The Dog Days



Happy Fourth of July, everybody. Got a couple pictures from the Save a Pet at the Park calendar, so I thought I’d post them. The 16-month calendar features Phillies players and pets. It’s $20 at the Majestic Clubhouse Store, Mitchell & Ness Alley Store and around the ballpark. It also can be purchased at 877-GO-PHILS and

Charlie Manuel is with a dog from the SPCA. Chase Utley, whose wife Jen spearheaded this project, is with his own dog.

By the way, when are the Phillies going to have a bring a dog to the park night?


Sports Illustrated ranked Ryan Howard 39th amongst highest earners in American professional sports.


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LOVE this calendar! Makes me smile everytime I see it :O)

Off topic, stop by my blog to read about how FOX Sports on the 4th of July, insulted not only the USA, but both Lou Gehrig and Jamie Moyer all in one shot…
Not to mention thousands of baseball fans around the world…sad.

Todd: The Phils don’t need a Bring Your Dog to the Game Night. The Marlin had one, and they can’t draw flies to a game, let alone dogs. The Blue Rocks had one, but they’re a minor league team. I love dogs, but leave them at home. It’s bad enough they have Dollar Dog nights.

We have a hard enough time walking two 75 lb. Goldens around the neighborhood. I couldn’t imaging taking them to CBP with hundreds of other dogs around. Sniff-a-rama!!!

The Braves have done a “Bark in the Park” event for the past 3-4 years. This year they have even done 2 of them! What they do is have one section for those who bring their pets, so it’s not like everyone has dogs around them. It is just one section and they have very specific rules as well. In that section they not only sell people food but dog treats as well and it all goes to charity. It works well and to date they haven’t had a single problem. I think it would be great if the Phillies did it, but given how popular the tickets are right now, I can’t see them being able to find the room to do so.

We DO have Bring-Your-Dog-to-the-Ballpark Games. Everytime the Phils play the Mutts!!

The. Dog with Charlie Manuel. Is my Pitbull otis redding I adopted him about 4yrs ago

That is my Pitbull Otis redding with Charlie Manuel

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