That Was Sick

There really isn’t much to say, is there?

Ryan Howard, who spent time in the hospital after Friday night’s game against the Orioles because of a 103.9 degree fever, hit a pinch-hit, three-run go-ahead homer Saturday night against the Orioles. It reminded me of a Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati a few years ago, when Howard spent the previous night in the hospital because of food poisoning. He didn’t start that day, but hit a pinch-hit game-tying home run and a game-winning home run in extra innings.

But instead of winning Saturday night, Ryan Madson blew his second save of the week (he also has two losses) and the Phillies lost, 6-5.

The Phillies are 1-7 on this homestand.

The Phillies finish their homestand today. They hit the road for Tuesday.


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JMO, but that was the worst loss of the year. A real roller coaster ride that ran off the rails at the end. To have Bruntlett come up in the ninth as the last chance was as anti-climactic as it gets.

The best image from last night’s loss was the blonde woman putting her head on top of the dugout in dismay as the Orioles took the lead. Unfortunately, Brunlett was the last man Charlie had on the bench?!? It was really a hard loss. Almost felt like there’s a hex/bad karma throughout the whole game. Nothing seemed to go right and when it did for a min. the rug was pulled out from underneath the team. Tuesday can’t come fast enough! Maybe just maybe they can pull out a “W” today for a 2-8 homestand. GO PHILS!

I would like to echo the other comments and say that I knew there was no chance the Phils would rally in the 9th with Coste and Bruntlett due up. The starting rotation and bench need upgrading if this team is going to go anywhere. Too much dead weight on this team. I hope Rube doesn’t sit on his hands much longer.

That loss was hard to take last ngiht no dubt. JA Happ did a great job keeping the O’s check, and keeping the game clsoe for the Phils offense to get something done. Whcih before the 7th they weren’t doing jack. I thoguht like every other Phils fan that after that pinch-hit homer by Howard the game was ours, but not to be. Because like the whole team in this dreadful homestand, Madson didn’t get the job done. And for those that were clamering for Chan Ho Park to stay in the game, Are you serious? Is that how far we as Phillies fans have sunked to? Yes, Park pitched a scoreless inning, but if Charlie leaves him in the ninith and he blows the save? Everyone would be saying, Why wasn’t Madson in the game? Right?

Why this enmity towards Eric Bruntlett so often posted here?

Because Eric Bruntlett is not a good enough player for the Phillies to have to rely on him to do so many things. He’s a borderline major leaguer at best and they really need to improve that spot on the roster. It really shouldn’t be hard to do because he stinks, but Chollie sometimes is loyal to a fault.


Bergesen is a pretty good young pitcher, and maybe the Phils didn’t have good scouting reports on him? Guthrie’s been up and down, and it looked like he got up for pitching against Hamels yesterday.

This is a bad time of year to be looking to make a deal. Good pitchers are on the DL and most teams think they’re still in the race. The bad ones (Baltimore) have young talent but are building for the future. That doesn’t leave many options.
Every team has a “Bruntlett.” It’s the current state of the game. Too many teams and not enough players.

Meanwhile, Lidge says his knee is fine. Haven’t we heard that before?

Thank God I have no access to a computer on the weekend. I would have posted something I would have been ashamed of later. I just hope that Madson’s confidence hasn’t been shattered beyond repair. At least he now knows that success as the set-up guy doesn’t translate into instant success as a closer. When Brad comes back, there won’t be a closer controversy.

Can not agree more…Brauntlett are you serious? We should have kept Jenkins!

My sentiments exactally…Brauntlett are you kidding me???? We should have never given up Jenkins for this guy.

Jenkins wass not an able replacement for Bruntlett because Bruntlett backs up all the infield positions. But they should be looking for somebody to fill that role if he is going to have be to be such a jack of all trades, including a righthanded bat off the bench. As I said, Bruntlett is a borderline major leaguer and they rely far too much on him.

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