Pedro Gets Physical

Pedro Martinez is taking his physical in Philadelphia at this hour.

Turn and cough, Pedro.

If he passes, expect a news conference tomorrow at Citizens Bank Park.

Martinez told the local NBC and ABC affiliates late last night at the Philadephia airport that he struggled last season with the Mets (5-6, 5.61 ERA) because of health issues and the death of his father. He sounded confident those problems are behind him.


The Toronto Sun considers the Angels and Yankees favorites for Roy Halladay. The Sun hears the Blue Jays do not like the Phillies’ prospects, or at least the ones the Phillies are offering.

That is what this is about: the prospects. Who do the Blue Jays want? Who are the Phillies willing to give up? Halladay’s contract is not an issue. The Boston Globe is reporting the Blue Jays will not allow a team to negotiate a contract extension with Halladay before a trade is made. But Halladay didn’t sound yesterday like he needed an extension to accept a move — “All I can tell you is my priority would be winning. I’ve been fortunate to be taken care of financially,” he told reporters — but it is something worth watching.


Chuck Berry closed with Johnny B. Goode last night at the All-Star Gala. Nelly joined him on stage. It was pretty cool.


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If Happ is the roadblock for this deal (according to the Toronto Sun article), that makes no sense. I like Happ but Halladay>>>>>Happ. Not even close.

If the Cardinals or Dodgers get him. we’re dead. Cardinals would start with Halladay and Carpenter. Dodgers with Halladay and Billingley. Hamels and Blanton or Happ doesn’t match up. The Giants already have Lincicum and Cain.

I think the Yankees will end up getting Roy Halladay. That’s what I have thought for awhile. If they want him, they will find a way to get him. Even though I wish he could be a Indians, it’s probably not going to happen.

See, I called this yesterday. Go check the columns titled Roy, Roy, Roy, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro. I knew the Phils were not getting him. Where’s phylan at? Thank You very much.

you were claiming it was about money Ryan. We all knew it was possible a deal wouldn’t be done, but you were claiming we dind’t want to pay. Stop trying to claim credit when it says above, quite clearly that the contract is NOT the issue. Why don’t you crawl back under whatever rock you came out of and leave the posting to people who know something

ok F_I_J, actually i claimed it was going to be about the Jays not actually wanting to trade him. so about me crawling under that rock, why dont you go do that yourself. because clearly you dont know what your posting.


Ryan: I have no problem with your opinions, in fact you are entitled to them, but but try to change them mid way thru. What you posted was, “. Randy Miller, columnist for Courier Times, said on air yesterday the Phils do not want to pay Halladays remaining contract for this year. They have no problem paying it next year because Myers comes off the books.”
Be a stand up guy and admit you were wrong. It’s happened to all of us, that’s why we’re posting here and not actually making these decisions.

and your comment that is insinuating that i dont know much about baseball/Phils is so far off you dont even know. I can go toe to toe with anyone about baseball, past-present-future. you dont really know me, and dont know how knowledgeable i am. not only with baseball, but football and basketball as well. while we’re at it, lets discuss the impact Britain had on Americanizing rock n roll, and how the new wave punk that invaded Britain in the 80s is now having more of an impact in America than it ever did in he UK. come on kid, lets go.

yes my comment on Randy Miller was actually what he said. But my original post yesterday before i heard Miller’s comments was they werent going to get him because they didnt wanna pay the 7.5 million owed. I never said that was my new opinion. I reported a fact. I said that I didnt think they were going to get him because the Jays ransom would be to high (basically saying they are trying to appease him). While everyone else said NO! i said yes! so therefore i was right.

dude dont be mad that you were caught up in this fantasy that we were actually going to acquire the best baseball pitcher in the game. sorry that you engulfed yourself in the mirage; other people, like me, are the realists and understand that it was never gonna happen. go back to your fantasy baseball leagues and leave the real stuff to us adults.

