Ibanez Delayed Again

Raul Ibanez had been scheduled to begin a rehab assignment yesterday with Double-A Reading.

That got pushed back to today.

And that got pushed back to tomorrow.

The Phillies have said Ibanez has suffered no setbacks, but whatever the reason, there is little chance he could be back in the Phillies lineup before the end of the weekend against the Mets at Citizens Bank Park. Ibanez probably needs at least 10 to 12 at-bats in the Minors before he feels comfortable enough to rejoin the Phillies.

So if Ibanez’s workout today goes well, he could play tomorrow in Reading. We’ll see.


Brett Myers had a follow-up exam with Bryan Kelly, the surgeon who performed his hip surgery. Myers can begin a throwing program in two weeks, although his return this season remains a long shot.


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So let me understand this, Ibanez is feeling fine. Acording to Rube, there is no problem and he’s ready to go. Yet, twice his rehad has been postponed. The only conclussion I can come to is that the Phillies would rather go on loosing and not have their best hitter this year in the line-up. It must be one of those things that management does that us simple minded fans can’t understand. I mean, why would we want our most dangerous hitter in teh line up if he’s healthy. Obviously the Phillies aren’t BSing us. Ibanez is all healthy and good to go, but they don’t want him to leave the team to go to the minors for rehab….Give me a break

I hate to be the voice of reason, but that just isn’t good news at all. How can they say he “suffered no setbacks” after pushing his rehab starts back twice? Aren’t those setbacks?

It’s not a set back, mule. Having out best hitter out of the line up for more time, and against the Mutts isn’t a set back. it’s the management’s game plan…..(Read with VERY HEAVY SARCASM)

Saw this crazy idea on a blog: If Myers can come back this year, or if he’s interested in signing a 1 year contract via arbitration, use him as closer. Move lidge (either trade or to 7th inning) and get #2 starter.

Comments? Todd, your opinion on this option?

If the Phils truly want to win back to back championships, they need to trade for Danny Haren RIGHT NOW!

in order to trade for Haren RIGHT NOW the backs need to be willing to trade him. It does take two teams to make a trade you know. I’d be very surprised if Haren was traded

Because its the holiday weekend and I’ve been on a mini-vacation over the last couple of days, I’m going to “Miss Little Ray of Sunshine” in regards to Ibanez: maybe they’re being a bit cautious so that they can ensure that he’s as close to 100% when he starts his rehab and thus 110% when he returns to the Fightins. If he can return for a couple of games against the Reds next week, that’s about what they expected anyway even if he rehabbed today. It didn’t look like he’s return in time for the Mutts anyway. I think groin injuries can be tough to return from.

I like the idea of having Myers in the bullpen late in the season. That would be an excellent way for him to return rather than as a starter. Maybe he could be a long reliever temporarily ala Condrey/Park.

Oh really?? I didn’t know you needed 2 teams… clown. I’ve seen two articles that talk about how the D-Backs are considering doing it, but of course it would require a ridiculous package of players to pull that off.

I haven’t seen anything saying the backs are considering moving him, but if they would to put him on the market he’d be a very good match, and worth the package we’d have to give up (assuming they didn’t want Drubek, Taylor or Brown

want to share the link where you saw this info?

D-Backs not fielding Haren offers
16 commentsby Nick Piecoro – Jul. 1, 2009 07:35 PM
The Arizona Republic
The Diamondbacks would not engage in serious discussions with the Los Angeles Angels about trading pitcher Dan Haren, according to a report on foxsports.com.

If the club declines Brandon Webb’s 2010 option, Haren would be needed to anchor a rotation that could be filled out with several young arms.

Though a trade seems unlikely, the Diamondbacks do not appear to have ruled out the idea of moving Haren. It likely would take a package similar to the one they gave up two years ago to pry him away.

Haren is signed through 2012 with a club option for 2013.

SO if they weren’t willing to talk to the Angles, why would they talk to us? This seems like some reporters way of filling out an article without an ounce of fact

I’ve seen this kind of propaganda from the Phillies before. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see an “Ibanez Out for the Season…” headline soon.

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