Pedro Is Aboard

pedro watch 4.jpgIt’s over.

Well, the song and dance is. Pedro Martinez has passed his physical and has signed a one-year contract with the Phillies, baseball sources confirmed tonight. One source said the contract is worth about $1 million with another $1.5 million in incentives. That is considerably less than the prorated $5 million Martinez reportedly sought.

Martinez will be introduced at a news conference tomorrow at Citizens Bank Park.

Martinez is expected to begin a rehab assignment in the Minor Leagues immediately.

But while Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. would not confirm if Martinez had signed or even passed his physical, he said Martinez would need to pitch in the Minor Leagues before he is joins the Phillies rotation. That could mean at least two or three rehab appearances.

“We’re still trying to assess where he is,” Amaro said. “He would need some time (in the Minors) absolutely.”

Amaro also said Martinez’s arrival would not preclude them from making other moves, including the pursuit of Blue Jays right-hander Roy Halladay. Halladay remains a hot topic of conversation, and he will through the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. The issue with the Phillies is not Halladay’s contract, which runs through 2010. It is prospects. Who do the Blue Jays want? And who are the Phillies willing to give up?

“There are some untouchables,” Amaro said. “But again, each situation will make you think how to handle those situations. There are some guys I absolutely would not want to trade. We’re fortunate that we’ve built more depth in our system to be able to have our discussions.”

But “would not want to trade” certainly is different than “will not trade.”

“There are guys we will not trade,” Amaro repeated.


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When he says, “There are guys (plural) we will not trade”, he is essentially saying that we are not getting Roy Halladay.

well, lets hope now they can outslug the $ outta teams

No way we are getting Halladay with the “no trade” attitude. And the Pedro thing is just dperessing…I hope he does not destroy the clubhouse. Enjoy the peace while it lasts…


What else can we say at this point except, “Welcome to the Phillies, Pedro!”

Best of luck to him and of course to the rest of the Phillies…

Shane Victorino just scored in the All Star Game so it’s time for the Nationals to win a game.

Does anyone think Obama might have a job as a baseball announcer after his Presidential career?

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Just because Amaro says there are guys they “will not” trade does not mean it won’t happen. It’s all posturing at this point. He would be an idiot to come out and say “while we love all our guys, there is absolutely no one we won’t trade to get Halladay”. All that does is give even more leverage to the Jays. I know we all want to hear Ruben say he will do anything to get Doc in a Phils uniform, but it would not be smart for him to do so.

Dead on chutley. Ruben’s words mean nothing at this point.

I go back and forth on this. He would surprise everyone and become an instant folk hero in Philadelphia if he were any good.
Does he get #45? I know that’s the number Mackanin wears now and, to be honest, I thought the Phils should have retired it after Tug. That will be weird to see.

Welcome to Phial (or is it LV?) Fat Pedro. He get’s number 364 as a testiment to his weight–or 00 for the number of wins we can expect from him.
Now go one and prove me wrong, nothing would make me happier

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