Devastating? It Depends

prado 0630.jpgChipper Jones
had an interesting take on last night’s 5-4 victory in 10 innings over the Phillies.

“I would have labeled this game if we’d have lost it as devastating,” he said.

Nobody in the Phillies clubhouse at Turner Field used the word devastating to describe the loss, but they could have. John Mayberry Jr. and Pedro Feliz hit back-to-back, two-out solo home runs in the eighth inning to take a one-run lead, but the Phillies blew that lead in the eighth and ultimately lost in 10.

The Phillies have lost 12 of 16, and they hold just a 1 1/2 game lead over the Marlins in the NL East.

“We’ve been finding ways to lose games,” Jayson Werth said. “We’ve got to turn this thing around and get back to playing the type of baseball that made us champs last year.”

Any idea why this is still happening?

“Like I said, it seems like anything we can do to lose a game right now we’re doing it,” Werth said. “Both sides of the ball. We’re all right, though. We’re still really good. I still feel like we’re the best team in baseball. We’ve just to find a way to start winning games. We’ll be all right.”


Jimmy Rollins went 0 for 5 in his return to the lineup. He is hitless in his last 24 at-bats. Fans chanted, “208! 208!” as Rollins hit in the ninth. They were referring to Rollins’ batting average.

Rollins struck out to drop his average to .207.

“His timing wasn’t good,” Charlie Manuel said. “It wasn’t like he was swinging real bad, but he didn’t hit a ball hard. His timing was a little bit off. He’ll be OK. He’ll be fine. He’ll be OK.”


Ryan Madson is 0-2 with a 9.53 ERA (six earned runs in 5 2/3 innings) and three blown saves in his last six appearances. He has allowed nine hits and seven walks in that span.


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Hard to tell if Werth and Charlie are talking to us or themselves. Add in Lidge’s usual “I feel fine” comments and I’m starting to wonder about the mental makeup of this team right now.
Meanwhile, I’m hearing Marlin footsteps. Do Marlin have feet?

Thankfully the Players aren’t hired to be public speakers. The last few innings of last night’s game were pathetic. No D from Werth, Lousy hitting (again!) from Rollins, awful pitching from Marson and from Park> Even Blanton was on a fast and not eating innings.
Like the talk of getting Zach from the Bucs. He’s a solid pitcher who is having a break out year it seems. A solid #3 with possibility of becoming a #2. I hope to see Carlos and see what all the hype is about. Should be pitching on Sat. I figure (Moyer goes on Fri)

I can’t wait for a whole summer of Charlie making excuses for Rollins’ abysmal offense. Just accept that he can’t hit right now and drop him to the 8 hole. His defense still justifies keeping him in the order, just not at the top of it.

f_i_j, Moyer goes on Saturday. TBA comes up on Friday.

By the way, why do we still let Moyer start against the Mets? Oh, right, they have no choice.

My guess for TBA on Friday is Rodrigo Lopez. He has experience and the others might not have options left, or the Phils might not want to use them for this opportunity. There isn’t enough on Carrasco to think that he’ll (a) pitch effectively and (b) stay here. It’s a big game against the Mets and I don’t think the Phils will want to trust it to a green kid.

Charlie must be reading Bobbie Cox’s best seller ” How to Win Many Games But Not Accomplish Anything”.

Charlie must be reading Bobbie Cox’s best seller ” How to Win Many Major League Games But Not Accomplish Anything”.

I think I heard that they may move Moyer to Fri just as they moved Happ to Thurs. In any case, they won’t use up any options with Carpenter who has already been called up once this year (you only use one option up a year) and Carlos has all his options left as he has never been called up. I think they may give this to Carlos if for no other reason to see what the kid really has as we enter the trade time. Keep or dump, this is the question

You don’t use up multiple options when you call someone up multiple times within the same season; that’s only using up one option. You can call him up and send him back down several times within this season, and it would only be one option. Then next season, you’re using another option if you decide to call him up at any point, none if you leave him in the minors all season.

