Moyer Unhappy, Feels Misled

moyer-756191.jpgJamie Moyer
did not answer questions about his demotion to the bullpen this afternoon at Wrigley Field, but he certainly spoke his mind.

In short, Moyer is unhappy and feels misled.

“I’m really not happy with this decision that the Phillies have made,” he said, sitting in the stands behind the first-base dugout. “I will take what they’ve asked me to do, but I’m not really excited about the decision that has been made. Ultimately, I’m a little disheartened because this past winter when I was negotiating with the Phillies this was a sore thumb, if you will, about this potentially happening.

“You can’t promise anything in this game, but I really felt that Ruben (Amaro Jr.) parlayed to me that this type of situation would not happen. Actually, even had some discussion with David (Montgomery) with them reassuring me that this type of situation wouldn’t happen. Again, I’m a little disheartend by the way it’s happened, how it’s happened. We’re still in first place. I probably feel like I haven’t contributed as well as I could have, but I think if you go around to the other 24 players on our club they would probably say the same type of thing.

“Whether I like it or not, this is the situation I’m in. I will deal with it. I will deal with it in a respectful way. I’ll be respectful to my teammates. Like I said at the beginning, I do not want to be a distraction and I refuse to be a distraction. It’s about the 25 players that are here. We all have to pick each other up. We all have to support each other. We all have to be professional about what we do. This is job that sometimes you’re in situations that you like or dislike and you have to deal with it. That’s why for me dealing with this like a man and taking whatever they choose to do. I’m an employee here, but I don’t always have to like the situation that I’m in. And that’s OK. Life goes on. But like I said, I feel a little disheartened. I feel a little bit like I’ve been misled. I feel like I’ve played this game long enough that the respect factor should be there.”

Moyer declined to answer questions afterward, and said that was all he had to say about his move to the bullpen.

Amaro said through a Phillies spokesperson that the Phillies re-signed Moyer in the offseaosn with the pretense of him starting, although he said he would not comment on contract negotiations with Moyer.

Pedro Martinez, who took Moyer’s spot in the rotation, was asked if he felt for Moyer.

“I’m a man,” Martinez said. “I’m a human being. So is Jamie. He’s my friend, my teammate, my colleague, whatever you want to call it. Of course, you have to feel. If it happened the same way, if I went to the bullpen, I wouldn’t be happy. It wasn’t my decision. It wasn’t me. I was placed in this position. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know anything until yesterday.”


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C’mon Jaime, did Ruben really tell you they would never demote you? Even if you were having one of the worst seasons of all ML starters? If he did, you were a fool to believe it. I still love you, but of all people you should know that while your enormous salary is guaranteed, starting and playing are not.

I have all the respect in the world for Jamie, but I think he is wrong. While he has pitched OK this year and picked up 10 wins(despite a ERA that is very high), things can and do change. He recognizes that you can’t promise anything, despite everyone’s good intentions at the time he was doing his contract (which was more than fair, almost generous considering his age). As a fan, I want another championship, pure and simple. Be it Pedro, Robin Roberts, Phil Niekro or Steve Carlton give us a better chance than Jamie, well that’s the way it goes. If Pedro tanks and Jamie goes back into the rotation, that’s OK with me too. IMHO he should have just taken a few days to settle down before speaking on the subject.

I’m not sure why his salary has anything to do with anything, but thats just me, whats with the report that they will officially bring Martinez off the DL tomorrow and in order to that they have to make another roster move, but won’t announce it till tomorrow… more cloak and dagger stuff… it may be bitter sweat for Martinez tomorrow since the Cubs were the last MLB team he faced….

Two things……….1) I’m sure that EVERY player feels that he could do more for the team. However, there is a difference between not doing what you think you are capable of and just flat-out not getting the job done……….2) If Moyer truly did not want to be a distraction he could have simply said that he understands why the Phils made the move, that he’ll do whatever is best for the team, and leave it at that……….I hope this is the end of it, although I doubt it.

I am sure when the Phillies made those comments they had no idea that he’d hit the wall this year which is why they took a risk on a two year deal vs one year. Unfortunately, here we are and Jamie has the 2nd worst ERA in the majors. The Phillies need to do what is best for the Phillies and that means removing Moyer from the starting rotation. If it wasn’t for the ungodly run support he was receiving he would have been pulled long ago. He should be thanking the Phillies offense for saving his job for as long as they did. I’m disheartened that Moyer brings up respect as if the Phillies somehow disrespected him by moving him to the bullpen and that he deserved to be in the rotation on respect alone. The Phillies have shown Jamie nothing but respect, but he just wasn’t getting the job done.

