Another Thing to Consider About Halladay

The Phillies have a few important things to consider as they try to trade for Roy Halladay:

  • Which prospects are they willing to give up?
  • How many prospects are they willing to give up?
  • Can they sign Halladay to a contract extension or does he walk after his contract expires after 2010?

But here is another consideration: Is there a chance Halladay could walk after this season?

Players who signed multiyear contracts before Oct. 2006 can demand a trade, if they are traded in the middle of their deals. Halladay signed a three-year, $40 million contract extension with the Blue Jays in March 2006, which means if Toronto trades him, he can demand a trade in the off-season.

In other words, there is some risk the Phillies could lose Halladay after just a few months of baseball (and after sending several top prospects to the Blue Jays to get him). Because if Halladay demands a trade and the Phillies don’t trade him, Halladay would become an unrestricted free agent March 15.

Halladay also would get to choose six teams in which he would not accept a trade, which would make things even more difficult for the Phillies.

But don’t panic. Players rarely invoke that right. Javier Vazquez requested a trade from the Diamondbacks in 2005, but no other player who has invoked that right immediately comes to mind.

I think this clause is in the back of the Phillies’ minds, but I also don’t think it’s scaring them away. From everything I’ve heard, the Phillies are a leading candidate to land Halladay. They don’t seem to be pulling back. They seem to be pushing forward. That is why the Blue Jays are heavily scouting the Phillies’ farm system these days.

Halladay also sounds like man who wants to play for a winner. I’m not sure why he would not want to stay in Philadelphia if he gets traded here. But it’s just another interesting consideration as the Phillies try to bring him aboard.


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Now that’s the kind of insight I come here for, thanks Zo. It would be a d-bag move for Halladay to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Phils and then immediately ask for a trade so he can hit the free agent market sooner, but it would make financial sense for him so the Phils have to be at least aware of it.

well him invoking a trade is a win win situation. say he doesnt invoke it, he win cause we get him all next year. say he does invoke it, then we can recoup some of the prospects we lost by acquiring him.

He would have to be the dumbest dude on the planet to demand a trade and risk voiding a guaranteed $15.75 MM salary year the way the free agent market is these days.

ryan: You think we’d get much for a guy demanding to be traded and who would become a FA anyway if we don’t trade him? I don’t. Pretty clear win/lose situation.

phylan: I’m pretty sure Halladay will command more than $16M a year, even this market. Could be wrong, but top 5 pitchers in baseball are still getting paaaaaid.

I don’t know phylan, the very top free agents will still get paid. Halladay would command a pretty hefty 4-5 year deal as a free agent.
Todd, could the Phillies get Roy to waive that clause? My guess is the players’ association wouldn’t allow it.

If Scott Boras is his agent, then I’d definitely be worried about him using that tactic.

I’m watching the Blue Jays / Red Sox game and they just showed Pat Gillick sitting behind home plate. Very interesting …

This is turning into a real hoot. Phillies fans here are just like the proverbial tale of the frog and the pot of water. Put a frog in a pot of cold water, turn the heat on under it and the frog will stay as the water heats up, eventually boiling to death. But, drop a frog in a pot of already boiling water and it immediately hops out and away.

After tonight, while I’m still all about getting Halladay, I have to remark about how terrible our bullpen is. Madson is the only one I would rely on in a high leverage situation, and only 2 or 3 of them can actually throw strikes. It isn’t a playoff bullpen, it isn’t even a “contend for your division” bullpen, and yet we still are somehow.


We have basically the same Bullpen as last year. Madson, Romero, Eyre, and Condrey have all been pretty good this year. Lidge will turn it around eventually.

I realize we have the same bullpen, but they’re not performing at the same levels as last year. Madson I’m fine with. But Romero has lost his ability to hit the strike zone, and Eyre, in larger sample sizes, has proven a dicey proposition. Condrey is putting up average numbers and would be a fine contributor in an average bullpen, but right now I don’t feel that that is what we have. I hope you’re right about Lidge.