While I won’t put money on it, I still think we have a good chance. Acording to the Toronto paper there are 3 teams in the running for real (if you read between the lines) There are the Angles, the Cardinals and us. BoSox have stated that they don’t think that Toronto will move him within the division which eliminates both them and the Yucks. Texas and Chicago are both financially unable to take on this kind of salary. From what I am seeing here and on other papers, the Cardinals may not want to pay that much for a year and a half rental, especially since they have a very good chance of making the playoffs in any case and tehn have teh best rotatin in the best 3 man rotation in the league (if not the majors). The Angels may pay the price, but going to the coast, with Spring training in Arizona may not be to halladay’s liking. The only thing mentioned about us was that Toronto doesn’t like the package we’ve put up. In my opinion this is a negotiating stategy to get Happ and Drabek as well as Taylor/Brown, Donald and Marson. Only time will tell. As for other sports, Ryan, I don’t bother with serriously following them. The Eagles management sucks, the FLyers can’t/won’t win and the 76ers are hopeless. As for rock, if it came out after 1973 it generally ain’t worth listening to. Are we all clear now?

Phan: Whiel I agree that right now Halalday is better then Happ, what do you do in 2011? Halladay may not resign and then you have a rotation of Hamels and who knows? remember, Blanton is a FA after next year as is Moyer. Fat Pedro wont’ be back next year, not to mention 2011. We’re looking at rebuilding the entire rotation from scratch with just Hamels and prospects (the best of whom we’ve traded to get Halladay). Is the price worth it?

Todd, Just talked to a guy in Toronto who says that the talk there is of a deal involving Madson, Donalds, Marson, Carlos +. ANything to it? Would make sense, I think. Didn’t Toronto just release a closer?

Let the Cardinals or Angels have Halladay. They still have to go between the lines everyday and play the games. The Phillies do not need Halladay to win the division. So what we are really talking about here is the playoffs. Do we sell the farm in the hope we go further into the playoffs? No way, no brainer. I have never anticipated the arrival of August 1st as much as I have this year so that this insanity can end.

if the phils aren’t playing, a little league team can win the division this year. What, you’re looking to become the FLyers or Sixers? make the playoffs every year and get beat in first round? The idea is to win the WS. It’s simple. Anything else is a loosing season. As you said, Halladay does this for us. And what Pharm are we selling? We have two (three if you count Mayberry) OF prospects ready if not next year tehn in 2011 when we need one of them, we have loads of pitching ready to move up. We don’t need infield help for two years and noone to fill it anyway as Donalds doesn’t play 3B. What exactly are we giving away? As long as we keep either Happ or Drabek and either Brown or Taylor I sell the Pharm and the barn

I was thinking the same thing. The name is defiantely fitting for Truth. To be honest, I miss truth. He had an attitude, but provoked great discussion on the board, kind of like Ryan etc is

Does ryanhowardisbetterthanyou remind anyone from the old Inky ZoZone of Truth? And if anyone is wondering, that is NOT a compliment.

How do responses show up posted before the original post? I respond to Deb but my post is listed before hers. Strange

not sure what you guys are talking about. But to call the Flyers hopeless??? At least they spend what theyre allowed. They never had a cap until a few years ago, and they spent alot of Ed Snider’s money albeit they never won a Cup, but at least they tried. The phils have no cap, yet they impose one on themselves. makes no sense. And your comment about coming out in 1973 and not caring? Are you kidding me? The Beatles are timeless.

I love the Phils dont get me wrong. I have their P tattoo’d on my forearm (And its rather large). But when was the last time you saw anyone from this ownership group? Its the self imposed cap they put themselves on that really gets me going. Cause this is how I see it: They have milked almost every penny they can. They cannot sellout any more than they have, and people are putting up money for merchandise like crazy. They dont wanna spend the money on Halladay because they dont need to get fan interest again. By acquiring Halladay, they are going to lose some of their profit. the managment knows they can ride this wave for at least 3 years, so why put more money out of their own pockets when they are at their ceiling right now?

