Pedro? Eh

manuel and martinez.jpgThe Phillies will watch Pedro Martinez throw tomorrow in the Dominican Republic.

Charlie Manuel, your thoughts?

“What I saw of him last year was, basically, he could give you five or six innings, probably,” he said. “His fastball is going to be 85-90, 86-90, somewhere in there. He’s still got a good changeup and he’s got a good curveball. He’s got a good feel for pitching. I haven’t seen him since last year.”

Manuel has said he is looking for a horse to replace Brett Myers. Manuel also just said Martinez is a guy who could go five or six innings — probably. Does that qualify him as a horse?

“When I talk about a starter, I’m talking about a guy who’s top of the rotation,” he said. “I’m talking about a one or a two. Some guy that can take us through seven, eight innings. Or when he goes out there to pitch, you think on that day, you’ve got a good chance of beating somebody or shutting somebody out.

“I think the five-inning pitcher, I think you can find those guys. Also, for myself — and don’t get me wrong, I want anybody that can improve our team, that means pitcher or position player or whatever — but at the same time, I’m a firm believer that in the Major Leagues today, if you go back and look and you look at All-Star teams and things like that, the good pitchers are young pitchers. Young pitchers with high-ceiling stuff, plus they’re good enough right now to throw strikes.”

That doesn’t sound like Martinez to me. The problem is, the young stud with the great arm probably isn’t going to be available.


It was tough to find a photo of Manuel and Martinez, but I got one.


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I think Zach Duke is a guy like Chollie is talking about and can be had for the right package. He’s come into his own this year and is only 26 years old. The Pirates are always sellers, especially with guys who are arby eligible. Duke will get a big raise next year.

I think they should give Lopez a few more shots at staying in the rotation, if for no other reason than I hate to see them throw away money on a guy like Martinez or some other mediocre pitcher.


If you sign a guy like Martinez, none of these young guys will get a chance to fill the five spot this year. You know he’s going to pitch for the rest of the year. Some of them have pitched well and deserve more looks. Tonight, everybody hits.

The Phillies are not going to sign Martinez. This is just due diligence. Chollie doesn’t want him and has made it clear that they need another arm closer to the top of the rotation. I totally agree with him if they are to defend their World F’ing Championship. They can win the division with what they have but they need a veteran for the postseason. This isn’t about competing anymore; it’s about winning.

Read earlier today on the SI site that the Phillies have shown some interest in Paul Byrd.

Paul Byrd? That’s the stupidest candidate for our rotation that I’ve heard so far. He’s qualified to be a number 5 starter for the Nats. His fast ball barely passes Jamies on the way to the plate. Do we really need two Jamie Moyers in our starting rotation? NO WAY!! Those SI guys should stop printing National Enquirer crud and stick to real legitimate info and facts.

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