Also, since you were all quick to point it out, I’ll admit you’re probably right about Halladay – even voiding his own guaranteed money, he’ll probably still make out pretty well in a 2010 free agent market. Nonetheless, as Todd pointed out, he’s unlikely to invoke a trade demand, I think.

phylan, you have to realize the bullpen is in games a lot more this year, because the starters aren’t going as deep, so it’s kind of like an optical illusion, your seeing them more, so it just appears as though they’re messing up more..

As for Halladay.. WHAT IF… he invokes the rule and goes back to Toronto, they get the top prospects and Halladay back…hmmmm

Another factor, in the poor performance by the ‘pen last night, might be the ASG. These guys are used to throwing every other game. Their arms might have been rusty. But “Wild Thing II” better get it together! Good thing Werth drove in Chase for that insurance run. And let’s hope we don’t need him tonight. He threw an awful lot of pitches. Anynews of what was up with his hand? T.Mack/Wheels thought he might have a blister.

As for Halladay…….His agent said, it’s only 50-50 he’ll go anywhere!

norma, Not only is it a good thing Werth got that hit, but it’s a better thing that they intentionally walked Paul Bako to get to him. That was the dumbest managing decision I’ve seen all year.

The bullpen is fine (outside of Lidge). They were on a roll before the break and needed to get some innings in. It’s the exact same bullpen that won a World F’ing Championship for the first time this year. Lidge jsut needs to get on track.

Compare the income tax paid in Canada to the US rate and weigh that against the city of Philadelphia tax and you might find it’s cheaper to live in Canada.

I forgot it was Bako who got the IBB. That WAS really dumb! Read that some Fish fans, are calling for the managers head. Guess they’re not very happy, being in 2nd place. LOL!

Norma: I had the same thought about the pen, being a bit “rusty” from the ASG break. They were pretty rested during the homestand and probably need some innings to get back into the swing of things.

Once again what a god awful stadium the Fish play in. Also it’s a shame that such a young, fairly decent ballclub doesn’t have more fans.

I agree about that stadium, Karen. I actually felt a little bad for the Fish. It was already half empty. Then a lot of people left, during the rain delay. When the team was rallying, and tied it up, the silence was almost deafening. Really too bad. By then, there were more Phillies fans still in attendance. LOL! Hopefully, the new stadium, with the retractable roof, will help build them a bigger fan base.

I’m not sure it’s a stadium thing i think it’s a Florida thing… it even seems as though the Rays attendance down quite a bit too..
Outside the Phillies Looking In

There is an UPSIDE to trading for Halladay. But seems like an even higher downside considering the Phillies have stated they do not necessarily want to sign him longer term, the obvious greed the Jays are demonstrating in whom they WANT in return and the fact that the Phils will LIKELY make the playoffs without him.
I’d rather Amaro go after a Garland, a Lee or a Washburn and keep the Drabeks and Taylors of the world for 2010 when they will be needed. Drabek will be in the rotation then and Taylor can be broken in to platoon with Ibanez in 2010 and take over Ibanez in 2011 ( traded back to the AL as a DH). Taylor will be only 26 and Ibanez is closing in on his late 30s, gets hurt easier and isn’t half the athlete nor has half the upside of a player like Taylor.

They were bad before the All Star break too. And it’s not some psychological thing with me seeing them more, they’re each worse in almost every statistical category than last year. It’s easy to forget, but Durbin in 2008 was erratic at best after the All Star Break, each of Lidge’s saves after June or so were a freaking heart attack, and Condrey could barely keep guys off base. It’s a continuing decline. I’d like to see them add a guy to the bullpen but I would still privilege acquiring Roy Halladay over that goal.

8 in a row, yes! Let’s keep this going on the homestand!

The Phillie’s do not need to concern themselves with Halladay opting out-that just isn’t Halladay’s style. In the last contract negotiated with the jays, Halladay took below market dollars ( 40 mill over 3 years) in order to allow The Jays a chance to add other players and have a chance to win.

He’s a class act both on and off his field. In Toronto we will miss Brandy (Roy’s wife) almost as much as Roy since she’s instrumental in numerous charity events ran by The Jays.

Halladay is the best, and he gives the Phillie’s a real opportunity of winning the series this year and even possibly repeating in 2010. He’s as close to an automatic win each time he goes out as you can get in baseball, and he keeps evolving.

Good luck to the Phillie’s if you get him.

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