Phillies Watch Martinez Throw Again

pedro watch.jpgPedro Watch continues.

A Phillies source said team officials watched right-hander Pedro Martinez throw three scoreless innings in a simulated game this afternoon at the organization’s academy in the Dominican Republic.

Phillies assistant to the general manager Charley Kerfeld watched Martinez pitch Tuesday. The Phillies then requested a second session with Martinez to see how his arm responded. Contrary to a report, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. was not in attendance Friday. He is in Philadelphia.

The source would not say what the Phillies thought about Martinez’s second performance. But if they came away impressed and remained interested in signing him, they would require Martinez take a physical.

If Martinez takes a physical and passes it, he could agree to a contract with the Phillies as early as next week.

“I feel the best I have for some time,” Martinez told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The Phillies have been looking for starting pitching help for most of the season. Their rotation has a 5.06 ERA, which is 15th in the National League. A baseball source told on Thursday night that signing Martinez would not prevent the Phillies from continuing to pursue Blue Jays right-hander Roy Halladay in a trade. In fact, they plan to pursue Hallday whether they sign Martinez or not.

The Phillies don’t need a fifth starter again until July 20 against the Cubs because of the All-Star break, but because Martinez hasn’t pitched this season he likely would need to pitch in the Minor Leagues before he could pitch in the Majors.


The Houston Astros claimed Chris Coste off waivers, which cleared room for the Phillies to activate Raul Ibanez from the DL. Ibanez is not starting tonight against the Pirates.

Coste had not started behind the plate since June 17, so the writing was on the wall. The Phillies clearly preferred Paul Bako as Carlos Ruiz‘s backup. But Coste handled the news well. He joked that his time in Philly was so good that he could write a book about it. In fact, he did.

I thoroughly enjoyed covering Coste since he made his debut in 2006. He always treated me well. I wish him the best.


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Charlie was a genius for letting J.C. pitch to the first batter in the nineth. Brad needs to look up the word “consistancy” in the dictionary and do what he can to achieve it. BTW, is Carlos injured?

I hope he doesn’t look up the word ‘consistancy’ because he won’t find it.

Sorry erich, couldn’t help myself. And yeah, I’m wondering what’s up with Ruiz too.

Couldn’t resist either….sorry
Even if he found it, not sure he’d figure it out,

Main Entry:con·sis·ten·cy
Inflected Form(s):plural con·sis·ten·cies
1 aarchaic : condition of adhering together : firmness of material substance b: firmness of constitution or character : persistency
2: degree of firmness, density, viscosity, or resistance to movement or separation of constituent particles
3 a: agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole : correspondence ; specifically : ability to be asserted together without contradiction b: harmony of conduct or practice with profession

he’s probably better with the word ‘Consistent’

Ruiz, I think may have tweaked a neck muscle or something in last nights game, although haven’t heard anything

I do not believe there is anything wrong with Ruiz. I just think the Phillies operate under a two catcher philosophy which requires the second catcher to carry more of the workload. I do not believe Chris was able to do this as frequently as the Phillies would have liked and not as much as he was able to do in the past. According to the Astros, they are looking at Chris as a right hand hitter off the bench as well as spot starts at the corner infield position. I think catching will fall to a tertiary level as they already have two catchers. This might prove to be a real blessing for Chris.

My guess with Ruiz is that Charlie is giving him the JRoll treatment. Giving him an extended stay on the bench to help him come out of the slump.

A “two catcher philosophy” would be great except one of our two catchers couldn’t hit Rihanna if he were Chris Brown

Coste came up when we needed a back up catcher and a rhb and provided both for us. He’s a stand up guy who will always have a place in Phan’s heart, just like Jay Johnstone, Greg Gross and other reserve players who contributed to our success. I hope you take the Astros to the playoffs (as long as you loose to the Phils, of course). Look forward to your next book

Happy about win, sad about Chris leaving. My wife and I ran into him at a Wal-Mart about a mile form Bright House field after a game during spring training last year. We just told him how much we enjoyed watching him and he talked to us for about 20 minutes. Just a nice guy, no airs, like talking to your next door neighbor. I was telling him about the parade in 1980, how much the city was starved for a WS, and how we get strong attachments to our non starter contributors like Unser,Gross, Hutton and Tony Taylor. What really impressed me was that he really got it, he seemed to have a real affection and empathy for the fans and really, really appreciated how they had taken to him. I hope he can get another year or two in the show, grab his pension then get a managers job in the minors. God speed, Chris Coste, good guys can finish first.

Sad to hear about Coste. I wish more players would love and appreciate the game like he does. Let’s hope that Marson will be playing for the Phils soon. Best of luck, Coste!

long live chris coste / no respect for the guy/ all he did was produce / bako sucks / manuel should be dumped / get ed wade back / at least he knows a ballplayer / coste would be my everyday catcher /

Coste is younger than Bako, hitting better, and according to what I’ve read, better defensively. And that’s before you get to the intangibles. The move makes no sense on the field or off.

I heard Chris speak during the off season and he was articulate and entertaing as he talked of his upbringing in the Midwest, his years in the minors, and of course making the Big Leagues. It is clear this guy is intelligent, a class act and a baseball “lifer” who will make a great manager when his playing days are over.

He will be missed in Philadelphia and I think there are a lot of new Astros fans in town today.

Three scoreless innings in a simulated game? That has so many questions attached to it.
1 – Are the batters actually TRYING to hit him or are they shills for Pedro?
2 – I’m mostly interested in the fourth through seventh innings of ACTUAL games, which is where we probably will never see Pedro actually perform.
If Pedro is going to be the “acquisition” then it is a bad move. They’ll need more than him to win again.

As far as Coste, you can’t let sentiment influence your decisions. The guy has a WS ring and was a light-hitting extra catcher. They have those in spades.

Who in the world thought that anybody would claim Coste off waivers? Chris Coste is a great story, but please, he’s no better than a fringe player and a poor catcher. I wouldn’t have minded keeping him as a righthanded bat, but having him as the backup catcher AND the righthanded bat just pointed to the overall weakness of our bench. They obviously need to upgrade the backup catcher position and maybe, now that Marson is back healthy, he should be called up soon.

Coste is a great guy, and I am glad he found another spot in the show, but being a great guy is no reason to keep him on the roster. Good luck, Chris.

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