It’ll probably be Lopez given the amount of emphasis Rube puts on experience.

Someone should remind Chipper who won the World Series last year. If a team in my division won the World Series, I think I would call that devastating. But losing to a 4th place team in July? A little disheartening considering how the team has played lately, but no devastating, we will bounce back and have a shot whereas the Braves have no shot.

pherrisphain: Charlie must be reading Bobbie Cox’s best seller ” How to Win Many Games But Not Accomplish Anything”.

Didn’t the Phils just win a World Series?

Question……Why did Chase get charged an error, when the ball went off the heel of his glove, but J.Roll wasn’t charged an error, when he DROPPED the ball?! Not that I wanted any more errors in that game. Jeeeze!

And I guess this is pretty elementary, but who calls the errors vs hits anyway? The umps? It always seems to take a while for a decision to be put up.

I must be following a different Phillies ’cause I thought we were still on top with some rain day games in hand or maybe Chipper is looking at the loss column thinking it’s wins.

Outsider Looking In

Errors (and wild pitches, pass balls, etc) are decided upon by the official scorer. He (or she?) decides if the ground ball threw the legs is a single or an error. Many times they change their mind during or even after a game, and politics plays a large part. For example, the Phillies tried to have the result of Michael Jack’s last AB changed from an error to a hit because it would look better (singles in final AB). I agree that it isn’t very scientific and it can drive you crazy trying to fingure out why the single was an eror and vis versa

I don’t think they’d put Carlos in a “showcase” start versus the Mets. I’m pretty sure major league scouts already know what he has (or doesn’t) and one start isn’t going to have much influence. If he throws a no-hitter or gives up 12 runs does it make any difference?
Besides, the Phils tend to lean toward more “seasoning” for pitchers for whatever reason. Probably money.

If he throws a No-no it makes a hell of a difference in how my weekend is. No phil has thrown a no-no in ages.

Thanks FIJ! Didn’t really think it was the umps, but wasn’t sure. And I know sometimes, an error isn’t called if they think the batter would have gotten on base anyway. Maybe that was the case in J.Roll’s dropped ball, vs Chase’s error. And I agree….It does drive me crazy! A lot!!!! LOL!

I didn’t quite understand why Charlie made the double switch and took Ruiz out the game for Bako when brought Romero in. Wasn’t quite sure what that was about.

I think if Rollins had hit the ball a bit harder (i.e. a flyball out) his at bats might have looked more productive. But it appeared to be more the same; groundball outs, strike outs. Wish he’d at least WALK once in a while. I hope it was just “opening day” jitters or maybe Lowe’s pitching that stimied him. Let’s also hope Madson gets his mojo back after blowing a couple of saves each w/2 outs?!

In regards to who’s pitching over the weekend: didn’t Happ had one of his first starts against the Mutts last year? I have a feeling they’ll call up Carrasco.

In a completely unrelated topic: as I sit here and blog with all you fine Phillies fans/folks, I thought I’d let you know that today is the 30th anniversary of the Sony Walkman. Not sure whether that makes me feel old or nostalgic🙂

Interesting statistic….the Phillies #9 hitter has a .261 OBP and the #1 hitter has a .239 OBP.
I don’t think anybody has to wonder what is wrong with this team right now. 0-24 and counting; 4 BB’s the whole month of June.

Karen: I still have my Walkman and it still works flawlessly. I should work so well…LOL! The i-pod of a different generation. Norma: maybe Zo can confirm, but official scorers USED to be a designated sportswriter from the home teams town, I still think that might be the case. I give JRoll this and the Mets series, he’s still in a funk, he bats 8th from then on or until he reaches .250. Maybe a mystery sprain to let him hit the DL and get some rehab work on his uppercut swing. I guess we are really seeing why teams don’t repeat too often, the boys look terrible right now.

And J.Roll has to quit swinging at the first pitch!!! Guess his little vacation didn’t really clear his head much.

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