A Look Back at Deadlines Past

gillick and amaro.jpgThe Phillies got Cliff Lee, the Tigers got Jarrod Washburn and the White Sox got Jake Peavy.

Roy Halladay?

The Blue Jays didn’t trade him. It appears Toronto general manager J.P. Ricciardi overplayed his hand before today’s non-waiver trade deadline. He would not budge from his asking price, and because he didn’t budge he will get less for Halladay in the offseason than he would have gotten today.


The Phillies seem to have done a nice job. They got one of just four starting pitchers traded before the deadline — Ian Snell also got traded — without giving up three of their top prospects: Kyle Drabek, Dominic Brown and Michael Taylor. That’s not bad work.

Let’s take a look at the mid-season trades the Phillies have made since they traded Bobby Abreu, Cory Lidle, Rheal Cormier, Ryan Franklin, David Bell and Sal Fasano during their 2006 fire sale. These trades include trades made before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline and before the Aug. 31 waiver trade deadline.




  • Russell Braynan from the Indians for cash.
  • Julio Mateo from the Mariners for Jesus Merchan.
  • Kyle Lohse from the Reds for Matt Maloney.
  • Tadahito Iguchi from the White Sox for Michael Dubee.


The Phillies got Stairs, Eyre, Iguchi, Braynan, Moyer, Conine and Hernandez after the July 31 deadline. I mention that only because the Phillies still could make a move this season. If they do, I’m guessing it would be a utility player.


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There’s always a Julio Mateo deal that’s worth a good head scratching. But since Abreu, it looks like they’ve done above average work. A tip of the cap to all who make this happen. (Hey, even Russell Branyan had that one homer against the Nats in DC…)

philswest1: The Phils were in a similar situation with Abreu as the Indians were with Lee. The Indians wound up taking a few suspect prospects for a Cy Young winner, and the Phils took 4 losers off the Yankees’ hands in exchange for salary.
I guess teams don’t always get value. Look at the Martinez, Peavy and Rolen deals today. More prospects for tons of salary. Sadly, it’s becoming the state of the game, but as a Phillies fan, I’d much rather be in their position than the teams unloading former superstars.

I give the above a solid A-. Subtract Conine, Hernandez and Mateo and it’s summa *** laude for the front office.

Todd, when you write a retrospective piece like this one, do you ever get nostalgic for the good old days at the Inquirer? lol

This was nothing like the Abreu trade. The Phillies got nothing but detritus in return for Abreu. It was a salary dump and an addition by subtraction, as he didn’t really fit in with the up and coming young guys on the Phillies.
The Tribe fans may not like to looks of this trade right now, but the players the Phillies gave up have a real chance to contribute, most notably Knapp.

Not bad! I think we’ve done pretty well. There’s always a few lemons in there. Makes things interesting, but overall the Phils have made out pretty well recently.

Here’s an interesting pitching match: Carrasco vs Martinez. Happening tonight in LV!

We’ll see phan. Marson has to learn how to catch and where is Donald going to play in the Indians infield? He’s probably a utility guy. Knapp is an 18 year old with a questionable shoulder, and the suddenly “touchable” Carrasco is gone. Kids.
The Indians are dumping salary too.

Wonder how Halladay feels about being an after thought? I know he originally said he’d liek to stay with the Jays. But then it sounded like he was looking forward to a change. There’s always drama in baseball!

Yeah muleman, thyey’re kids. Not 27 year old lifetime minor league relief pitchers (Matt Smith) and complete washout disappointment throw-ins (CJ Henry). And Knapp is a very high end prospect. The trades have nothing in common.
No hits through 4 innings. Lee works fast and throws strikes. I can get used to that.

A no-hitter into the 6th!!! Two hits! Including a double! A run scored! A complete game!!! Welcome to Philadelphia, Cliff Lee!!!

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