Is Ibanez Hurting?

Raul Ibanez seemed to have a little problem running at times tonight in a 7-1 loss to the Blue Jays.

He said Sunday he has had a sore left Achilles because of some bad shoes, but insisted it was not serious. I might be mistaken, but I thought I noticed him running with a limp as long ago as last week at Citi Field.

“It looked like tonight when he hit that ball to shortstop he couldn’t turn it on,” Manuel said. “He kind of gimped. I saw that. It looked like it might have been bothering him.”

It could explain why Ibanez has hit .194 (6-for-31) in his past seven games, although he also has three home runs and five RBIs in that span.

Ibanez could not be reached for comment after the game.


Manuel said he wants a top-of-the-rotation starting pitcher before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. Obviously, Jake Peavy is out because he is hurt. I also think Roy Oswalt and Roy Halladay are long shots.

Somebody like Erik Bedard is this team’s best bet, I would say.


Manuel is featured in the latest Sports Illustrated. The story really captures his essence. I enjoyed it, even though I had heard most of the stories before.

Manuel, no matter how many times you hear his stories, is always entertaining.


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Great to see Sports Illustrated with an article about Manuel, I don’t think the national media has really embraced the Phillies as the reigning World Champions all that much.

The new Harry Kalas book is entertaining as well. I love to read those stories, you’ll find yourself laughing at times.


Erik Bedard just hit the DL too. Manuel may want a frontline starter, or a “horse”, as he puts it, but those horses (Hallady, Peavy, and now Bedard) are all turning up gimp.

Went to the game last night and it was one of the most uninspiring, boring sporting events I have ever attended. Not to mention a steady rain starting around the 4-5th inning. The Phightin’s are 8-17 against everybody not named the Nationals at home. I think Ibanez has hit a wall. If you look at his history, he is due for a slump and is a very streaky hitter.

Settle in for a long season. This thing isn’t going to be settled until late September once again unless they can get another starter, a righthanded bat and the bullpen gets their act together. This team isn’t built for the postseason as it currently sits.

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