Chase Utley Is Popular

utley.jpgI had no idea, but people really seem to like Chase Utley.

MLB just released its latest voting update for the National League All-Star team. Utley, who was the most popular NL player in voting last season, has passed Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols for the most votes this season.

Utley has 2,273,355 votes.

Pujols has 2,158,036.

Raul Ibanez continues to lead NL outfielders. The top three outfielders are selected. Ibanez has a 557,206 vote lead over Cubs leftfielder Alfonso Soriano, who is in fourth place. So if Phillies fans keep stuffing the ballot boxes, Ibanez should be headed to his first All-Star Game in his 14-year career.

Jimmy Rollins has a slim 87,460-vote lead over Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Rollins will need help to go, which would be an interesting story because he obviously has been struggling this season.

Here are the other top Phillies vote getters.


Missed the debut of The Pen last night, but everybody who has seen it has been impressed.


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What about all the rest? Feliz is having a great year. Ruiz may be the best catcher in the league right now. Victorino and Werth are as god as some of the other bozos on the list. And then we come to Howard who has no chance of ever starting an All Star game as long as Pujols is in the league. he may be the first guy to hit 500 HR and never start an All star game

I love how “fan in jerusalem” had a typo for Victorino and Werth , calling them “god” instead of “good” – subliminal thinking, perhaps? Ha, ha!! Very cute :O)

But yes, I agree, we have MANY players on this team who are deserving, especially Feliz. What a year this guy is having!

As for Chase, he is amazing, he is adorable, and even straight men have crushes on him – he may be a “god” as well… ;O)


I never thought I would ay this, but Carlos Ruiz is very deserving of being an All-Star. I’m betting that Chollie picks him for the team as a reward for his stellar postseason and how he picked right up this year.

Jenn, it’s called a ‘man-crush’ and I am guilty. Chase Utley, you are the man!!!

what typo? Werth and Vic are, together, God. Didn’t you know that Jen ? LMFAO (BTW if their God, what do you call Rauuul??

Agree with everyone regarding Pedro Feliz (aka Pete Happy) and Carlos Ruiz. Both very deserving of an all-star appearance. Not sure if J-Roll should make the squad although his defense continues to be stellar.

Todd: Saw your “cameo” while watching the premier of MLB’s “The Pen” last night featuring our Fightins awesome bullpen. It was fun and informative.

Karen, Please tell me you recorded it?

FIJ: Yes, I did. DVR….its a beautiful thing!

How can you send it to me? I cant watch it hereand need to see it. Is posting it on Youtube possible? do I get this from you to me?

Unfortunately, I deleted it from my DVR😦 I checked the MLB’s schedule and they’re repeating the 1st episode on Wednesday at 1pm (EST). Not sure if its available via “YouTube”. Maybe Todd Z might know another alternative. Maybe they’ll eventually put it on DVD.

oh well that’s my life lately…deleted from DVR

Not quite sure how I could’ve sent it to you anyway.

FIJ……I’m thinking it will be on DVD someday, too. But you want to watch it NOW, right??? LOL!

Some DVR players, have recording capabilities. But not mine. I could record it on VHS for you.

if some one can record it and put on their computer perhaps I can download via e-mule?

Charlie gets to pick 8 players. My guess, is Feliz will be one of them. And maybe Chooch and Howard. Werth? Vic? I doubt it. And unless J.Roll catches fire, NOW, no way should he start. Granted, he plays great offense. But so do a lot of other SS’s. And we’ll also need a bat.

Howard will defiantely be on the second team. I’m not sure about Feliz and Ruiz, though they deserve it. He has to have one player from each team, and that will be hard if we have 3 starters (Rollins, Utley and Raul) and teh Mutts 2 (Wright and Beltran). Kind of hard not to pick Zimmerman as the #2 3rd baseman and how do you pass on McCann from Atlanta as #2 Catcher? Guess we ahve to stuff more ballets and take teh decision away from Charlie

I think the Phils’ are going to end up having A LOT of snubbs in the All Star Game. Like jefzahav said, every team in the National League has to have a representative, but I think that a lot of people are forgetting that you have to include a pitching staff as well.

