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halladay 02.jpgIt’s been a few minutes since the last Roy Halladay update, and if you’re like me, you’re probably getting the shakes from withdrawl. So here are a few tidbits to get your fix, you baseball junkie:

– Ruben Amaro Jr. said this afternoon he did not have a sense either way if the Phillies would make a trade – any trade – before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. But we know most baseball insiders still consider the Phillies the favorites to get Halladay. And we know the Phillies remain hot after Halladay. Former Phillies general manager Pat Gillick has been in Toronto recently, and Blue Jays scouts have been combing the Phillies’ farm system as they decide on the prospects the Phillies would need to include to acquire the former Cy Young winner.

– Here’s the kicker if the Phillies and Blue Jays pull the trigger at the last hour: Halladay won’t need to change hotel rooms. The Phillies play the Giants in San Francisco from July 30 – Aug. 2 and the Blue Jays play the Athletics in Oakland from July 31 – Aug. 2. Both teams are staying in the same hotel in San Francisco.

– Amaro said any reports about his prospects being untouchable (or tradeable) are purely speculative, including reports that the Phillies have told the Blue Jays that Double-A Reading right-hander Kyle Drabek would not be traded. Amaro wouldn’t say if they would trade Drabek or not. “There are some people we would not trade and there are some people we would, and it’s all subject to change,” Amaro said.

– Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi said he expects a package “similar or better” to packages the Orioles received in 2008 for Erik Bedard and the Indians received in 2002 for Bartolo Colon. The Orioles received All-Star outfielder Adam Jones, All-Star closer George Sherrill, top pitching prospect Chris Tillman and two others for Bedard. The Indians received Cy Young winner Cliff Lee, All-Star outfielder Grady Sizemore, second baseman Brandon Phillips and Lee Stevens for Colon.

– There is some thought the Phillies, if they are unable to land a quality starter, will turn their attention to the bullpen. AOL Fanhouse reported this week the Phillies have scouted Diamondbacks closer Chad Qualls. Sherrill could be available at the right price. Bullpen help makes sense. The Phillies just placed left-hander J.C. Romero and right-hander Chad Durbin on the 15-day disabled list, and closer Brad Lidge continues to struggle.

– The Phillies still hope to land a right-handed bat for their bench. They fell short in recent weeks in their pursuit of Mark DeRosa and Scott Hairston. “We have different pursuits,” Amaro said. “We’ll continue to pursue all of them. And we’ll decide by the 31st which is our biggest need. … We’re just trying to improve our club if we can. If it’s with pitching, it’s pitching. If it’s with a bat, it’s a bat. We’ll try to address all these issues. These are all issues that are easier said than done. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be done. They may be done internally, too. Are we trying to improve our club in those three areas? Yes, but how we line it up and prioritize it is something that we’ll keep to ourselves.”

– Asked which he would prefer: a starter or a reliever before the deadline, Charlie Manuel didn’t miss a beat: “I prefer the horse. The horse keeps you out of your bullpen.”


Pedro Martinez threw 60 pitches in a simulated game and felt fine. He is expected to begin a rehab assingment Sunday with Single-A Clearwater.


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At this point, once a day is not enough. Feed us more Halladay news!

Walker should stay up for the rest of the year. As far as Durbin not saying anything, I understand it. He’s a gamer and gamers play in pain. If he was always on the DL, people in this town would be all over him for dogging it and collecting a paycheck. Dubee should calm down a bit and try to figure out his closer first. He’s not exactly pitching coach extraordinaire.

Halladay we can re-hash and re-hash till pigs fly no on e will ever know till its either done or to late to do….
I have to dissagree about Dubee, i think he has taken some pitchers that no one else would look at and turned them in to worthwhile entities… just my opinion though.

Disagree with the person who said pitching Lidge in a non save situation. It was a good idea with bad results. The idea os to allow him to work out his location problems and implement what he’s been doing during bullpen sessions and seeing on film while not in a high presure situation.
As for Chad not telling anyone, I bet there isn’t a player on any roster who’s not sore by now. Slightly pulled, strained muscles, bruises, etc. THey won’t complain about these things, and we wouldn’t expect them to. ITs not fear about being released or sent down, it’s that atheletes have been trained from day one to play through the pain. (No pain, no gain). WHen it gets too bad, the all open up and say they can’t go on.
Lopez being in the Halliday trade makes sense as it gives the Jays a MLB ready pitcher for cheap and is a solution to the problem of what to do with a pitcher with no more options who won’t clear waivers. If he’s not in the trade (or a different one) we loose him for nothing because someone will surely claim him in waivers.

