It's Pedro Night

pedro 0809.jpgIt’s Pedro Night at Wrigley Field.

I’m looking forward to finally seeing the man pitch. I mean, I’ve seen Pedro Martinez pitch before. But I’m curious to see what he brings after not being in the big leagues since September.

Martinez has been an entertaining character since his arrival last month, so if he pitches well it could be fun.

“I might surprise you. I might not,” Martinez said during his introductory news conference at Citizens Bank Park. “But it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be really fun to go out and find out.”



Lots of discussion about Jamie Moyer‘s comments yesterday. I understand his point of view, and I also understand the Phillies’ point of view.

If I’m Moyer I’m looking at it like this: I’ve won a team-high 10 games this season. I’ve won a team-high 40 games since the beginning of the 2007 season. I’ve got a 4.40 ERA in my last 15 starts, which is better than Cole Hamels. My team is in first place. I have not pitched poorly enough in my last 15 starts to warrant a demotion to the bullpen.

If I’m the Phillies I’m looking at it like this: Moyer signed a two-year, $13 million contract to be a starter, but circumstances change. The goal is to make the playoffs and win the World Series. The Phillies owe it to themselves to put the best team on the field, and while Moyer has pitched better since May, he also has been too inconsistent. Martinez is here, and they should see if he gives them a better chance of winning the World Series. 


Brad Lidge‘s struggles continue. A leadoff walk last night in the ninth leads to his Major League-leading seventh blown save of the season.

It was Lidge’s first blown save since June 6. He is 0-4 with a 7.29 ERA, which is the highest ERA of any reliever in baseball. His 75 percent saves completion percentage is the third-worst in the Majors.

The theory early in the season is that inflammation in Lidge’s right knee caused him problems. He was 0-3 with a 7.29 ERA and 13 saves in 19 opportunities before he went on the 15-day disabled list in June. Opponents had hit .306 against him. Lidge is 8-for-9 in save opportunities since he returned from the DL. But he also is 0-1 with a 7.31 ERA, and opponents have hit .276 against him.


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Pedro’s going to have fun. That’s great. As long as it’s fun, Pedro. Maybe you could mix in a win while you’re at it?

Pedro is a loose guy and this team needs it right now because their a-holes are sewn shut. They had no right winning that game last night but I’ll obviously take it.

Todd, I think that is a great job you did in explaining both sides of the Moyer situation. I feel exactly the same way. I love Jamie and respect everything he has done for this team. He has the right to be upset. But on the other hand, Pedro had to get a shot at some point. In a perfect world, we could have it both ways, but sadly, we don’t live on that planet. I am looking forward to seeing how this all turns out tonight!


I believe it is bogus to claim Moyer has a better ERA than Hamels over the last 15 starts. The most obvious reason is that Hamels has the better ERA for the entire season. But more importantly Hamels can improve his destiny by doing what he is suppose to do and by doing it better. Moyer is more dependent on outside considerations such as umpires with wide strike zones. There has been times this year where it has been embarassing to watch Moyer pitch because of how wide the strike zone was. During such games young players probably have been antsy because they cannnot believe how wide the strike zone was.

I’m not sure the Phils need either of them to win the WS. Although Pedro out of the pen sounds better that Jamie out of the pen, if it happens during the WS.

As for Brad LIdge, if he doesn’t turn it around soon, he won’t. When we got him from Houston, he had pitched very well in September, and I think he was their closer again at the end of the year. He has pulled himself out of quagmires before. Charlie is willing to bet the season on Brad’s turn-around. Personally, I think he needs a sports psychologist or minister or someone to talk to. Choking is now firmly embedded in his head. He needs to clear it out of his head or self-fulfilling prophesy will be his undoing.

Yeah it is strictly mental with Lidge now. You can just sense the fear in him when he is out there now and that throw on the bunt play showed it all. He is thinking through everything out there right now and not reacting and just playing the game. It is absolutely painful to watch him right now. Last year he was the difference maker in winning the world series, this year he could be the man to blow a repeat. What an ugly 180º turn.

Here’s a random thought to throw out:

Does anybody subscribe to the “Conspiracy Theory” that the rotation was shifted so that Pedro would start tonight on ESPN? ESPN is a MLB partner, and the conspiracy guys say that Pedro was chosen for Wednesday for the theater.
Otherwise, why push Lee back an extra day?

Ok, so if the Bosox flat out release Smoltz, I wonder if we would consider picking him up for the bullpen? He was a very fine and effective closer back in the day. I know we have Myers maybe coming back, but still…and if the Bosox release him, we could get him cheap since the Sox would be on the hook for his salary. Of course this all depends on if he is willing to go to the bullpen at all. Honestly, if he truly wants to keep pitching, I think he needs to face reality and realise he’s not a starter anymore.

