Lidge Gets Closer

lidge 0529.jpgBrad Lidge
threw a scoreless inning last night in a rehab appearance for Single-A Clearwater.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Lidge “threw pretty well. We’re pretty pleased, and I think he was pretty pleased with his outing. He was pretty effective.”

Lidge threw 12 pitches, eight of them fastballs. He walked one batter, but allowed no hits.

Amaro said he and the Phillies coaching staff would discuss today if Lidge needed to make another rehab appearance.

It sounds like Lidge is ready to me. We’ll see.


Ryan Howard said he felt fine after last night’s 10-1 victory over the Rays. He is not sure if he will play in the field tonight against the Rays.


Pat Burrell has been a disappointment so far in Tampa Bay. He has just one homer and 18 RBIs.


Pedro Feliz has had a good season, although he has struggled recently. The Phillies have a $5 million club option or a $500,000 buyout on Feliz for 2010.

“He has helped us win games, and as long as he continues to help us win games, then he’s absolutely been worth the investment for us,” Amaro said. “If he gets through this year healthy and we feel like he’s going to be a productive player for us, then clearly he’s done nothing at this point to persuade us not to pick up his option.”

“I’m happy here. I would love to [stay],” Feliz said. “I’m always going to see the happy way.”


There were plenty of Phillies fans at Tropicana Field last night, which gave the place a little atmosphere. The Rays drew just 19,608 fans to the series opener, which is a big disappointment to Rays officials.

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What just happened tonight? Oh yeah, different address. This guy Walker seems like he can carry some innings. A much needed and appreciative win. I really feel sorry for Rollins, but years ago when I sucked at golf, and I still do, I would go and get a lesson. Charlie is probably as good of a hitting coach as Milt Thompson. Rollins needs to swallow his pride and offer to hit deeper in the lineup. I know he insists on being the lead off hitter, but come on. I remember when he was moved down, he got a few hits. I think the sense of urgency for him to get on is killing him mentally. All this guy is thinking about is bringing that average up to a respectable level. There is a lot to trying too hard.

I’m glad that Pete Happy is happy to be here. There is no question that they should pick up his option. Maybe even add a year. They really don’t hae a replacement down on the farm any time soon.
Rollins is pressing for the first time in his career. Earlier, I’m sure he was confident that he would come out of it, and he did for a little while. Now that he is plummeting back to the Mendoza line he has lost his smile. At least it is not effecting his defense, but he needs to drop down in the order. At least for this week, they should drop him all the way to #9 and he will still come up right before Victorino for the bulk of the game.

Put me down in the “pick up Pedro’s option” camp. His defense is spectacular and he’s now hitting at a decent level. No brainer.

Put me down in the “pick up Pedro’s option” camp. His defense is spectacular and he’s now hitting at a decent level. No brainer.

I’ve always liked Pedro and hope that the Phils pick up his option next yr. As for Rollins, almost as big of a puzzle as the Phils home record. I really hope he can turn it around soon!

I guess its the result of being WS champs that brings out so many Phillies fans wherever they may play….even in a dump like the Trop. Love seeing the sea of red!

anyone know a site for in depth info on Phillie salaries including future comitments and when they are FA elegible and arbitration ends?

f_i_j, the absolute best place for that information is Cot’s baseball contracts:

Not to be a negative voice, but how excited am I supposed to be that Brad was “pretty effective” throwing a scoreless inning aganst Class A ballplayers? I’m trying to reign in my enthusiasm over such great news…LOL!

Lidge also throw 15 pitches on Saturday @ Reading….if that’s any consolation?!?

As far as Lidge, I’ve heard his positive proclamations before – all through his horrible performances. He felt good, was throwing the ball well, etc. I’ll judge him on the mound, not in the media.

I understand this series are “prime games” in Tampa and the tickets cost more than regular games. Pretty odd for an interleague game, eh? Would it still have been a prime game if the Phils and Rays had finished 3rd?

