The Phillies Got Muscle

Ortiz1527.jpgUFC’s Tito Ortiz offers Cliff Lee, J.A. Happ and Brad Lidge some batting tips before tonight’s game against the Marlins.


Pedro Martinez threw a bullpen today. No word on whether he will join the Phillies rotation next week. … Shane Victorino has some soreness in his quad, and was not in the lineup. It is not believed to be serious. … Gotten a few e-mails about why the Phillies no longer have the 2008 World Series patches on their uniforms. I have been told the Phillies planned to phase out the patches and other 2008 World Series signage, etc., around this time. The 2008 World Series banners outside the ballpark will be fading away soon, for example. Can’t say I blame them. It seems to be bad karma to be wearing 2008 World Series patches in October, no?


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Todd, is Pedro on the roster now? He appeared to come out of the dugout yesterday.

Wow, maybe Blanton is the one who lose his job.

erichh1: Pedro was in the dugout on Tuesday night also. I suppose he comes to Philly between stops in Reading, Lakewood and Allentown.
Joe needed a little defensive support (Ibanez) and some better hitting. He had to pitch a shutout to get a no-decision last night.

Why isn’t Hamels listed as starter for Saturday in Atlanta in “probable pitchers” on Phils’ web site?

Why isn’t Hamels listed as Phils’ starter vs. Atlanta Saturday?

nickwilco- you should probably click on this link, to get todays ramblings of some of us call communication
or just click on the ‘Lee Leads Cubs Sweep’ link on the right

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