As for Pedro, why bother asking him questions over Moyer’s comments? Moyer’s feelings have nothing to do with him so it’s pointless to distract him with this drama.

While I can definately understand what Moyer is feeling, there is no way he was promised that he woulnd’t be taken out of the rotation is the Philies thought they had a better option. The only thing he may have been promised was to be either let go or traded so as to be able to hook up with a different team and I dont see how any player with the chance to be on a playoff bound team, with a very good chance to repeat would want to go elsewhere.

Jimmy is right in that he should have waited until after Pedro pitches before commenting. Who knows, he amy be back in the rotation quicker then he thinks, which is probably why he wasn’t placed on waivers or simply let go.

However, I have to wonder how the other 23 players are taking this (We know how Pedro is taking it, he’s happy to have the chance to stay in the rotation). Any guesses as to who is sent down to make room for Pedro?

If Pedro tanks I don’t think Jamie should be inserted back into the rotation because he has already proven that he can’t get the job done. I’d rather see someone like Carpenter get a chance.
I think Kendrick will probably be sent down when Pedro is activated.

Maybe Jamie should have promised that he’d pitch better. He’s batting practice at this point, and his comments knocked him down a couple of notches to me. He doesn’t want to be a distraction? Then, how about keeping your mouth shut and doing what they ask you to do?
Who asked him anyway? Did he volunteer this info?
He needs a smack in the face.

I dont know maybe I read it all a little diferently, but some of is being said here has to be on assumption that he is refering to being taken out of the rotation, how about that if for a moment we assume the agreement was that if he was not going to be in the rotation that he would be told upfront and be released, Yes, he could have worded it diferently, but I am sure you have 25 plus reporters hounding you, to say something is better and a less of a distraction then to have them constantly hounding you, and the fact that the Ruben wouldn’t comment means something wasn’t quite right, I am sure he wasn’t asked spesifics but just to confirm or deny that they have acted against or within the terms of an agreement would have maybe slowed down any additional bad feelings, so next will we see a similar thing with Lidge and if things get worse possibly Hamels, they are both border line at the moment, with that said, it should be, whatever it takes to win and whoever it takes to win, because thats really what this is all about winning…

devil: They seem to be all about insurance these days. Pedro was insurance against losing Happ and now Moyer is insurance on Pedro.
I don’t think Hamels is going anywhere. Not in August. He’s in for the duration, good or bad.
Ditto for Lidge. They might have had a shot at dealing for Sherill, but after the Lee trade, they were running low on prospects. Who is the viable alternative to close games? Myers? When is he going to be ready, if at all?

The Phillies had no business winning that game but I’ll take it! Hope Pedro is successful tomorrow.

Jamie has EVERY right to feel what he feels and say what he said , BUT ONLY behind CLOSED DOORS to the President, GM and Manager. He is as much an employee as he is a player and when an employee is NOT getting it done, that employee is replaced. For a guy who did NOT want to be a Distraction, guess what? He’s a Distraction. Jamie, needs to realize that the Phillies have been fair to him and that he needs to take the HIGH road and simply do whatever the TEAM needs him to do.

It makes me wonder if Moyer will be rooting against Pedro Wed night? I mean, Moyer is at the end of a long career, so this may be it. Then I wonder, what if Martinez is lights out, it seems like Moyer would be the odd man out – who wants to bring a junk ball pitcher in the game to pitch batting practice? It sure won’t be in critical situations.

What would you expect Moyer to say, that he likes the situation. Better he said this now than two weeks from now. You have a bunch of reporters looking for a sound bite and you get one. I’ve read a lot of the comments and people expect this guy to be like a sheep. Pedro is going to get a few starts regardless of what he does Wednesday. I don’t want him to fail. What good would that do. We can’t afford any more losses. I don’t see Moyer getting much work. It wouldn’t surprise me if he asks for his release eventually. If he’s asked to contribute, I’m sure he will.
On the other hand, Lidge has no control. Maybe he’s trying to get people to chase garbage, but after you run a deep count you have to come over the plate. Maybe if our hitters were so patient with pitchers as other players are with us, we would strikeout less. Hey Wagner has started to throw in rehab. Relax, it’s a joke.
Kudos to Howard for w0rking the walk. I’m sure he wanted to pop one but we all know it probably would be a K and an inning killer. Patience is a virtue and it should be practiced more. Too many fence swingers and not enough small ball contact.

I agree with davegas…..what did you expect him to say. I think his reaction is justified. The only part I didn’t quite understand that he brought up with the whole contract issue. That was a bit uncharacteristic of him despite it being said in the heat of moment which made the whole situation more of a distraction for the team.

