A Bunch of Tired Arms

durbin.jpgI think the Phillies are owed about a 2 hour, 30 minute game Sunday.

They also wouldn’t mind J.A. Happ pitching about, oh, nine innings in the series finale against the Red Sox. Antonio Bastardo lasted just one inning tonight (make that last night) in an 11-6 loss because of a 1 hour, 35 minute rain delay. That meant another long day for the Phillies bullpen.

The bullpen already threw 16 innings Wednesday through Friday as the Phillies played three consecutive extra innings games for the first time since June 4-6, 2000. They threw another eight innings tonight.

That is 24 innings for the bullpen in the last four games.

That is a ridiculous amount of work. So much so that I would expect the Phillies to make another roster move before tomorrow’s game.

The bullpen has pitched well this season, but they certainly need a break. (They at least have a day off Monday.) They entered last night ranked fifth in the National League with a 3.48 ERA. But they also ranked fifth in the league with 201 2/3 innings pitched.

The Phillies played just 58 games to get those 201 2/3 innings. The teams ranked ahead of them had played more games: the Marlins (219 2/3 innings in 63 games), Dodgers (211 1/3 innings in 61 innings), Astros (208 2/3 innings in 59 games) and Padres (204 2/3 innings in 59 games).

Three Phillies relievers also ranked in the top 10 in the league in innings pitched:

– Right-hander Clay Condrey, who is 4-1 with a 2.14 ERA, ranked sixth at 32 2/3 innings. He pitched a scoreless eighth inning last night, despite the fact Charlie Manuel said he wanted to stay away from him because he recently has had an issue with his back. Condrey told me after the game “it’s just a tick” and nothing to be alarmed about. (Manuel also said right-hander Chan Ho Park is tender, which explains why he did not pitch.)

– Right-hander Chad Durbin ranked seventh at 32 innings. He threw three scoreless innings, allowing just one hit, taking over for Bastardo in the second. Durbin lowered his ERA from 4.22 to 3.86. He deserved a medal last night. He got a sore arm instead.

– Right-hander Ryan Madson, who is the closer while Brad Lidge is on the disabled list, ranks tied for eighth at 31 1/3 innings. He did not pitch. They’re hoping they need him tomorrow.


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Experimentacion de Bastardo es terminado.

That 1st inning was painful to watch. I think the rain delay was in a way a good thing. It let the everyone kinda start fresh. Btwn Bastardo’s struggles and the oddly inept defensive plays….YIKES!
Let’s hope Happ prevents a sweep from the Bosox. GO PHILS!

It’s gonna be a day where happ needs to pound the strike zone. Boston is very patient, and they will be even more so today knowing the fatigued position of our bullpen…Where was Rhyno’s head last night? First he misses a very catchable pick-off throw and has his own little pity party, while Youkilis takes 3rd base. Then he has a collision with Chase, who no doubt was properly calling him off. Then later, while waiting for the throw from Raul after another beautiful sliding catch, he prepared to catch the throw and apply the tag. Didn’t he realize it was a force play? If he had his foot on the bag and stretched for the throw from left, they would’ve had the double play.

Happ has to pitch at least 6 or 7 innings today. That bullpen after the last couple of nights needs a rest.

The “one up manship” between Chase and Ryno drives me crazy, sometimes! I’ve often seen them chasing after the same play, and ignoring the others call-off. That was definitely Chase’s ball. And he did right calling Ryno off. Lucky neither of them got hurt. Mainly Chase, since he pretty much bounced off of Ryno. LOL!

Here’s hoping Haap goes at least most of the distance this afternoon. And gives the ‘pen some rest. They sure blew the game for us last night.

And can someone please tell me why Tachner is still here??? He’s not really used that often, so shouldn’t have been all that tired. Yet he gave up 3 runs.

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