Is Lee Close?

lee 02.jpgCarlos Carrasco
got scratched from this morning’s 11 a.m. start in Triple-A Lehigh Valley, and shortstop Jason Donald and catcher Lou Marson also are not in the lineup.

Signs point to Indians left-hander Cliff Lee.

“Nothing is imminent,” one source said, although there are those inside the Indians organization who feel a deal likely will happen soon.

But Lee makes sense. Sources have said in recent days that talks between the Phillies and Blue Jays regarding Roy Halladay have slowed to a near standstill. The Blue Jays haven’t budged on their asking price for Kyle Drabek, and the Phillies haven’t budged in wanting to keep him. But while a potential deal for Halladay seems to have faded, I would say a very small chance remains it could happen — only if the Blue Jays realize the Phillies are about to go in a different direction and drop their asking price.

Left-hander J.A. Happ is scheduled to start for the Phillies tonight in Arizona. If he pitches tonight, it means the Phillies could make this trade without giving up Happ or Drabek — both pitchers the Blue Jays have demanded.

Stay tuned on that.

Are Marson and Donald in the deal? Not necessarily. It should be noted that everyday catchers rarely play a day game after a night game, much less an 11 a.m. start. That potentially explains why Marson is out. And I got word out of Lehigh Valley that because Donald is returning from knee surgery, he also had been scheduled to have today off.

But Carrasco’s healthy scratch was the flashing neon sign that a deal is getting close.

A trade is near. Ken Rosenthal said Single-A Lakewood flamethrower Jason Knapp is part of the deal that includes Carrasco, Donald and Marson. It looks like it’s for Lee, but nothing is imminent.


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So wonder if Happ will stay on the roster for tonight or if they’ll wait till after, if he is part of the deal that is…
I still think the Halladay thing was a “were gonna say we’ll trade but were not really” since other teams have gotten the same run around the Phillies have

I’d rather have Halladay too but I’ll definitely take Lee. Ultimately I’d love to see the Phils get Lee and the Blue Jays be stuck with Halladay and get fleeced in the offseason for him.

My head is spinning right now.

If that trade happens, that really puts pressure on the Jays and may lower their price. They may feel they lost their best trading partner and we still have prospects that can get the deal done for Halladay. Not sure we would bother, probably adding too much salary. I’D STILL RATHER HAVE HALLADAY

Cliff Lee is not a bad “consolation prize”. I’d rather have Halladay of course, but Lee is certainly a top-tier pitcher. Plus “LEE” is easier to spell than “HALLADAY”, right Muleman?🙂

Here’s hoping Happ isn’t in a deal.

Amaro, Jr. should have a gun and a mask on if this supposed deal goes through. If they get Knapp so be it. The kid has great upside but you are keeping Drabek and Happ. A rotation of…


Nasty. Lefty heavy but they are bucking the trends with their lefty heavy lineup so why not the rotation too?

Lee on 950 right now.

We’d all rather have Halladay, it’s a matter of at what price? Even I, one of the most avid Halladay-hopefuls on this message board, think that the Jays asked for too much. I’d be quite happy with a Cliff Lee pickup, as long as we don’t give up Happ or Drabek. The original stories had Happ in the deal, which I think is a bad idea. Gotta keep Moyer out of the postseason rotation!

hmmm… I now see that pherris agrees about Happ… I need to rethink things…

If Happ is in the deal, I believe it shows the Phillies have more faith in Lopez than has been talked about. But if I had my druthers, I’d druther have the Phillies give up Drabek than Happ. As indicated by the opinions of the august commentators posting here, as between Drabek and Happ, Drabek is a prospect while Happ is a known commodity.

Just another opinion on Happ. I wouldn’t call him a known commodity quite yet. His record is peppered with wins over sub .500 teams and he hasn’t made a second turn through the league yet. Remember Kyle Kendrick? I ‘ll take Halladay or Lee as a starter over Happ any day of the week and if it means moving him, OK by me.

They could flip Lopez for a bullpen arm. Lopez’s stock is up right now.

zach58…….Go in your own jack yard and back off. You pucking futz.

