This Celebration Did Not Injure Lidge's Knee

lidge knee.jpgBrad Lidge
is on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained right knee. He received a cortisone injection yesterday, his second injection since late April.

Phillies fans are concerned.

Why is his knee bothering him?

How did he injure it?

Some Phillies fans discovered a Rocky Mountain News story from the offseason, when Lidge talked about the pile up following the World Series-clinching strikeout in Game 5 at Citizens Bank Park. Lidge said: “All of a sudden, I felt like my knee did something weird. So after about 5, 10 seconds at the bottom of the pile, I was like, ‘All right, get up.’ Like the joy was over, and my knee felt it was about to give.”

Lidge smiled when asked about those comments and his knee injury today at Citi Field.

“Underneath that pile my knee definitely did feel like it was up around my head somehow,” he said. “And for a couple seconds I was a little worried. But everybody got off. I walked it off afterward. I wouldn’t be able to have worked out all winter and all Spring Training and not have felt it at all and all of a sudden have it come back if that’s what happened.”

So no pops or blow outs in the pile?

“No, nothing like that,” he said. “That’s definitely not what caused this.”


Raul Ibanez doesn’t rule out legal action against JRod, the guy who writes for Midwest Sports Fans — the blog that speculated Ibanez could be taking steroids.


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Thanks for addressing this Todd, it was getting a bit irritating hearing this everywhere.

I bet Pelfrey’s REALLY mad at Chase, now! LOL!!!

What a game. Hamels pitched like he was Park. Park pitched like he was Hamels. Utley hit like he was Howard. Madson resembled last years Lidge and we beat the Mucking Fetts. Oh and of course Werth was imitating Mays out there. Can’t wait for the Sox to come to town

Gonzo from the Inquirer needs to be sent back to the Muppet Show for his blatant attempt at tabloid journalism by posting that blogger’s accusations. Who cares what a po-dunk blogger from a website that no one has ever heard of thinks? It only became news because that muck-raking loser Gonzo made it news. He knew exactly what he was doing. If a reputable source, or at least a well-known source (i.e. a source that we have actually heard of before) had made the accusation, then it was news worthy, but to give credence to some unknown blogger is completely ridiculous. What’s next? Digging up some made up trade rumor posted by some kid on a message board and reporting it as an actual rumor? I think that Gonzo works for the wrong Inquirer. He should be working for the one that starts with an E.

I loved Ibanez’s response. It made me like him even more. It’s a shame that in this “post-steroid” era there are some who question players accomplishments.

Isnt’ he wincing just a little bit? …No, that’s just the face of joy!!!

Ibanez is upset and rightfully so. I hope it doesn’t effect his performance.
The Mutts are leading the league in hitting with RISP, yet are way down in runs and total bases. Oddball stat, that. Last night was a perfect example…11 hits in five innings off Cole, but only four runs. Three of their hits with RISP did not score a run from second. Base by base. I’ll take two HR’s from Chase any day.

While I appreciate Raul’s distress, the blogger DID NOT say or even accuse him of taking PED’s. He did suggest that others may make that assumption/accusation based on his torrid start. And that is not an unfair supposition. The players have brought this pox down on their own house and the innocent will live under the shadow of suspicion until the union and MLB get their act together. Is it unfair to the player that don’t take anything, sure it is, but that’s life in the steroid era. He really wants to make a statement, let him defy his union and get tested for everything that MLB and the union don’t test for, maybe it will encourage the vast majority of clean players to do the same, and shame the union into agreeing to stiffer testing. Just saying…

The point is that it was a random blogger. That’s like me having a discussion about it with the guy in the next office at work. It certainly doesn’t merit a respected national publication like the Inky putting it in print, and then have one of their journalists ask him directly about it. Yeah, it’s out there but a journalist should not address it without some kind of source material outside of a guy blogging from his Mom’s basement (to paraphrase Raul).
If it’s true that newspapers are dying, this is a sure way to take them down for good. What’s happened to investigative journalism?

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