Glad to see Howard get that walk. It was a nice at bat. In fact the three walks in that inning were a welcome change from their usual MO. However the middle of the line-up better get their rears in gear soon. Also how nice of a surprise has our “Francisco Treat” been?? Gotta give Reuben kudos for that pick-up.

The only persons misled were the Phillies’ management – misled into thinking Moyer still was capable of being a major league pitcher.

I respect what Jaime Moyer has done in his career and for the Phillies, but I am actually very disapointed in Jaime Mwith the way he handled himself in this situation. If this was Pedro getting put in the bullpen I would have expected this but not from Jaime. ” Like I said at the beginning, I do not want to be a distraction and I refuse to be a distraction. We all have to be professional about what we do.” If you didn’t want to be a distraction Jaime then keep your mouth shut! You were anything but professional in the way you handled yourself yesterday

rpknfn14: I said the same thing earlier. Disappointed. In fact, according to Andy Martino’s story in today’s Inquirer, Jamie “sought out the media” and went into his rant after what appeared to be some thoughtful consideration at Wrigley. That’s classless, and it’s the type of thing that turns me against professional athletes, and baseball players in general.
Of course, they’re not subject to the sort of disciplinary actions that us working stiffs are, but if any of us went to the newspapers and ranted about our employers, they wouldn’t be our employers for long. And our money isn’t guaranteed either.
Note to Jamie: Shut up and pitch. You’re one lucky ******* to be playing professional baseball for a living.

Wow. The comments section starred a word in my last comment. For the record, it was b*st*rd. * = a
Since when is that foul language?

When I heard this news all I could do was say ‘Wow.’ C’mon Jamie…seriously? Seriously? You have been an absolute dog all year and you were paid handsomely in the offseason out of good faith for what you brought to this team in the PAST. It is now the PRESENT and you are not cutting it. I realize there are some incentives that help him earn more should he get more starts but promises? Promises should never be made in the game of baseball. What is this relationship he and Ruben has? Are they like little school kids? This is business and it should be based on performance like any other business. Jamie disappointed me with his comments more than his performance. I really thought he would get it.

Love the Francisco Treat line. DING DING! Hopping in the Cadillac in the clutch last night. Big hit from him. He has been a nice addition. Similar tools as Mayberry but he can actually apply them.

My two cents. Jamie has a right to say what he feels. I would have perfered he didn’t but ok. But what gets me is when he talks about respect. Jamie, if it was anyone else, you’re butt would have been benched along time ago. They showed you respect by sticking with you. Show them some respect in return.

Good call deb, the fact they stuck with him for as long as they did is respect enough like you said. The Phillies did their part. Now it’s time for Jamie to do his by either keeping quiet or taking care of his business behind closed doors.

As much as players hate it when managers and GMs to to the media to gripe about them, you’d think that the players would afford management the same courtesy.
I guess that door doesn’t swing both ways.

Is Jamie really a viable bullpen option? No stinkin’ way. He knows he won’t be used except in blowouts. He will lose everything he worked hard to obtain this season. If I were him, I’d let the Phils know it was okay to send me down to LV so I could keep my arm ready to start if called upon to do so. In the meantime the Phils could have a better arm in the pen. If Pedro fails, Jamie won’t be ready to return.

Does anyone quite remember how good Moyer pitched in the playoffs last year? He had the best record or pretty close to it out of all of our other pitchers. He plays with everything he has.
Being the 46th pitcher to win 250 games isn’t an easy task, you get out there and try it.
How great is Hamels pitching this year??? Moyer had that bad outing against Florida and all of a sudden he is no good now?
We signed a hurt, washed up ex- Met and Red Sox pitcher and just cast Moyer aside like he was nothing. He didn’t deserve that. We all know that. Martinez isn’t going to save our team.
If any professional sports player is out there looking for a job, sign with a Philadelphia team if you are not looking for any kind of loyalty from them.

By Sandy

Does anyone remember how good Moyer pitched last season? He plays with everything he has. He has a bad game against Florida and now he is no good anymore???
Becoming the 46th pitcher in baseball history to win 250 games is amazing. You have to give him the respect he deserves for that.
How is Hamels pitching so far this season, not too good, am I right?
We sign Martinez, an ex Met and Red Sox pitcher who isn’t 100% healthy and he has a good game because we scored a ton of runs for him and Moyer gets cast aside like he is nothing. That is not right. We all know that.
Throw someone else in the bullpen who really deserves it.
If there is any professional sports player out there who is looking for a team, sign with a Philadelphia team especially if you are looking for a team who has no loyalty at all.

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