Back in Tampa Bay

tropicana field.jpgAh, Tropicana Field.

Such charm.

The Trop, as locals call it, reminds me of Olympic Stadium, only instead of being in Montreal and having Youppi as a mascot, we’re in St. Petersburg and have an aardvark as a mascot. (I have since been informed from a reliable source that the Rays mascot is a seadog, which I’m afraid is even worse than an aardvark.) Yep, not much atmosphere at the Trop. Not much of a crowd expected this week against the Phillies, either. I remember saying last year that it would be a shame for the Rays to win the World Series because nobody in Tampa Bay really cares about the team. I’m afraid that’s holding true this season. Attendance is up from last year, but they’re not packing them in, either.


No word yet if Ryan Howard is flying to Florida to join the team today. As soon as I know, I’ll pass it along.


Raul Ibanez is taking batting practice. Just thought I’d let you know.


In case you missed it, the Phillies officially announced Clay Condrey is on the DL with a strained left oblique. Sergio Escalona takes his place.


It is ridiculously hot and humid outside. Or maybe I just think that because it’s been 60 and raining in Philly for the past two months.


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It seemed that no sooner did we get the Expos our of that tomb in Montreal, we’re stuck with another dump in Tampa.

They are frauds of fans down there, and winning only would have validated their ridiculous cowbells and scoreboards that tell them when to cheer.

I just don’t see a reason why a team that plays in Florida should play in a dome on plastic. Minnesota is building a grass ballpark, right?

It’s ironic that the Phils should show up in the Tampa Bay area with a group of players that resembles a Spring Training team. The problem is that these games count….

Todd, what is a seadog? Is it a dog that lives on a yaght?

Is Pat Burrell still injured? I haven’t heard or seen his name in any Rays highlights since early May. I hate to say this but better the Rays than the Phils. Also, RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL!

Tampa Bay is hot; we’re ice-cold. Even with Ryan in the line-up, this series could get really ugly for us.

Pretty ugly at this point erich, but not for the Phillies. Hopefully the Ancient Mariner can hold onto a double digit lead.

Devil Rays was the dumbest name ever. Rays is better, but not by much. I always thought they should have called themselves the St. Petersburg Pelicans, the name of my favorite Senior League team. They could have had a really cool logo and mascot. Naming them Devil Rays got the franchise off on the wrong foot.

Thanks God the baseball Gods smiled on us last year and didn’t let us lose to another expansion team with no fan base and aqua toned uniforms. It’s bad enough that the Marlins and Diamondbacks have won world series.

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