19% of the time, whereas they fell for hits at a 33% clip last year, and 31% over the course of his career. His contact % is actually higher than last year, so he’s hitting more balls, but just with drastically less effectiveness. It’s got to be a mechanical problem, in my opinion.

I don’t know if the Mets were in the shift when Howard came up with a runner on first, but one of these days he is going to have to make the opposition pay for that. I understand you don’t want to take the bat away from a power hitter when one swing gives you the lead, but in that instance they would have had runners on first and second with no outs and Ibanez coming up. There has to be a circumstance where Howard bunts a ball down the third base line. Who knows; maybe the guy can’t bunt at all because he is obviously never asked to do it, but it is something to consider.

Good luck to Lidge!


What’s this mysterious (secret?) MRI Lidge had 10 days ago? Did we know about this?


What’s with this mysterious (secret?) Lidge MRI from 10 days ago? When did this come out?

I’ve been saying since last year that Howard needs to bunt or hit a simple ground ball down the 3rd base line when the shift is on. Yeas, you take teh bat away from him that time up, but you also destroy the shift for ever which puts the bat back into his hands. I’ve seen the shift done some times where a bunt would be a easy stand up double.

As for Dobbs, anyone else notice that when he starts he seems to be hitting this year, but not when he’s Pinch Hitting?

Dobbs isn’t getting the playing time or at bats that he got last year.Through the end of May in 2008, he had 12 starts and 73 at-bats. Those numbers in 2009 are 4 and 38. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Feliz is healthy and playing well, and that they already have another full time lefthanded bat in the lineup (Ibanez). Things aren’t shaking out too well for Dobbs this season.

Here’s hoping Hamels has a Dodger like start again tonight

Madson with the save. A new era in Phillies baseball?

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