The Selection as actually kind of complicated, lol. After the fans elect the starters, the players, coaches and managers elect 8 pitchers (5 starters and 3 relievers) and a back-up for every position. So now, you have a 24 man roster. After that, the 30 MLB managers and the Commissioner’s Office fill the Roster to 31, and the 32nd player is elected with the final vote.

What does all that mean? In short, there is a slim chance that Feliz and Ruiz will be elected to the All Star Team. I see it playing out like this:

Starters: Molina, Pujols, Utley, Wright, Rollins, Ibanez, Braun and Beltran. (I figured it would look something like this after Manny was suspended anyway…)

SP’s: 1. Cain 2. Billingsley 3. Marquis 4. Darth Santana 5. Duke / Lilly

RP’s: 1. Bell 2. Broxton 3. Hoffman

Reserves: McCann, Gonzalez, Hudson, Zimmerman, Ramirez, Victorino, Soriano, Manny (?)

You can fill in the rest here. That’s 24 players, so you have 8 left to choose. This is where I think Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz have the best chance of fitting in. =)

Forgot to mention that you still have to have someone from the Rockies, Diamondbacks, Astros, Reds, Nationals and Braves. Lol =D

I think Feliz would have a hard time jumping over Wright and then there is the stupid rule of one rep from each team. It will be interesting to see what happens if Rollins stays on top of Ramirez. Will Torre or anyone from the league talk Charlie into naming Manny as a sub? Perish the thought, right. If something crazy like that would happen, JRo should start. The league needs to see how nuts this fan voting is…..uh did I say that? Keep stuffing and remember the final player vote after the regular voting is over. Charlie should just say the hell with it and pick his players. My final Phillies: Utley, Howard, Ibanez, and Feliz. don’t think we’ll see five unless Rollins gets voted in.

Torre has already said, that if Manny is voted in, he should decline. And he’s pretty sure Manny would agree. I can’t imagine Joe suggesting him as a reaerve, if he feels this way.

There’s a fan *poll* up, on the All Star voting page, for the HR Derby. It doesn’t determine who is actually invited. That’s up to the commisioners office. But there is a write-in option. And it doesn’t seem to have a limit. I just spent 10 min. voting for Raaauuullll!

My fellow Phillies fans – I have been making the argument on various comments boards that players should be judged over the equivalent of a whole season on offense AND DEFENSE and since they can’t realistically have the allstar game after the WS, then that period should logically last from allstar 2008 game to allstar 2009 game. So based on that logic (which I think is sound), Jroll is a legitimate vote for the allstar team based on this great offense and defense from the latter half of 2008 + his continued excellent defense from this season. This extended slump and barely above .200 BA is not typical. He should not be penalized for starting off slow while other players are constantly rewards as an allstar when they start of hot in the relatively short allstar voting period. ESPECIALLY because Jroll’s team made the playoffs and won the WS in this one-year period. Anyway, that’s my case, whether they be players from the Phillies or not. You may not agree but I hope you’ll consider.

oops I meant to type “rewarded” not “rewards”

Maybe the solution to this dilemma is to have the All star voting for the regular positions at the end of the year for the next years game. Of course this is only a dilemma if one considers baseball so important. Otherwise it is entertainment. I hope all joking about Manny Rameriz making the team is exactly that, joking. Gary Matthews has made several comments in response to statements by McCarthy or Wheeler the implication of which is let us just sweep this whole drug thing under the rug. When discussing a particular case, he defended the player by stating the player was “leveling the playing field” which I took to mean the “Everyone did it defense”. I have my doubts as to “everyone was doing it”.

The MLBNetwork debut of “The Pen” was fascinating. I never realized that Condrey sounded like a guy who had had a frontal labotomy. I also felt guily for tearing into Taschner after I saw him at home with his beautiful family. The Phils have proven that they can provide an environment for the castaways of other teams to thrive in. Shane, Jason, J.C., Scott, and Greg are some of the players who have thrown away by their former teams, only to excell once they came to the Phils. I really hope and pray that Taschner’s name can be added to that list.

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