Victorino Is Still in 2nd Place

victorino announced its latest results for the Final Vote for the final roster spot on the National League All-Star team.

Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval still leads Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino. According to the release, Victorino took the lead last night, but Sandoval recaptured the lead today.

Fans can continue to vote until 4 p.m. Thursday.


Double-A left-hander Joe Savery earned Minor League Pitcher of the Month honors after he went 5-0 in June.

Single-A Clearwater outfielder Steve Susdorf, who began last month with Single-A Lakewood, earned Player of the Month honors after he hit .390 in 25 games.

Savery had a 1.76 ERA in six starts.  In 30 2/3 innings, he held opponents to a .173 batting average. He allowed 18 and 11 walks and struck out 21.

Susdorf was a 19th round pick last year out of Fresno State.


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come on everyone, stuff those ballot boxes. VOTE for the Flyin’ Hawaiin

I hope Shane gets in, but this endless All-Star voting seems ridiculous to me. 25 votes each for the game and now, unlimited votes until the Internet site closes down. What’s the point? If they can stop counting your votes after 25, they can just as easily stop at 1. The way the system is set up, fans have to vote 25 times to be counted as 1.
But then, it’s about as stupid as everything else MLB does.

Why is Joe Savary still in Double-A Reading? He was drafted out of college, not high school and is two years older than Kyle Drabek. Not only was he 5-0 in June but he is 11-1 for the entire year with a 3.34 ERA. Maybe it is time to move him up to Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

pherris: As far as I know, it’s because he’s a converted outfielder and the Phillies feel he needs more time. Of course, that’s their general opinion of every pitcher in their minor league system, so I guess they’re not making a special case out of Savery.
Still, 11-1 is tough to argue against. Are they so log-jammed with talent in Allentown that they can’t move this kid along?

In general the Phils put real prospects in AA and people who are either former MLB’s (Cairo, Lopez, etc) or they want close to Phila (see all the pitchers, Marson, Mayberry) in AAA. The fact that he’s in AA doesn’t mean he’s not on the fast tract. I figure he will be among the guys trying for the #5 job next year, with the possibility of sending him to the Pigs if he doesn’t make the team

If you look at his progress, it looks like the Phillies are moving Savery up one level a year. He doesn’t have the ‘stuff’ that a guy like Drabek has and he has to rely more on his location and pitch selection. I would compare Drabek to Hamels and Savery to Happ. He’ll pitch in the show, it’s just a metter of seasoning.

And f-i-j, Reading is actually closer to Philadelphia than Lehigh Valley, so that is not a factor.

On another note, Scott Mathieson has started to pitch again in Clearwater. You have to give him credit for perseverence. I would love to see him make it all the way back.

remind me what happened to Mathieson. I know he was in the show, but don’t remember why he disapeared. Also thanks for the geography lesson.

Scott Mathieson was tracking similarly to how Madson had, and was considered a candidate for the closing spot at one time. He had a 95+ fastball with good control and the organization had high hopes. He ended up having Tommy John surgery after the 2006 season, and then had another breakdown during rehab assignments. He has had a total of three major surgeries but he never gave up and is now throwing 95+ again in Clearwater. It’s a real long shot, but it would be a great story.

Hope he makes it. I remember himin the show, but lost track. So, who do we have to kill to get halladay?

Because Halladay makes a teams rotation THAT much better. You’re talking about a guy who’s gonna go out there every fifth day, and you know what you’re going to get… and it’s good. We’re not talking about Erik Bedard or Jarrod Washburn here. Roy Halladay is a perennial Cy Young candidate every year. I’d put together a nice package for him, headed by Jason Donald.
I love Donald, but Jimmy Rollins isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and he’s proven to be far less productive at third base then he was in the middle of the infield. The Jays have said that they want a near Major League ready shortstop. Sounds like Donald to me.
The Phils can probably get away without trading Drabek as well. I’d add in Carrasco, who’s been given the Gavin Floyd treatment by the Phils, Lou Marson (The Jays catchers are OLD / mediocre players) and Dominic Brown.
The Phils’ minor league system is really deep. They have the tools to get Halladay, and if they do, look out World Series. Lol.

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