Eyre Placed On DL, Kendrick Recalled

The Phillies placed left-hander Scott Eyre on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right calf. He injured the calf last night agianst the Mets.

The Phillies recalled right-hander Kyle Kendrick from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to take his place.


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I assume that Kendrick will be used strictly out of the bullpen.

Kendrick? I find that interesting, especially since he’s right handed. I guess that they’re finally going to use Taschner. God knows, he’s only been sitting in the bullpen for 2 months… I’m kind of surprised to see Kendrick recalled instead of someone like Sergio Escalona. *shrugs shoulders*

Uh…have you not been paying attention myname? Taschner has pitched several times. In fact he has been in 16 games so far this season. His only use in June so far was on the 10th but alot of that is due to JC being back. May he was in 7 games, 8 in May, and one in June. They probably called up Kendrick because with Taschner and JC they already have 2 lefties.

And here I was thinking “maybe they’re finally going to not use Taschner.”

And Kendrick showed his stuff tonight in the 13th against the Red Sox – they, like any major league team – knocked him around as he took the loss. I watched his last AAA start the other night, nothing impressive, the AAA batters were not fooled by him in any way. His days with the Phils are fading quickly.

I believe some here are too harsh on young Kyle. But for the fact he was fast tracked by the Phillies two years ago, this year would be his second or maybe even his first full year in AAA. It is always said he needs to develop another pitch. Why wasn’t this accomplished while under Dubee’s direction during the year and a half he was in the majors? Young Kyle served the Phillies well and I hope he develops the necessary third pitch to make it back to the majors for any team if not the Phillies. Last nights appearance makes it painfully obvious the young Kyle has to do something.

THX that\’s a great asnewr!

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