A Star In The Making

KDugan1.jpgKelly Dugan, the Phillies’ first pick in the 2009 draft, was scheduled to be in Philadelphia today to take his physical. Once he passed his physical, he was expected to sign with the Phillies. But Dugan had travel problems from Boston. He could sign tomorrow instead.

Dugan’s father Dennis Dugan is a well-known director. He currently is directing Grown Ups in Boston. Kelly signed his term agreement Thursday in Boston. Dennis said the Grown Ups stars showed up on their day off to support Kelly, who some have known for years. Everybody in this photo wore a Phillies cap except Phillies southern and central California area scout Shane Bowers and Adam Sandler.

Sandler is a huge Yankees fan. Dennis said Sandler just couldn’t bring himself to wear a Phillies cap. Kevin James (The King of Queens) is a huge Mets fan. He put on a Phillies cap, but wore it backwards at the last second to show his respect for the Mets.

In this picture (courtesy of Tracy Bennett, Columbia Pictures): David Spade (actor), Jonathan Loughran (actor), James (actor), Sharon Dugan (Kelly’s mom), Dennis Dugan, Chris Rock (actor), Bowers and Sandler.




Here’s the scoop why the Phillies optioned Kyle Kendrick on Saturday.




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Props to Sandler for sticking to his guns. Not surprised that James is gutless, being a Mutts fan.

Thankfully the kid didn’t inherit his parents’ height.

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