Ibanez to (Finally) Begin Rehab Assignment

ibanez vs. atlanta.jpgRaul Ibanez could be back in the Phillies lineup before the All-Star break.

The Phillies said today that Ibanez will play in a rehab game tomorrow night for Double-A Reading. Assuming he suffers no setbacks, Ibanez could play in three or so rehab games before he returns to the lineup.

I’m guessing this weekend’s series against the Pirates isn’t out of the question.

And if he’s back and ready to play, he’ll be able to play in the All-Star Game.

“I don’t think that far ahead, really,” Ibanez said. “We’re still working to get back, and get back as soon as we can. There is a rehab game tomorrow, and that’s as far ahead as I’m thinking right now.”

Is he pain free?

“It’s good,” he said.

I’m sure some people will say, “Ibanez shouldn’t risk injuring his groin again by playing in the All-Star Game.” Here’s the thing: if he’s healthy enough to play before the break, the assumption is he’s healthy enough to play — for the Phillies, for the National League, for whomever. If he’s not healty enough to play before the break, the Phillies won’t play him.

“If I can’t do it here, then I’m not going to do it there,” he said. “The only way they’re going to turn me loose is if I can play. Period.”


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When I saw Ibanez on the field today when they had the Father/Children day at CBP, it looked like he wanted to play this afternoon! He was even tossing the ball in to air to himself, it reminded me of a teenager that couldn’t wait to play baseball.

The sweep today just adds another chapter in the wild seesaw season the team is having. They are on a roller coaster like they were last year, and we all know what happened last year!

Rich / http://www.fightinphillies.com

Looking forward to being able to yell RAUUULL! again at my TV as Ibanez comes up to bat.

Great way to end the holiday weekend with a SWEEP of the Mutts. An added bonus with the offensive return of J-Roll. Hope it continues!

What is amazing about Raul is that even though he’s been on the DL for 2+ weeks, he’s still up among the league leaders in HR, RBI etc. On a different note, he also leads teh team in GIDP.

Nice seeing JRoll back. If he keeps this up we will be looking to repeat for sure

I hope Rauuuuuul can pick up from where he left off, before he got injured, that is. 3 hits will not yield too many wins in the future. I never doubted that Jimmy would be able to turn his season around. If you always end up with your career averages, then J-Roll would have to finish the season with Albert Pujols-like stats, which would be welcomed by the Phanbase, for sure. GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!

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