Batman and Joker

jack nicholson at phillies.jpg
phanatic as batman.jpg

Jack Nicholson reacts to the Phanatic dressed as Batman last night at Citizens Bank Park.


Here are Pedro Martinez‘s contract details.

It’s $2 million prorated, which means Martinez is guaranteed roughly $938,000. He gets $75,000 for his sixth through 10th starts and $100,000 for his 11th through 15th starts. He also can make money based on relief appearances. He would make $50,000 for 10 relief appearances, another $50,000 for 15 relief appearances, another $50,000 for 20 relief appearances and another $50,000 for 25 relief appearances.

He will make $75,000 for 50 innings pitched, $125,000 for 75 innings pitched and $175,000 for 100 innings pitched.

Martinez has a $100,000 bonus for being named the World Series MVP and a $50,000 bonus for being named the NLCS MVP. He even has bonuses for winning the Cy Young award ($100,000 for finishing first, $75,000 for finishing second and $50,000 for finishing third), $25,000 for winning a Gold Glove and $100,000 for being named Comeback Player of the Year.

He also receives bonuses for time spent on the active roster: $50,000 for 15 days, another $50,000 for 30 days, another $50,000 for 45 days, another $50,000 for 60 days and another $50,000 for 75 days.


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you stole my post from teh previous post lmfao. I guess great minds find teh same info

f_i_j , I read your post. Nice job beating Todd to the punch.

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