He’s at the absolute top of his ceiling right now, if not above it. He’s playing out of his head. He’s also gotten extremely lucky, if you look at his peripherals and BABIP. His LOB% is almost 90, which is unsustainable. Happ is going to come back to Earth, hard, and is a back of the rotation starter at best. I have no idea why everyone (Rube included) is acting like he’s some huge trade chip.

Kendrick never rattled in 2007 either. It wasn’t until he was seen and found out by the league that the wheels fell off. I like Happ but there is no way I let him be a deal breaker in any deal.

There are a number of reasons why I do not believe it is a fair comparison between Happ and Kendrick. Primary among these is the fact Happ is older. He was drafted out of Northwestern and was further along in his development when called up than Kendrick. Kendrick, I believe, signed out of high school. To me Happ shows more composure and maturity on the mound as evident by the fact he does not seem to get as rattled when he is in a pickle.

NEWS FLASH: Pherris finally understnds the difference between prospect and big league pitcher!!!

If this deal goes down it’s a great move. Not only is Lee a great pitcher (ok, he’s no halladay) but we save 9 million towards resigning Blanton and Victorino who are due for huge raises via arbitration in the off season as well as getting some help in the Pen and off the bench.

As for the fantasy players who think we’ll A) turn lee around to Toronto for halladay-that won’t happen as the Jays want to shed payroll, not take on 9 million instead of 15 and B) we’ll still go after Haladay and include Happ and Drabek as Lee will fill Happ’s roster spot–all I can say is keep fantasizing. That won’t happen due to money. We can’t afford to take on $24 million more a year. (though it would be awsome if it did happen)

I would have taken the Halladay deal too but now Ruben could really have the upperhand now. He can call J.P. the dope up and tell him he’s about to pull the trigger on a deal for Lee and ask him what he is going to do about it. If J.P. trades Halladay to the Red Sox I hope the Blue Jays finish in last for the rest of eternity.

if the rotation will be:
1. Hallday/Lee
2. Hamels
3. Blanton
4. Moyer
5. Happ

where does that leave Lopez or Pedro?

I think Happ should be included in a deal, merely for the fact that we need an open rotation spot for one of two guys. I understand hes younger than Lopez/Pedro, but come on, if he can net you something good in return, than go do it. To me, Happ is a throw in for a Halladay deal. Im in the minority, but i think the phils should have taken the offer.

fan_in_jerusalem ……….Why the drama, pal? You of all people should know what I really mean when I indicate you are such a putz.

what if its not Lee or Halladay, what if it’s Washburn or someone that’s not been mentioned, maybe they get them so cheap they pass Lopez on to help the other team finish the season…

Seattle just got Jack Wilson from the Pirates. Are the Mariners buyer or sellers and what does this say about a deal for Washburn?

Jeff, I think someone missed his anger management class this morning, so I guess it’s gonna be a loooooooooong day.

well, my putz is my best friend…. and what have we had the past two weeks if not drama? nothing personal intended, hope none taken. A must read:

makes me rethink fantasy option 2. Could we serriously be going for both even with the added payroll? Is the front office that crazy? that in tune with the city?

I would do the deal for Halladay right now. Drabek, Brown and Happ. Maybe Taylor in place of Brown. No additional throw-ins. Take it or leave it.Happ is an end of the rotation guy (on a good team) and Drabek is still a ‘prospect’. I think Amaro is missing a big chance to make his team a prohibitive favorite but I know he won’t do it, so whatever. JMO.
I’ll take Cliff Lee for the package that is being bandied about, but he’s not the difference maker that Halladay is. Anybody else, forget it. Stick with what you have in the rotation and try to solve the RH bat and bullpen situations, which needs to be done anyway.

I don’t think the Phils shouldn’t trade Happ b/c he’s as good as his numbers, I agree he’ll fall back to earth eventually. I just don’t like the bottom-of-the rotation options we have right now: Moyer, Lopez and Pedro. I’d love to get two starters and keep all three of them out.

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