Deb/FIJ: I was also thinking the same about ryanhowardisbetterthanyou’s alias. RHIBTY are you really Truth from the Inky days?

f_i_j………………..Wrong comparison. What your really asking is if I want the Phillies to become Neo-Atlanta Braves. Not exactly. At the same time I too have experienced wandering around in the wilderness albeit for just 30 short years rather than 40. That being said, I am not into instant gratification either. I’ll settle for a WS every other year or two or three. This entire idea that it is this year or never is garbage. The very same prospects to which you refer will be those who fill the positions of players seeking greener pastures.

First of all Ryan, the team’s payroll is the highest it’s ever been and I havent seen them pass on moves the team needed to do to be better including out right releasing Jenkins and Eaton. While we may not see them, I wouldn’t recognize them if they walked past me on the street anyway.
You still don’t seem to understand that if Halladay comes here we won’t resign Myers who’s contract is only 3 million less then Halladay’s. As for this year, I’m nearly positive that they aren’t paying Myers salary once he went on the DL. I believe that their insurance company picks that up.

Let’s give credit where it’s due, this management is doing all that needs to be done to win. They are not being cheap, and they didn’t raise the ticket prices outragiously een though they knew they’d sell out at almost any price.

RHIBTY: The one flaw in your arguement is “the managment knows they can ride this wave for at least 3 years, so why put more money out of their own pockets when they are at their ceiling right now?” Imagine the $$$s they would rake in if they get Halladay for merchandise, tix, etc but also another WS?? $$ in the bank (no pun intended) The drawback for them is whatever prospects/talent Toronto is asking they may think is too steep.

Sweeten the deal with Hamels.

pherrisphain: As I said, let’s look at the phils over the next few years. 1B is Howard and we have no real prospect to replace him wh0 is ready or being talked about as trade material. Same for Utley and 2nd. Rollins is at SS and yes, Donald could replace him, but Rollins is signed thru 2011. Donalds is MLB ready next year. We have no 3B prospect ready to replace Feliz and we’re not discussing trading one either. In the OF Werth is a FA after 2010 and Ibanez after 2011. We have 3 prospects to replace them. We can afford to give up one of them. Ruiz is just starting his arbitation years NEXT year. We aren’t in need of a replacement quickly and we ahve a kid in A ball who is suposed to be very good, despite his bad year this year. Can we agree that we are pretty well set for posistion players for teh next 3-4 years and the prosepcts we are talking about moving, with the exception of Donalds, wouldn’t help us? That brings us to pitching. My view is better a proven pitcher then a sure fire prospect who may or may not make it. How many times have we heard that a kid was the second coming of Cy Young only to watch him turn into the second coming of Eaton? (a sure fire Phillies prospect at one point, BTW). If you could trade your entire minor league roster (all of the players) for the All star roster, would you? Of course you would. That is the quetion now. DO you trade one or two of your “sure fire” pitching prospects for Halladay knowing that you still have very good prospects left.

Norma: LOL!!! I know you’re not a “front runner” fan. Even though Hamels is struggling, I think he turns it around in the 2nd half.

a bit pissed at COle Norma? Remember Lefty lost 20 games the year afer he won 27

I don’t think the package I suggested mortgages their future in any way. Happ, Marson, Donald and either Taylor or Brown. Happ is the only one who has a chance to play for the Phillies anytime soon. They would still have plenty of pitching prospects (even if they included Carrasco), they have infield and catching prospects in the lower minors and they still have Mayberry and either Brown or Taylor in the outfield. If Toronto wouldn’t accept that deal, they are not serious about trading him.

Prospects are prospects. Halladay is the real deal.

Happ has a CHANCE to play in Phila soon? where has he been playing since last July?? LMFAO

I agree that your package is reasonable, but I would rather see them trade Drabek then Happ. Again, better a known good quality then a posible great one. The question is whether Toronto will accept that package. I figure we know within a week after tonights all star PR gig

karen62: The money they would make selling out???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Theyre already doing it. i paid $75 a ticket on the StubHub site to go to a game, and the email came from the phils stating that they were glad i went to the game. so basically that means they sold that seat TWICE. plus theyre alread selling out they dont need Halladay to do that. yes they would make more money on jersey sales. but thats it. look at it from their perspective. theyve reached the pinnacle of their industry, and they have gotten ever dime they can get. why win another WS? they can ride this out for a little, wait another 5 years and then they may go back to spending more. im not calling them cheap, but they have no reason financially to try and win another WS. especially if they have to ADD payroll.

