Romero and Durbin on DL

The Phillies placed left-hander J.C. Romero and right-hander Chad Durbin on the 15-day disabled list today.

Romero has a strained left forearm and Durbin has a strained right latissimus. Romero has been bothered with the forearm injury since last week in Florida. Durbin has been bothered with his back injury for about a month, although he notified the Phillies about it today for the first time.

Right-hander Tyler Walker had his contract selected from Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Right-hander Andrew Carpenter also has been recalled.


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Constantly amazed that players continue to not tell the trainers when they feel a tweak. C’mon Chad, it’s not like you were going to get released or sent to the minors if you told them a month ago what was wrong. Just saying…

Well that does explain why Durbin pitched so bad yesterday and why they used Lidge in the none save situation. Which was a BAD idea.

couldn’t agree more jimmymack

So I guess Martinez will replace Carpenter and Lopez will become a long reliever.

Durbin pitched badly because he had just finished pitching a 3-inning save two days earlier. He had nothing in the tank.

I don’t know erich. Rodrigo Lopez has very little history at all as a relief pitcher. Not even in the minors.

Or maybe they need Carpenter as a spot starter just in case… Like, if Happ or Lopez have to be held out of a game? Because a trade is in the works? I’m just saying…

Otherwise, why wouldn’t you bring up Escalona or Zagurski as your situational lefty? Lopez for a Righty Bat? Happ in a Halladay deal?

They only have one lefty in the pen right now…

Well, well, well… we’ll finally get to see what Drew Carpenter is made of. I remember his name tossed around before we got Blanton last year, and how people insisted on not trading him (like Drabek this past week+)

I hope that this is a linear step to the big leagues, and not ruin his career a la Kendrick

phan52, I was assuming that Pedro wouldn’t be able to pitch deep into the game until maybe his 4th start or so. Lopez will be able to come into the 5th inning and pitch til the 8th without risking an injury due to overpitching.

I wonder if Ruben is throwing Lopez into the Halladay deal to sweeten it a little…..

Carpenter already came up once this year and got a start against the Nats. He gave up 5 ER in 4.1 innings but got the win because the game was cut short due to rain. I don’t think we’ll get to see what he’s made of quite yet unless he comes in and pitches a few innings of a blowout (or comes out to pitch after a long rain delay which we may see tonight).

Also, erichh1 was that comment about Lopez going to Toronto sarcastic? A mid thirties starter who has spent the last few years in the minor leagues is not going to “sweeten” any deal for Halladay. The Jays have said they want prospects or ML ready young players, not a so-so starter.

Sully28, I think Carpenter was the one who pitched that spring training gem against the Yankees starting line-up just before the ’07 season began. I remember thinking this guy has potential to be a top-of-the-rotation starter. That’s probably why everyone’s excited to see him pitch.

chutley, yeah. You got me. It was sarcastic the way I wrote it but he has pitched effecively every time he has started so far. And the Jays DO need a proven ML pitcher, so….

wow… 2 guys go on the DL and we get back to the same thing… I am sure if Todd said Amaro was looking at a new car, somehow we’d find away to include it the Halladay trade…. just think it’s funny is all…:-)

devilabrit, I agree. I think a lot of Phans have become obsessed about this Halladay deal to the same level chicks get obseaaed about soap operas or worse, gossiping. It’s pathetic.

WOW! Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game!! I wonder if we can get Buehrle instead of Halladay. lol

I wonder if President Obama watched the whole game…

erichh1- I watched the end of that Buehrle no hitter he pitched good… but did you know the home plate umpire was the same one that was calling balls and strikes at his 2007 no hitter against Texas…. hmmm

Wise’s catch was incredible, I’ve watched it five times already. I love this game.

now with j.c. and chad down, we are going to need someone to keep up the good work…

with chad and j.c. down, we are going to need someone to keep up the good work…

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