Werth Is an All-Star

werth 071009.jpgCharlie Manuel
has picked Jayson Werth to replace Carlos Beltran on the National League All-Star team.


I wrote last night that Werth deserved serious consideration for the spot, but I never thought it would happen. From what I understood, Manuel and the league would pick Beltran’s replacement. While Werth is hitting .268 with 20 homers, 54 RBIs and 12 stolen bases, I thought the league would steer Manuel in a different direction because the Phillies already have outfielders Raul Ibanez and Shane Victorino on the NL roster. I figured Beltran’s replacement would come from a trio of Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval (.328, 13 homers, 48 RBIs), Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp (.319, 10, 46, 19 stolen bases) and Diamondbacks third baseman Mark Reynolds (.262, 24, 62, 15 stolen bases).

Manuel had more pull than I thought.

The Phillies are sending five players to the All-Star Game: Ibanez, Victorino, Werth, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. The last time the Phillies sent five players to the All-Star Game was 1995, when they sent Darren Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, Tyler Green, Mickey Morandini and Heathcliff Slocumb. They also sent five players in 1976, 1979 and 1981.


The last time a team sent three outfielders to the All-Star Game? The 1995 Cleveland Indians, who sent Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton and Manny Ramirez.


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Honestly, as much as I love Victorino, Werth should’ve been the one on the 33rd player ballot. He’s having a better season. Oh well, I hope Charlie puts all three of them in at once at some point.

I thought Kemp would get the nod, it’s good we have 5 players going, not sure the rest of the teams fans will agree, most of them disagreed with both Howard and Victorino. Have to disagree with you phylan, I think in their own way both Victorino and Werth are having excellent seasons, and it’s tough to see which is having a better one, but without Victorino not sure we would have survived while J-Roll was in his mega slump.

I’m not sure if Zo mentioned this earlier, but the Phils are the second team in MLB history to have 4 guys with 20 homers by the All star break. The 2000 Blue Jays being the first.
Yes, Jayson, you deserve to to participate with your brethren.

No doubt, Victorino’s contributions have been just as important. But while he has a higher OBP than Werth, Werth has twice as many homeruns, 60 points more of OPS, and a 20 point higher wOBA. They’ve both been huge for the Phils, of course.

Werth does deserve to go. And Manuel deserves to bring all his players. Like he said, he wouldnt be managing the team without them winning the WS last year. The only person that wasnt a starter was Ibanez, and his numbers are too good to leave him off the team. And phylan, theres no way Werth is having a BETTER season than Victorino. Victorino’s average is way better, and thats what he does. Werth is more of a power guy. Both are having great seasons, neither of which is better than the other.

Also, say goodbye to Chris Coste ya’ll. Phillies designated him for assignment to make room for Ibanez, and the Astros claimed him. May create an opportunity for Marson assuming the Phils don’t deal him for Halladay. For now I guess it’s the Paul Bako sh**show.

ryanhowardisbetterthanyou, wOBA includes hitting for contact, and Werth’s is still 20 points higher. Like I said, both contributions are important, but from a numbers standpoint Werth is having a better season.

And to clarify, I don’t mean MUCH better. Just better.

I agree with everything your saying phylan, about Werth, just as an key asset to the team in the first half I think Victorino has a slight edge, not much, but slight, without him getting on base from lead off or hitting second Werth’s RBI’s wouldn’t be what they are and he may not have got some of the pitches he got, but thats oneof those ‘WHAT IF’ things which has no answer, so it’s just as well they are both going, both very deserving….. bring on the Pirates

Its just nice to say the Phillies truely do have an All Star Outfield

I just noticed that Werth’s VORP is only 0.2 better than Victorino’s, thanks to Victorino getting 30 or so more plate appearances. I guess their contributions have been about equal after all.

You got to love Charlie. Any room for number six. I can’t forget the fact that Howard got screwed last year by Clint Hurdle. BTW, how many Rockie’s players are on the team?

All I can say is 1995 must have been a bad year for NL allstars.

BTW, the Rockies have 2, Brad Hawpe and Jason Marquis. That’s the same number as 2008 when they had Matt Holliday and Aaron Cook.

davegas, Howard is already on the team as a reserve. I wonder how many Phillies Charlie can manage to field at once.

Todd, you “figured” right. Charlie should have picked from the pool of players you wrote. This move was about loyalty and the fact that Jason is HOT right now. Besides maybe Puhols, has anyone else hit as many bombs (7) as Jason has over the last 2 weeks? He’s totally locked in. This reward will make Jason keep working hard the rest of the season to prove Charlie right and the nay-sayers wrong. Great move by Charlie!

I’m calling 5th inning as an all Phillies field. Well, except for 3rd and SS, of course.

Werth deserves it. If Vic hadn’t won the vote Chollie would have had a hard time choosing between them.

jason werth, Shane Victorino all stars ? you bet! load em up. you may only get one chance to do this Charlie . Remember the days of the big red machine,we watched guys like like larry bowa ride the all star bench thanks to Sparky Anderson.You are the champs! you deal the cards. I LOVE IT!

I was looking at Tyler Green’s record during 95… 8-9 with a 5.31ERA to end the season… What were his half season numbers that earned him an all-star slot?

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