Chan Ho might be a closer for a lot of teams. He’s got 4 great pitches that can be lights-out. I wonder if Charlie will give him a chance if Brad doesn’t turn things around…

Don’t believe that conspiracy theory stuff. Charlie would never do that. They pushed back Lee becaues they wanted to split up Happ and Lee. That’s all. There’s no way Charlie would ever let ESPN or MLB to influence his own rotation. They’re trying to win a World Series, not get TV ratings for one night.

I would give Chan Ho a look. He wanted to be important to the team which is why he was so hardline in his stance about being in the rotation. Closer is just as important. His ball is really dancing right now. It’s night and day from earlier in the season.

I know this is down the line but I hope Mathieson can stay healthy and be t be the closer I always thought he could be for the Phillies.

Joed and all the other Pedro lovers: If your boy losses today’s game I’ll be really pissed. All I ever want for my birthday is for the Phillies to win on that day (the 13th) and since the game on Wednesday will begin after midnight MY time, today’s game is the birthday game. COme on Pedro, give me my present!!

muleman, if there is any conspiracy happening, it has to have Bud Sealig’s name on it as far as I’m concerned.

FIJ, great line! Great passion! Happy birthday!

Todd, it’s great to see your comments down here again!

FIJ, have a good birthday. As for Pedro, let’s hope he hits the ball well because that is what this team needs right now.

If Pedro turns out to be MONEY, his nickname should be “Pe-Mart” (pronounced: PAY-MART). What do you guys think?

joed21, Dude, you mean “pitches” not “hits”.

Hope our offense wakes up tonight. Win or lose I’m sure Pedro’s post game interviews will be entertaining.

Happy B-day, FIJ!

debindixie, the last thing the team needs is another distraction. Smoltz should get picked up by the Pirates, Reds, or Royals because he could help school their young pitchers. But they won’t pay for him.

eric, clearly he needs to pitch well but with this offense in hibernation he might have to hit one out to get his run support.

FIJ, I don’t “love” Pedro. Love has to be earned in the world of sports. Pedro has yet to do anything except build up a media frenzy.

Thanks Todd. I do like to stir the pot a little sometimes!🙂

debindixie: Re: Smoltz. I wish teams would look at the player instead of the name. It’s hard to blame the Sox for taking a chance on Smoltz, but now – he’s done. I’ve read that there are teams with interest in him, but one has to wonder why.
Minor league systems are full of players, presumably at all levels of talent. Each organization has maybe 10 guys who could play major league ball. Why then, would they waste millions on a washed-up future Hall-of-Famer when they probably have 3 pitchers in their system who could do the same (or better) at a fraction of the cost?
No, I’m not talking about Pedro!🙂 Still talking about Smoltz.
For now, anyway. We’ll see in about 4 hours.

Let’s stop all this agony over Moyer. He hasn’t performed, requires exceptional run support (the reason for his 10 wins), and is the wrong pitcher for today’s era.

He needs to rethink his selflessness position and acknowledge he regularly puts the team in a hole. Sorry but it’s time to move on.

Todd, convincing us that the rotation is a left-right problem is one thing but the Charlie versus network TV is another. Charlie will do what ever he is told to do.

Thanks pherrris.🙂

joed: How about that run support? Makes it easy on the old man, eh?

Pedro is a joy to watch. He’s not afraid to throw strikes, especially with runners on. He got the last out on strikeouts in the first three innings when it was still a game, with 90+ fastballs, with a nasty little movement. 5 strikeouts in 4 innings now.

Nice to see RAUULL! finally hit a dinger! As I write this its 12-2 top of 6th. My favorite scene so far beside the awakening of the Phils offense…..the Cub fans waving the white towels in surrender. Whata hoot!

Moyer:16-7 last year with a 3.71 ERA, it would have been Moyer’s 11th victory tonight, if he had started with this offensive barrage by the offense.

I don’t blame Moyer for being pissed, he’s not as bad as people are making him out to be.

I agree with you, fightinphillies, on Moyer and by the way, HB FIJ! Great to see our offense come alive tonight and way to go team!

I think “It’s Pedro Night” got cancelled and the “Phillies Offense Show” was seen instead…

It would have been nice to see Moyer pitch tonight, 23 years after his ML debut in the same stadium with the same 2 teams playing, since he may be his last start…but you never know

The Phils offense clearly thought Moyer was pitching! Happy birthday f_i_j!

Your welcome, Muleman.

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