Ricciardi: Halladay Trade Is 'Probably Unlikely'

halladay 0719.jpgRoy Halladay
said last week that he considered his chances to be traded before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline to be no better than a coin flip.

If that is true, his chances to be traded to the Phillies are well under 50 percent, although the Phillies remain the frontrunners for him.

Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi said today that a deal must be in place before July 28 and “at this point, it’s probably unlikely that we’ll trade Doc. As you get closer and closer to the deadline, no one’s really stepped up yet, and at that point, I think time starts running out on you. We’ve got to be highly motivated to move him, so we haven’t been highly motivated yet.”

So we’ve got July 28 for Halladay, and July 31 for the rest of the world … if you believe Ricciardi.

This could be nothing more than posturing. Ruben Amaro Jr. said there are players he absolutely will not trade (Kyle Drabek is rumored to be The Untouchable). So Ricciardi said they are unlikely to trade Halladay. It goes round and round. But even if the July 28 Halladay deadline is real, a week is a long time to make something happen. If the Phillies and Blue Jays are close enough to a deal — say they’re haggling over a prospect with the others already agreed upon — I’d be surprised Ricciardi would walk away at that point. Because even Ricciardi acknowledged this is the best time to trade him.

“Obviously, history tells you if a guy’s got more service time for a team, he’s probably going to be more valuable for that team at that point,” Ricciardi said. “So if the offseason comes and someone feels the same way and wants to blow you away, I guess you could get something, but I think history tells you that having a guy for a year and a half is more important than having them for a year.”


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Is the dream finally coming to an end?

I’ve never had great expectations because I can’t imagine trading a player like Halladay. But a week is a long time.

i hate to sound like a chump, but ive been saying this since day 1. The jays never had any real intention on trading Halladay and they did this strictly to please him. a man so loyal to one organization deserves a chance to actually compete. however, past halladay there isnt a reason for a jays fan to go to a game. its economical, and at the same time keeping your cash crop….i mean star player….happy.

if they were serious about this, a deal would have been done. there arent any real suitors out there besides the phils so theyre bidding against themselves. i wish rube would just say we arent dealing for halladay. i would welcome the trade for him, but im just as happy that we might at least get to see what drabek does.

The only explanation for trading Halladay is that the Toronto franchise is in deep financial trouble and they need the $5 million they can save by trading him. They can also get a team’s top minor league prospects at the same time. If that’s the case, Ricciardi is probably bluffing and hopes that the Phils will finally give them Drebek. I think Toronto needs the money more than the Phils need Halladay. It’ll be interesting to see what unfolds in these last ten days before the trade deadline.

I doubt Toronto’s in any financial crisis, so I will be shocked if they pull the trigger on any deal.

Why didn’t Ryan pitch the 9th he only threw 8 pitches to complete the 8th?

Ricciardi is just posturing. Based on the lavish contracts he handed out to Wells, Rios and Ryan, he’s not exactly a Pit Bull at the negotiating table. He will cave and take the best offer on the table at the deadline. Rube needs to stick to his guns. No Happ, and no Drabek.

Happ is definitely part of the deal, since the Jays are looking for a MLB-ready starter to replace Halladay, not that anyone could actually do that as far as performance goes.

This exra-inning game could go on for a while. Both teams have solid relief pitching.

Roy Halladay, AMF, we hardly got to know ya!

I think Ricciardi is playing with Amaro and everyone else that shows interest. The difference in GM’s will be experience. I hope Amaro doesn’t blink at the last minute. Maybe we need Gillick to pull this one off without giving away Happ or Drabek or the rest of the farm for that matter. Ricciardi is the one with the trump card.

Oh yeah! Enjoying this ride!!!!

and now they claim the Mets have made an offer, and thats supposed to scare the Phillies into a deal… dream on… if I re-call the Jays interim President said they wouldn’t trade Halladay unless the jays were in real trouble…. but I guess it has created some interesting theories along the way… we still have to wait and see… this has not really changed anything

Ricciardi is probably not the most secure GM in MLB these days, considering what the Jay s have done since 2006. They looked like a young up and coming team and have become static. Plus he has saddled them with some horrendous contracts. He has to make something happen to save his job, IMO.

I agree. Ricciardi is a well documented dope in the industry. That Wells deal is absolutely terrible. He also ran his mouth last year about Adam Dunn and how he didn’t care about winning and that’s why he didn’t want him. Good call J.P. You don’t want that bat in your lineup? Now we have this lame bluff attempt. I agree with the previous posts urging Ruben to stick to his guns. He has the upper hand in all this and he shouldn’t forget it.

And what is really funny is that they tried to use the Mets as a bargaining tool. Have they seen the Mets lately? Do they really think anyone in the Phillies organization is worried about the Mets overtaking them? That team needs far more help than Halladay. They need to be gutted or healthy. But even when healthy we know how the story ends.

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about that Mutts rumor. Who do they think they are kidding? The Mutts won’t get ‘healthy’ until they get a heart transplant.

Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets!
Step right up and beat the Mets!

Give ’em a yell! Give ’em a hand!
And let ’em know you’re booing in the stands!
Come on and…

Meet the Mets!! Meet the Mets!!
Step right up and beat the Mets!!

It is my understnading that the Blue Jays are owned by a media conglomerate, which is the largest in Canada, founded by a guy named Rogers. Apparently, the Blue Jays were his toy. Mister Rogers has since left the neighborhood and the company is now controlled by his less enthusiastic progeny. Whatever Riccardi did or didn’t do was in the context of this backdrop. He probably is not anyone’s fool. And by the way, Toronto fan sites indicate the Rogers businesses made $4 billion in profit last year.

When Tony Viner replaced Paul Godfrey as CEO, Ricciardi lost his last ally in top management. They have no loyalty to a guy who has done nothing to improve the team in three years and has signed some of the worst contracts in MLB (Wells and Ryan come to mind). If he had any more money to spend he would have put up a fight for AJ Burnett, and I’m pretty sure that this whole Halladay thing is coming from above because of money. The new CEO is there for a reason. He’s not a baseball guy like Godfrey was and they are most probably operating with a more austere bottom line. Young players who are not even arby eligible replacing highly paid vets in their prime would fit that profile.

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