Remembering the NLCS

ramirez nlcs.jpgThe Dodgers still have last year’s National League Championship Series on their minds.

The Brewers hit Manny Ramirez with a pitch Tuesday in a 17-4 loss to the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers retaliated and beaned Prince Fielder with a pitch with two outs in the ninth inning. An enraged Fielder tried to storm the Dodgers clubhouse after the game only to have teammates and security guards hold him back.

Dodgers catcher Russell Martin explained why Guillermo Mota hit Fielder.

“We don’t want the same scenario that happened last year in the playoffs where the Phillies kind of tried to intimidate us by throwing at Manny and we really didn’t retaliate,” he said. “We don’t want to be considered as a team that doesn’t have our players’ backs.”

The Phillies pitched aggressively to Ramirez during the NLCS, which the Phillies won in five games. Brett Myers memorably threw behind Ramirez’s back in Game 2. The Dodgers didn’t retaliate until Game 3 in Los Angeles, when Hirkoi Kuroda threw at Shane Victorino‘s head.

“As long as you keep the ball in front it’s up to the hitter to get out of the way,” Charlie Manuel said. “Yeah, we got aggressive with Manny. Manny tries to get aggressive with us, doesn’t us? That’s how you play baseball.”


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We’re still in their heads.

I would never mess with Prince Fielder. You’d have to be suicidal…Hit Braun instead. If the Dodgers had stuck up for Manny with their bats instead of acting macho, they might’ve won the WS last year.

There are NO words to descibe how good J.A. Happ is. He is a young Roy Halladay. I’m not posting that because of tonight’s performance only. His second complete game shutout of the year. How can Charlie put this kid in the pen? How can Ruben force him to do it. Releasing Pedro before giving him a chance to take Happ’s place is the only fair thing to do. Happ is our ACE!!!!!

I really wouldn’t call it ‘sticking up’ for him by throwing at a guy in a 17-4 game in the 9th inning. Posturing is what it is. They can talk tough but it’s still LA.

4 hit shutout for Happ with 10 K’s. Kid worked fast too, just like Lee. They’d be crazy to send him to the ‘pen.

Chollie just spent 5 minutes in praise of Happ. Said he showed him a lot.

Colorado had been on one of their famous win streaks. When that team is winning, they are the scariest team in baseball. What Happ did was simply magical: 4 hits, 10 Ks, 127 pitches…..How can Charlie put a pitcher of this caliber in the pen? Yet Pedro will be on the roster soon. Stay tuned.

Pedro had a pretty good showing tonight and I really want to see what an injury-free future HOFer might have left. He should replace Moyer in the rotation for a couple of turns to see what he can do against major league hitters. This staff could be electric with a healthy Pedro Martinez.

     Jenn, that’s actually not a bad idea, and certainly worth trying, but unfortunately it’s too unorthodox for Charlie to ever consider.
     The simple solution here is obvious. We don’t need Martinez anymore. As much as Moyer struggles, he’s serviceable if relegated to the fifth starter role. If we don’t need Martinez, and he won’t pitch out of the pen, then DFA him. It was a low risk low reward idea but thanks to the Lee trade it’s no longer necessary that he be on the roster.

The Fish flounder again!! Ahhh, the wonderful smell of dead fish…..

If I were Ruben, not only would I keep Happ as a starter, I’d offer him a contract to deal with his arbitration years. This kid is a keeper for sure. Under the greatest pressure of his career, against a great offensive team on a winning streak, with Pedro Martinez lurking in the background, he pitches a gem. That’s the stuff of champions!

Cute idea Jenn, but totally unrealistic. The way the bullpen is used in any particular game is dependent on the game situations. What if you need to pinch hit for the guy who relieves after only one inning? It would only work if you had a lead the whole time.

I think they should plug Pedro into Moyer’s slot for a couple of starts to see what he has left. He’s a future HOFer who knows how to pitch. He has much better stuff and doesn’t have to be as fine as Moyer. I am convinced he can be much better than Moyer and it doesn’t hurt to have another rightie out there.

Russell Martin has got to be one of the dirtiest players in the game. The guy just bugs me. You see him with that smug smile on his face after the game when they hit Prince, basically saying the guy had it coming and was bent out of shape because his team lost. Martin had the same type of reaction when they threw at Victorino last year in the NLCS. I remember his interview after the game when he said “well, we didn’t throw at his head, we threw over his head.” Hey Russell, if you watch the replay, the only reason that pitch didn’t hit Shane in the head was because he ducked. Someone needs to throw a pitch at this clown’s head and see if he still has that stupid smile on his face.

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