The Mets Talk about Pedro

martinez and santana.jpgPedro Martinez
is expected to arrive in Philadelphia tonight and take a physical tomorrow morning, a baseball source said.

If he passes his physical, the Phillies could introduce him at a news conference Wednesday.

Martinez has not pitched since last season with the Mets. He went 5-6 with a 5.61 ERA, but Phillies scouts liked what they saw last week during two simulated games at the team’s baseball academy in the Dominican Republic.

“Pedro is a pitcher who likes to compete,” Mets ace Johan Santana said. “If Philadelphia is giving him an opportunity to play there, he’s going to compete for sure. That’s all he’s looking for. He’s a great friend of mine. We had a great time together in New York last year, and I hope all the best for him. He’s looking for the best for him, and I believe that Philadelphia is offering him what he wants and the conditions that he wants, and he’s going to have a chance to win there.”

But can he still pitch?

“Time will tell,” Santana said. “I don’t really know. But he showed in the WBC that he was ready to go, and he wants to prove a lot of people that he still has a lot left in his tank. I believe that he’s a man of his word. If he says that, he’s going to compete.”

Mets third baseman David Wright said he also thought Martinez threw well at the WBC.

“I know that’s a small sample, but you can never count a guy like Pedro out,” Wright said. “He’s just got a certain competitiveness to him and a fire to him that not too many pitchers have.”


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I like Johan’s “..if Philadelphia is offering what he wants and conditions that he wants..” – the fact is that no one wanted him as the season started.

I don’t think the Phillies need him – I would want Halladay though.

Todd, Great job today. I can’t believe you’re finding so much time to post. All the PR parties must really be boring. Thanks for keeping us in teh picture about Fat Pedro and Halladay. What is your gut feeling about Halladay, does this deal go down and if so, what is the price?

anyone think we can include Pedro in the deal for halladay?

FIJ: Wouldn’t that be sweet?! We can dream can’t we?! Maybe Pedro M. won’t be such a bad addition. I’m sure last year when we heard about Big Joe B coming to Philly we weren’t exactly cheering from the rooftops and he’s been our most consistent pitcher thus far.

Thinks Pujols romps in the HR Derby? Or will hometown/Philly favorite show why he’s “Big Brown”?

Actually, I was pretty pleased with the pickup of Blanton last year. As for the HR derby winner I pick Gonzalez. He’s new enough not to realize that winning this thing ruins your swing for the rest of the year. I give Howard credit for participating in front of his home town crowd, but figure he’ll do the show without really trying to win. Same for Pujols.

One of the reasons the Mutts haven’t looked at Pedro is because of the ridiculous contract for Johann Santana. He’s a great pitcher, but that contract will have diminishing returns at some point, maybe soon.

Howard won the HR Derby a few years ago and proceeded to go on a tear in the second half. It didn’t hurt his swing.
Go for it, big guy!

If I’m not mistaken he ave dropped the second half, though not his power numbers. Look what it did to Chase the other year and many others. A few guys backed out this year becasue of this.

I like Pedro for the rest of the season, cheap good pitcher! i like doc if the price isnt too high, but what about Dan Haren? Arizona is all but out of the race already he is a great pitcher on a bad team…put him with the phils explosive offense i see repeat!


Shalom v’boker tov (for you anyway, it’s almost midnight where I am)

Howard’s average has always gone up in the second half, and did so in 2006. He was hitting .278 as of the all-star break that year, and ended up at .313

Boker tov Judas. Eipho ata? I stand corrected regarding Howard’s average. Was pretty funny watching the relpay of the derby. That was some massive shot Prince hit, he derserved to win. NOt upset that Howard didn’t, he needs to save some for the second half

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