Assuming Lidge continues to struggle, any thought of putting Pedro in as the closer? Seems to me he might be unhittable in a 1 inning role.

After the last few outings I am wondering how Chan Ho Park would fair as a closer, he has the stuff, I know he wants to be a starter, but history says some pitchers can go from starting to closing back to starting… just a random thought

Now the reports are that Halladay plans on testing the open market after 2010. Couple this with his contract right to demand a trade after this season. What is his value? Is it based on half a season, a season and a half, or what? Amaro may want to do it but I do not think Dave Montgomery and the partners are going to go for it.

Pherris: What else do FA’s do? His contract is up after 2010, of course he’ll entertain offers. Everyone knows Toronto doesn’t have the ability to pay him half of what he can get on the market. This has nothing to do with your insane idea that he’d utilize his option to walk after this season fom his contract if traded. I have no idea what you have against Doc, or why you think he’s this kind of a man, but stop with your pathetic insanity

I’ll be in San Francisco for all 4 games…hoping it does happen then because how much fun will that be for me? :O) Hee!


fan_in_jerusalem ……………Listen to you, my insane idea? So Halladay will test the free agent market after 2010 because he can but he will not do it after 2009 if he can? And, you know this how? By the way isn’t there some posting on Jamie Moyer that you can jones on?

At this point I am not sure the Jays really want to trade Halladay this year, it maybe that they are demanding what appears to be untouchable players from teams that could possible be on ‘Halladay’s I’ll Go To Team List’ knowing those teams won’t give up the goods, so that they can sit back and say well we tried to trade you, then next year they’ll try again before the deadline in the hope of recovering at least something from his tenure there. Another random thought…

IMHO, the Colon and Bedard trades were so lopsided in what the Indians and Orioles received back, they should be in jail for grand larceny. While I want to see Halladay in red pinstripes, those trades are a cautionary tale that Amaro should consider. Ricciardi is looking for the same uneven deal, I’d gamble and go to the brink with him, we don’t get Roy, that’s the way it goes. He won’t be G.M. next year anyway, he’s history after this season.

Todd, great blog! I write an Angel blog myself, have been a die hard fan all of my life. I hope you guys land Halladay, as I would hate to see anyone in the AL get him, as he is almost a guarantee punching of your World Series ticket as it gets. With both him and Cole at the front of your rotation, yikes is the word that best comes to mind. I know you’re probably a really busy guy, but if you could take a gander at my blog I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and keep up the good work!

jimmymack, the problem I see with waiting until Ricciardi is gone is that whoever takes his place will probably be more in tune with the new business oriented CEO and won’t care if Halladay is traded in the division. That would make the Red Sox and Yankees the favorites to get a deal done in the offseason. Plus who knows who else may decide to throw their hat in the ring in the offseason. Right now a lot of them are just kickint tires but might be more motivated later, depending on their particulart payroll situation. More competition means the price goes up, not down. JMO.
Amaro can make his mark this week.

Accidently posted this on an old blog thread. Here I go again….

Matt Holliday is a Cardinal…

Buster Olney called that this morning, even having the details of the money transaction to help pay Holliday’s salary. He also said that he is certain that the Phillies will deal for Halladay, for what that’s worth. The Jays scouted Drabek the other night and they are scouting Carrasco, Taylor and Marson at LV tonight.

Phan52, I’m with you, although I think the fans in Toronto will crucify the ownership if he stays in the division. I’m not advocating we wait until the offseason, just saying I would negotiate hard with Ricciardi right up to the last minute. I suspect he knows this is the trade that will make HIS mark and walking away from a decent vs piggish package (what he wants) from us may keep him from getting his next gig. If he fails to make a trade, is he the Ed Wade of Toronto? We /I bashed Eddie constantly for not pulling the trigger, Toronto fans will probably do the same.

