Victorino Still Trails, Ibanez Back By Friday

victorino grammys.jpgShane Victorino
and Pablo Sandoval are in a close race for the final roster spot on the Naitonal League All-Star team. said in a news release that just two percentage points separates Victorino and Sandoval. Victorino apparently took the lead again last night, but lost the lead again this afternoon.

Voting runs through 4 p.m. tomorrow.

The Tigers and Phillies have teamed up to get Victorino and Brandon Inge selected, which could be a good thing for the Phillies because Inge just pulled into the lead in the American League’s Final Vote.

Even if Victorino doesn’t win the Final Vote, he has a good chance at making the team. Carlos Beltran officially is off the roster because of an injury. Fans voted Beltran as a starter, which is important. If Beltran had made the team on the player ballot, Manuel would have to choose the next highest player on the player ballot. But because Beltran won the fan vote, it is believed he can choose whomever he wishes.

We’ll see.


Charlie Manuel said on a conference call earlier today that Raul Ibanez could play Friday night against the Pirates. Ibanez will workout with the Phillies today and play tomorrow for Triple-A Lehigh Valley, which would be his final rehab appearance.

Assuming things go well for Ibanez over the weekend against the Pirates, he likely would play in the All-Star Game on Tuesday in St. Louis.


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You would think after a WS win and the big part Shane played in it, that the fans in this city would be burning up the balloting. While Sandoval is deserving (and would get my vote if Shane wasn’t on the ballot), ya gotta ask where are the Phillies fans? Maybe we need Johhn Doc and Vince Fumo to run a vote early an often campaign. We, as a city, came up small last year for Pat, let’s no repeat it this year. C’mon Philly, vote!

Don’t blame me jimmymack. I just finished placing my 300th vote for Shane, and I still don’t know if 275 of them count or not. I’m going to keep voting through tomorrow, but I use my computer at work, which limits the time I can spend voting. How can this country not pick a Hawaiian over a Panda? I don’t get it!

erich, apparently the Giants sent highlight videos to all the news and sports outlets in Venezuela with an appeal to vote for Sandoval. Everybody in the country with a computer is voting for him.

I think this is much ado about nothing. Beltran probably isn’t going to play, so they’ll need another outfielder.
It makes for a good distraction, and some marketing, which is what the All-Star game has become.

The Flying Hawaiian just showed why he should be an All-Star with his game winning hit🙂 But the next best part had to be Chan Ho Park coming in from the bullpen with a sandwich board sign saying “Vote for Victorino”……LOL!!!!!

Great win, but these last two games have really exposed our pathetic bench. They have no pieces to make a move late in a game. Bako and Bruntlett back to back? Bleeecccchhh!!!

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