Being critical of fans for not showing up is pretty stupid marketing on the Rays’ part. How can they tell people what to do with their free time? Apparently, the Rays aren’t that big a draw, as is baseball in Florida altogether. The Marlin aren’t a bad team either, and their attendance is so bad that they have to invite dogs to the game.

Expansion is a disgrace and it’s time for MLB to contract by at least 2 teams per league, starting in Florida.

As we aproach the trade deadline, we should start thinking of the upcoming years as well as this one. Next year, our entire real 25 man roster (including guys on DL and not the rookies replacing them now), all are under the Phillie’s control except for Stairs, Eyre, Myers and Park. I doubt if any of them will be back except for Myers if he accepts arbitration for a 1 year deal. Stairs can be replaced by Mayberry, for example and RP of Eyre’s and Park’s capabilities are easily found.

In 2011, however, Feliz, Werth, Brunlett, Moyers, Blanton and Durbin are all FA’s. While we have Outfielders in the minors to fill in for Werth ( Mayberry, Taylor, Brown) we have no one to fill in for Feliz, unless you count Donalds. We will also need 2 SPers, and an all round utility guy (Donald’s role, perhaps)

In 2012, we potentially loose to FA: Howard, Rollins, Victorino, Dobbs, Ibanez, Madson, Romero and Condrey. This in addition to the players listed above who are FAs in 2011. We can very likely enter 2012 with only 7 of our current players on the team (Utley, Ruiz, Coste, Hamels, Happ, Lidge, and Taschner) of whom 2 we probably won’t want back in any case (Coste and Taschner).

We need to take all of this into account when trading for pitching and RH bench this year. We can’t give away the players who are potential replacements in 2011. We can’t afford to restock the entire team via FA (we’re not the Yankees after all). This is Rube’s true test, not finding a SP for the last half of this season

I don’t expect him to be perfect, but I’ll start trusting Lidge when he has 3-4 scoreless appearances in a row.

As a Phillie’s fan I’m disgusted by their non-chalant attitude towards the game. They play the game w/no “pride” as players, & as Professionals. I do believe what is now going on with this Team is reflective of the “bottom of the barrel” players they have placed on this team, and expecting these players (who were not wanted by any other Teams)to win them games. To me they seem like a bunch of lazy players who lack the “heart” necessary to win games. “After all to them they have already won the “big one” If I ever hear one more word about last year’s championship I’ll scream. “In sports it’s what have you done for me lately”. I have no confidence in them to even make the play-off. To me , on the field they are no better than “A” players, & it’s embarassing. It’s time for Dubee & Milt Thompson to pack their bags and get “outta here”,especially Thompson. If hitting on this team is indicative of the coaching they get, then Thompson “stinks”,because they cannot hit, and most importantly they do not play the game “the right way”.

It is time that Charlie stop breast feeding these multi-millionares and demand they play the game “the right way, and if they don’t or do not want to, send them down to “AA” where they belong anyway. It is time to stop being their friends and manage them, because they aren’t even playing for him anymore. Where the heck is the “Leader” of this team? Do they really see themselves the way they are seen by others?. Right now they are not a good team. I wonder if they will ever respond again to questions by referring to the fact “they are in 1st. place! By the end of tomorrow’s game no longer will they have that spot. Teams with players who have “pride” in themselves and the game will have taken over that spot. I am angry ,disappointed, and absolutely have no confidence that they have the “will” to turn things around. All one has to do is watch them at work on the field and you get the message. They stink offensively, defensively & pitching all the ingredients needed to win games!!!

dmb948, Dude, you’ve got to take it easy. We’re all frustrated at what the team has become, but don’t forget that Raul isn’t playing. Plus, Lidge and Conderey have been on the DL. The other relievers are way over-worked. Despite having almost all of the players return, the team resembles the ’09 Mets more than the ’08 Phils. Don’t criticize the coaches or management, they are doing the best job they can considering the circumstances. Amaro will get us a top-of-the-rotation pitcher, but probably not soon. Hang in there!

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