Fantasy Camp

Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard try comedy for the MLPBA Players Trust. I’m not sure what that is, but they were pretty funny. The second clip are some outtakes. Gotta have outtakes.


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Very Funny.. should that be MLBPA Players trust?

Incredibly funny video. Jimmy and Ryan are two funny guys who make a great pair. Cool seeing the players lighter side off the field. Only thing I’m wondering is if Ryan Howard has found a new catch phrase, “livin’ the dream, baby.”

I’ve always been a big Jimmy fan and he will without a doubt go down as one of my favorite Phillies of all-time. It was really tough to watch him struggle in the first half. Now he’s getting that swagger back and he’s always been a great face for the organization, even with that fan comment last year. Ryan is a great guy as well. You can really see how he slimmed down in those videos. He could have very easily rested on his laurels after getting his big extension in the offseason but he worked the hardest he ever has and his glove improved tremendously. You can’t help but admire that.

Unfortunately, I can’t see the videos on these computers I use at work. Maybe I’ll hit the library later….

The videos didn’t show up on this site but when I went to Funny ot Die, they worked great. Too funny. The look on the guys face when they were singing was priceless. And the pieing? Wow.

I also can’t access it from my work computer😦

Can’t wait to look at it at home. I think they’re both very personable. Plus Ryan has the best eyes! (I know I sound so girlish don’t I)

I think JRoll did his Prince impersonation better than Ryan.

Jimmy and Ryan are great role models. I hope that more and more African Americans will chose to pursue a sports career in baseball as opposed to football or basketball. I think if Jackie Robinson could see what all of his hard work has turned into, I think he’d be happy for the other races of people who are able to play today, but I think he would also be sadden by the huge drop in the number of African Americans who play baseball at any level nowadays. I hope “RBI” and other organizations can change the perception of baseball in the innercities of America. BUT teams have to stop focusing on signing cheap Latin players overseas, and put more emphasis on drafting and signing homegrown talent. Maybe Obama can help by giving tax incentives.

I agree there needs to be more African Americans in baseball, but your last point I don’t get. Teams don’t sign Latin American players because they’re cheap (in fact most of them get massive bonuses), they sign them because Latin American countries consistently produce the best prospects. What’s the problem with that?

phylan, the problem is not the talented players. The problem is how the system works to minimize costs for teams with academies in Latin America. Scouts locate and sign teenage talent for “chump change”. If their talent never reaches minor league level, they are dumped like garbage. The cost to the team will only be a few thousand dollars at the most. Remember Miguel Tejada, he lied about his age, so the academy wouldn’t release him. He also took steroids to be able to play at MLB level. No one cares any more since he’s great without the steroids. If Selig cared, there would be a lot more than a few R.B.I.-like organizations trying to Revive Baseball in Innercities and letting African Americans know that baseball is their national pastime, too. Baseball is my favorite sport by far, so I want to see our best athletes of all races playing in MLB, and I think Selig and the club owners have forsaken the African American community.

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