Lopez to Start Friday

The Phillies have decided who will start Friday night against the Mets at Citizens Bank Park.

It’s not Carlos Carrasco, Andrew Carpenter or Kyle Kendrick.

It’s Rodrigo Lopez.

Lopez is 5-4 with a 3.91 ERA in 13 starts this season with Triple-A Lehigh Valley. He is 65-65 with a 4.80 ERA in his seven-year Major League career. He last pitched for the Rockies in 2007.

Lopez signed a minor-league deal with the Phillies at the end of Spring Training after they watched him pitch in the World Baseball Classic. He had Tommy John surgery in Aug. 2007, and spent most of 2008 recovering. The Braves signed him to a minor-league deal toward the end of last season, but the Braves did not exercise the option they had on him.


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I guess that tells us how they feel about Carrasco at this stage in his development. They obviously feel the game is too important to trust to a kid in his first ML start.
I’d be surprised if Kendrick finishes the season in the organization.


Robin Roberts pitches Saturday, followed by Carlton on Sunday. Either of them gets shelled, I nominate Norma to come out of the stands for the bridge to Lidge. This rotation audition is like America has Talent, pitching division.

You’re acting like Rodrigo Lopez is ancient. He’s 33 and in the process of coming back from major surgery. In his last 3 starts in AAA he has gone 3-0 throwing 21 innings and allowing just 2 earned runs. He’s not going to overpower anyone but he knows how to pitch.

I don’t get it. Carrasco was supposedly in the mix for the #5 spot in spring training. He is now rounding into form and they still pass him over. No disrespect to Lopez, but he is a journeyman coming off an injury. This smells of Chan Ho Park redux. I think Phillies management has done a terible job with their pitching decisions this season.

phan52: I wouldn’t say he’s “rounding into form” necessarily.

Mike Missanelli did an interview with Jayson Stark this afternoon on his ESPN radio show. Stark said he spoke to a scout who told him that Carrasco “does not have the heart or head to win in the big leagues.” That’s disconcerting, and obviously why he’s still in the minors instead of helping the big club on Friday.

I’m not sure what the developmental program is for giving a player heart and a head. Those things should be givens.

Well muleman, it looks like a trip to Oz is in order. No heart, no brain…does he have the nerve?

He’s still a young guy. Look what happened with Gavin Floyd.

phan52: I hear ya. I’m taking a break from the carnage in Atlanta. Thinking about making October vacation plans with the money I’m saving for playoff tickets.
Last week I said here that I need Hamels to be more consistent before I proclaim him an “Ace.” They keep calling him the Ace, and I suppose he is, but it’s by default and not on merit. Tonight proves my point.
It was too important a game to screw up like that. Although – why was Bako catching?

Not sure why Bako got the start. Wonder if it would’ve made a difference for Hamels to have Chooch behind the plate. This was god awful baseball by our Fightins. I can’t believe how horrible Hamels was and not to mention our offense being non-existent. I sure do hope they get their act together before the All-star break. Hate to see them go into it on a losing streak. Not sure how encouraging it was not to have Ibanez make his rehab start in Reading. Guess they’re being cautious w/him. He did take batting practice.

karen62: I read a lot into Ibanez missing his rehab start. They tell us he’s fine, he tells us he’s fine – so why isn’t he playing? We heard the same crap about Lidge before he went on the DL and we’re still hearing it.
On a side note, I think we’re entering a new era of sports where teams tell us what they want to tell us about a player and his injury. They can tell us anything, and as long as it comes from management or through the press we buy it – or at least we’re supposed to.
But all one has to do is look at the way Lidge is throwing to know he isn’t right. Count his wild pitches from last year and compare them to this year. The slider has no bite.
And God only knows what’s wrong with Jimmy.

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