Pedro Getting Closer

pedro watch 2.jpgPhillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is remaining extraordinarily tight lipped about Pedro Martinez. He has acknowledged only that the Phillies have seen him pitch, while Martinez has said the parties are negotiating a deal.

But it sounds more and more like the Phillies and Martinez are going to get a deal done, and it could happen next week.

Asked about Martinez today at Citizens Bank Park, Charlie Manuel said “the only thing they’ve told me is that he’s throwing better and he’s in real good shape.”

That certainly sounds like the Phillies liked what they saw, right?

But does Manuel want him?

“Of course I want him if he can help us,” Manuel said. “Because he’s a competitior and I think he knows how to pitch and everything. If he’s throwing better than he did last year … I don’t know. I’m not there to see him.”

Manuel is a skeptic. As an example, he mentioned that he is getting his home remodeled in Winter Haven, Fla.

“She’s telling me it looks good,” Manuel said of his fiance Melissa Martin. “I don’t care how it looks to you, I’ve got to look at it, too.”

In other words, while he has heard Martinez pitched well in two private workouts this week, he is reserving judgment until he sees Martinez pitch himself.
“He’s a competitor,” Manuel said. “He has his own way. He’s his own man. I’ve always liked him because he’s cocky, has swagger. He’s determined, likes to pitch, things like that. But I’ve never had him on our team. … I haven’t been around him a whole lot. There’s no sense in me talking about him so much because I haven’t seen him.”

But it sounds like he will see him soon.


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WOW!!! WHATA 9th INNING!! Bako with a walk off to win the game. Great to see RAUUUL back in fine form. Stairs & Howard always hit spectacular HRs🙂

Amen, Karen!!! And two words…”Chris, who?” What a great home stand! Drama in every game. But I guess that’s how it always is with our Fightin’s.

WHAT A COMEBACK! Had to watch the 9th inning again this morning on Let’s get em again today!!!!

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