Good Baseball Against Good Teams

rollins 0614.jpgJimmy Rollins said he looked forward to a double. Actually, he looked forward to any ball that would hit grass first instead of leather.

He got more than that.

He hit a solo home run to right field in the seventh inning in today’s 11-6 victory over the Red Sox at Citizens Bank Park. The homer snapped a 0-for-16 slump. But more important, it gave the Phillies the lead against Josh Beckett.

“It was a good win,” Rollins said. “We got a game back on the Mets, which was the most important thing. … It was very fun. You always look forward to these games. Really, since we’ve left every series has been pretty fun. I guess you have the exception of San Diego. They weren’t playing that well, although they were playing well at home. But Los Angeles, New York, Boston. We were playing teams that are expected to be in the running down the stretch. It’s not easy, but you definitely look forward to playing those games.”

Rollins is right about that. Cole Hamels shutuout the Dogers on June 4 at Dodger Stadium, and almost every game has been nip and tuck since. The Phillies had ninth-inning leads June 5 and 6 against the Dodgers, but Brad Lidge blew a pair of saves. The Phillies pounded Randy Wolf in a 7-2 victory June 7. They hit four homers against Johan Santana in a 6-5 loss Tuesday. Chase Utley hit a game-winning homer in the 11th inning against the Mets on Wednesday. Raul Ibanez hit a game-winning three-run homer in the 10th inning against the Mets on Thursday. They lost in 13 innings to the Red Sox on Friday. Last night’s game was an 11-6 loss, but they came back to win today.

The Phillies are 5-5 in that stretch. They could be 7-3, if Lidge saves both those games or one of them and Greg Dobbs‘ foul ball Friday is ruled fair.


It looked bleak for the Phillies bullpen after J.A. Happ threw 55 pitches in just two innings. The Phillies had thrown 24 innings the previous four nights, and Charlie Manuel said he had just Chan Ho ParkRyan Madson and Tyler Walker available.

But Happ squeezed in 5 2/3 innings, Park threw 2 1/3 innings and Madson pitched an inning. The bullpen gets a much needed rest tomorrow.


Ibanez had started 222 consecutive games until today.

He has been bothered the past few days with some soreness in his left Achilles area because of some ill-fitting shoes, so Manuel rested him. He said the shoes have been fixed and he is fine. He also said after a long week, which included three consecutive extra-inning games and a game Saturday that ended after midnight, Ibanez just got today off.

“It’s nothing at all,” he siad.


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The World F’ing Champions are proving that they can play with anyone, but they still need another veteran starter to be elite.
Kudos to Chan Ho Park for being a solid bridge to Madson today.

Glad to see the Fightins pull out a win today. Happ really struggled but I liked how he was able to calm down and pitch 6 innings which gave the bullpen a bit of a break. Great to see J-Roll get a big hit. I hope this is the start of a hitting streak for him.

How about those Yankees??!!!!

Now THIS is the team we all know and love!!!

I have a friend, in N. Jersey, who’s a huge Yankees fan. We were keeping each other up-to-date on the games. I sent her a huge thank you for her Yanks annilating the Mutts! And she did likewise for what we did to her hated Red Sox! LOL!

Good for you, Jimmy. But Charlie needs to suck it up and put someone in the lead off spot who can get on base.

Is going out on a limb here: Bat Werth leadoff with Vic, Chase, Howard, Rauul, Rollins, Feliz and Ruiz afterwards. Perhaps this will pull jayson out of his funk and get Jimmy hitting again as well.

Very impressed with Happ last night. Even though he was havig control problems, he realized the teams needs and got it together enought to stay in as long as they needed. Same for Park who pitched a few good innings. Now we have a day off to sort out our bullpen. Be interesting to see who fills Erye’s spot permanantly while he’s on DL

Castillo dropping that ultra-routine in-field fly hit by A-Rod in the ninth inning that allowed the tying and winning runs to score was the biggest blunder of the Mutts blundering season so far. On Sunday, I watched the Yankees destroy the Mets 15-1. There were at least five throws from the out field that were so horribly off-line that missed the back-up guys as well as the cut-off men. The Mets are the leasted disciplined team in baseball, any level. I can’t wait to see their next meltdown!

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