Let’s look at the Jay’s options. After 2010 Halliday will leave via FA (unless he gives the Jays a hell of a home team discount, and even then, I don’t think the Jays can pay it). When he leaves they get 2 first round picks. Odds are, those picks are from serrious contenders and are relitively high in first round.
THerefore, any deal would have to compensate the Jays for those two picks, plus the revenue lost in the meantime. Revenue = all the empty seats as people come to see Halliday pitch, not the Jays loose.
If they trade him before deadline 2010 they get minimal in return as he’s a 1/2 season rental. If after this season, they get a bit more but me’s still esentially a 1 season rental. His highest value is now when he’s a 1 1/2 season rental. The more time you hav him, the more he’s worth.
It is irelevent whether the team who gets him can dign him to an extension or not, as the same team, theoretically, could sign him as FA. Toronto doesn’t get more because he’s wiulling to extaend.
The question Toronto needs to ask is if the offer they are getting now is enough beyond the 2 picks to offset the lost revenue and if it is significantly more then they would get off season or next deadline.
I don’t have the answers, but these are the issues

I guess the latest news is Yankees having Wang examined totday to be sure its season ending, if it is then they will go heavy for Halladay, (offer jays can’t refuse I guess) which could cause a bidding war between sox and the bronx and push halladay out of range for Phillies….. speculation or truth.. who knows

To be honest, I dont even think the Phillies need anyone right now. They have decent pitching & even better offense. The Tribe is rumored to be trying to get Halladay too- offers that include Cliff Lee are said to be being made for Halladay. I’m not so sure that the rumors are true, but that’s what I heard.

The espn report today that Halladay intends to test Free agency after 2010 should NOT alter the Phils desire to acquire Roy. But it should alter the package they give up for him. They should NOT offer BOTH Drabek and Happ in that package if Halliday goes FA because , they will need someone besides Hamels at the top of the rotation in 2011. And yes, you DO have to be concerned about 2011, because the Phillies window does extend beyond 2010. Utley , Howard and Hamels will still be in their prime, at that point.
And if a diluted package is not what the Jays will accept, oh well.
His value will only go DOWN if Halliday is not traded by August 1st . Only a fool bids against himself. Hopefully Ruben is NOT a fool.

dolfanman93- i agree with you, i saw other reports as I said earlier that the Jays seem to want more than teams in the hunt are willing to give, which could indicate the Jays are serious, just trying to wrongly prove a point to Halladay that maybe FA wouldn’t get him all he thinks it will. but if the Yankees report is true then who the hell knows what will happen

pherrisphain, I think most of us agree that IF Halladay becomes a Phil, he will be enbraced by everyone from management down to us, the Phans. The Phils are a contender. The Phils clubhouse is one of the most comfortable, supportive in all the MLB. He will be getting his full-contract salary. And Ruben will definitely find out how much a contract extension will cost the Phils in the off-season. You are basically telling us that you believe that the old rumor that “Philadelphia is the worst place to play sports because the fans boos you” is still true. That makes you pessimistic when almost eveyone is optimistic these days. That’s why everyone is upset about your constantly trying to drive your point until everyone agrees with you. That will never happen. You’ve posted a lot of insightful comments, but this, my friend, is not one of them.

erichh1……..Do you have to try or are you by nature so patronizing and/or condescending? Don’t read anything into what I have posted except exactly what I have posted. A team that gets Halladay gets a player who is signed through 2012 but has the option to terminate it at the end of 2009. Such a team does not get a player signed through 2010. Funny the only ones that appear to be upset with anything I post are the Bloviators. There are two of them and they know who they are. Are you trying to get entry into their club?

So as not to give fodder to the Half-Wit Club last post should read “…signed through 2010” rather than “…signed through 2012”. God forbid I should give the Half-Wits any ammunition.

Funny that the most pompous *** on this blog accuses others of bloviation. Whatever dude, get over yourself.
…psychological projection. Look it up.

Matt Holliday has already paid dividends for the Cardinals with a single. stolen base and a run scored.

I can’t believe he got to Philly so quick. He probably could wait to get out of Oakland.

sorry, I meant he couldn’t wait to get out of Oakland

phan52……I didn’t name any names but it is amazing how fast you identified yourself as a Bloviater. I appreciate your contributions to this site but beyond the facts I take everything you say with a grain of salt. Do us all a favor stick to the facts.

There’s a rain delay. I thought more Phans would be posting here………. I guess I was wrong.

LOL!!…grain of salt, indeed…

erich, I’m sure Holliday was glad for the trade. The A’s are in NY so it was nothing more than a train ride down to Philly.

Your right. Maybe a grain of salt was a bit much.

The only reason Sherill was an All-Star is because they’re forced to take one player from each team. Otherwise, he’s a heart attack in uniform. An average closer at best. The same for Jones, this year’s Orioles rep. Let’s get serious.

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