Escalona Down, Walker Up

It’s your daily Phillies roster move …

The Phillies optioned left-hander Sergio Escalona to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. They purchased the contract of Lehigh Valley right-hander Tyler Walker to take his place. As suggested last night, the Phillies’ bullpen has been so overworked lately that they needed another fresh arm for the series finale today against the Red Sox.


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From previous topic….

The “one up manship” between Chase and Ryno drives me crazy, sometimes! I’ve often seen them chasing after the same play, and ignoring the others call-off. That was definitely Chase’s ball. And he did right calling Ryno off. Lucky neither of them got hurt. Mainly Chase, since he pretty much bounced off of Ryno. LOL!

Here’s hoping Haap goes at least most of the distance this afternoon. And gives the ‘pen some rest. They sure blew the game for us last night.

And can someone please tell me why Tachner is still here??? He’s not really used that often, so shouldn’t have been all that tired. Yet he gave up 3 runs.

Norma, Did you watch the MLB Network premier of “The Pen”? They showed a lot of behind the scenes stuff. When I saw Taschner with his beautiful wife and angelic baby, I really felt ashamed of myself for not being more supportive of him. He’s bounced around from team to team his whole career and has never been appreciated or wanted by any of those teams. I don’t want the Phils to treat him like the other teams have. I think with his new family he is ready to make whatever adjustments he needs to in order to be a permanent piece of the Phils bullpen puzzle. If he ever becomes consistent with his location, he will be as good as Durbin or Park. He’s got a durable arm. Dubee just has to help him find a consistant arm slot from which he can throw.

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