Ryan, All the more reason to respect them for spending money and not being afraid to pay players not to play. As you said, they’d sell out in any case. They could have kept Jenkins instead of Mayberry (and kept his arbitration clock from starting) they could have used Eaton as the 5th stater instead of bringing up Carpenter/Kendrick/Bastardo/Lopez and having their (Bastardo and Carpenter) arbi clock start. They could have done all kinds of cost saving measures which would have reduced the quality of the team, but they didn’t. They put out the best product they can. I for one am proud that we have this ownership group who care about winning as well as making a buck.

ryan, I think there has been a seachange in the Phillies ownership. First of all, the success of the team has allowed them to virtually print money. They have signed a more lucrative local TV contract and they are selling tickets at more than 100% capacity (SRO tickets). They made a ton of money by going deep into the playoffs and do you think they wouldn’t like to do that again and again? I’m sure that the baseball personnel have made them quite aware that this can’t go on forever and that this current lineup will eventually have to be broken up. The money they would make from the Halladay gear alone would pay for half his 2009 contract. This isn’t the NFL; the teams get to keep most of the money that they make from the baseball gear sales.

All that, besides the fact that it was the ultimate fun ride.

@FIJ: That proposed trade makes all sorts of sense to me. What the Blue Jays need most desperately is a near Major League ready shortstop, which is obviously Jason Donald. They need depth at all levels behind the plate (Marson), and most of all, they need a closer! They just released BJ Ryan, who was an All Star only a few years ago. Now, their current closer (not sure if he came off the DL yet) is Scott Downs. I remember when he fizzled out after coming up with the Expos. Lol. I guess a pitching prospect would sweeten the deal for them as well. Carrasco works for me. He’s starting to get on my nerves, Lol.

The thing is, I love Ryan Madson. I have been a huge fan since he came up as a starter, and I would hate to see him go. BUT, he is easily replaced, and as much as it pains me to say it, Chan Ho Park is our best pitcher out of the pen right now. He’s been lights out. Lol. If this is what it takes to get Halladay, pull the trigger.

And to everyone who is saying that the Phil’s don’t need him… open your eyes! Haha. Right now, the Phils’ rotation stinks. Cole isn’t playing like Cole. Myers is on the DL for the season. Happ, a rookie, is pretty much the staff ace at the moment, Jamie’s running out of gas, and Joe Blanton has leveled off, although, he is playing consistently.

Halladay could only make this rotation better. Adding an ace like him make everyone below him that much better. Hamles can take the weight of the world off his shoulders and Blanton and Happ can pitch where they belong in the rotation, as well as Moyer. The Phils’ need Halladay.

I’m not mad at Cole, or anything! LOL! Just think he’s certainly not our best pticher right now. And he may turn it around….But his body language on the mound, hasn’t instilled a lot of confidence in me, lately. It’s getting in his head. He needs to take some tips from Happ.

they cut Jenkins because they had 3 LEFT HANDED BATTERS off the bench. Mayberry is right handed so it would make sense to keep him. They cut Eaton because he couldnt hack it in this league at all. Anyone they brought up would have been a more viable option. and F_I_J, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to phils ball for too long, because this ownership group is prob the biggest group of scumbags. Theyre spending money this year because they made so much last. if they didnt win the WS last year theres no chance they sign Ibanez. im definitely in the majority when i say that this ownership is slimeballs. Whens the last time you saw the owner? Oh thats right its a cigar smoking **** and an old hag who has no idea what year it is.

ryanhowardisbetterthanyou ……………..All that I know is that the inept Phillies have won two world championships since the last time the Flyers won the Stanley Cup.

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