Eyre Up, Escalona Down

The Phillies have activated left-hander Scott Eyre from the 15-day disabled list. They have optioned left-hander Sergio Escalona.

That leaves leftfielder Raul Ibanez, right-hander Brett Myers and right-hander Clay Condrey on the DL. Myers is expected to miss the rest of the season. Ibanez hopes to begin a rehab assignment this week, which would allow him to play in the All-Star Game on July 14 in St. Louis. Condrey is scheduled to throw a bullpen session today.


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It’s quite the honor but should Ibanez play in the All-Star game? Groin injuries never really go away without months of rest and I would hate to see him get hurt chasing down a fly ball.

I agree, phan52. I forget who, but someone last year was voted in, but was on the DL. Anyone know what happens with player selection, in that case?

Great small ball win on the yesterday! Glad I was there. Let’s go for the sweep!!!

The one positive about Ibanez playing in the all-star game is that it gives him real game playing experience in what could be considered a rehab assignment.

I think one of the things that have been impressive about the Phils two wins against the Mutts is just what Norma said: SMALL BALL! Its nice to see them not always relying on the long ball to get runs. Very good to see Moyer get a “W” on his 600th start. Let’s hope Blanton has a good outing against Santana. GO PHILS!

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