Myers Walks!

myers 0527.jpgBrett Myers
is walking.

He has a limp, but he is walking. He had not been expected to walk until 10 to 14 days after he had right hip surgery June 4. But he is walking a few days earlier than that. And that is why Myers thinks there is a chance he could be pitching again for the Phillies in September, despite the fact Ruben Amaro Jr. said they are not expecting Myers to pitch again this season.

Myers is OK with Amaro’s assessment. He understands. But that does not mean he isn’t going to try.

“It’s not getting your hopes up because you don’t know,” Myers said. “There could be a setback to where it could take an extra two weeks. It could take an extra month. That’s a fair statement to make. But if I can come back quicker and I’m able to pitch again this year it’ll be hopefully good for me to get back out there to help the team.

“Realistically, I think I can possibly be back by September. As of right now, the way I’m starting to feel, barring any setbacks. You’ve just got to do what your body will tell you to do.”

It has not been easy for Myers to watch games at home. He is one of the more energetic players in the clubhouse.

“I didn’t realize how into the games I got watching them on TV,” he said. “I thought I was into it more when I was actually here. But it’s a little worse when I’m at home because I can actually scream at the TV. It’s pretty pathetic. People won’t watch the games with me because I can actually see if an umpire misses a call or something. I’m going, ‘You missed it!’ And I can’t even call anybody to tell them, ‘Hey, he missed that call.'”


Bad news and good news for Scott Eyre.

The bad news: The Phillies placed him on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left calf. Righthaner Kyle Kendrick took his place in the bullpen. Why Kendrick, who has been starting all season in Triple-A Lehigh Valley?

“Kendrick was supposed to pitch tonight, and also we needed some length,” Charlie Manuel said. “We felt like with all the Interleague Play we have coming up and who were playing and stuff, we might get into a situation where we need somebody who can throw anywhere from one to four, five innings. And that’s Kendrick. Our reports say Kendrick’s been throwing the ball pretty good. They say his changeup is really starting to show some improvement.”

The good news: The government released Eyre’s assets, which the government had frozen in February while investigating a financial fraud scheme.


The Phillies drafted J.D. Drew in 1997. Nineteen Ninety Seven. Is it still necessary to boo him every time he hits?


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Now Myers knows how the rest of us watch the game :O)


J.D. Drew should be booed forever for the way he and Boras tried to skirt their way around the system by not accepting the FedEx package that contained the Phils’ contract offer, saying that the Phils didn’t make an offer in time and trying to declare Drew a free agent. The Phils were stupid for drafting him, but Boras and Drew played dirty. The guy has made a ton of money in this game and has rarely lived up to his salary. He ALWAYS finds a way to land on the DL for a big chunk of the season. Too bad if his feelings get hurt when he gets booed. He and Boras will always be weasels in my book.

Good to know Myers is yelling at the TV the same time I am. Yes, still boo JD…it is also acceptable to boo his brother when he comes to town.

Great to hear Myers is up and about. T-Mac mentioned that he saw him before the game. I hope his recovery goes smoothly.

Great to hear that Myers is on the mend. He probably won’t throw another pitch this year, no matter how far the Phils go in the post-season. He wants to get back on the bump in the heat of battle because he is a free-agent at the end of the season. I just don’t think there is time for him to rehab and get game-ready for the playoffs. Besides, there are always off days for travel between cities in October, so only 4 starters are needed in the post-season. As far as re-signing him, maybe the Phils can offer him arbitration, with the idea of looking at something longer term after they see how he holds up over a whole season. There’s no doubt that Brett is a loyal soldier. We’re shouldn’t boo him, even if he leaves via free agency. Who can ever forget his hitting in the playoffs?…On the other hand, JD should always be booed, as should his brother, Scott Rolen, Wes Helms, Jose Reyes, Kevin Millwood, Eric Milton, and Billy Wagner. It’s like being in the Friend Zone with a woman. Once you’ve been put in the Boo List, you never get out.

LOL!!! At the game last night, (as we were all lustily booing J.D) I wondered out loud how long it had been since he left Philly. And if we would ever NOT boo him! I also mentioned his brother. And fans around me, were…….”He has a brother?”

And I totally agree with rabbi’s boo list, above.

Good times!

Should Philly boo? Yes. Phillies Phans are loyal to both friend and foe, and thank goodness, because passive baseball fans are no fun AT ALL.

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