Lee Leads Cubs Sweep

lee 0813.jpgMichael Vick
signed with the Eagles?!?!?!?!?!?!

OK, got that way out of the way.

Let’s talk baseball. Cliff Lee has been better than advertised in his first three starts with the Phillies. He is 3-0 with a 1.13 ERA, inculding one run in eight innings today in a 6-1 victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field. He has allowed 16 hits, three runs and six walks in 24 innings. He has struck out 24. Opponents have hit just .193 against him.

Those are remarkable numbers, especially compared to CC Sabathia. He went 3-0 with a 1.88 ERA in his first three starts last season after the Indians traded him to the Brewers. He allowed 17 hits, six runs, five earned runs, one home run and six walks in 24 innings. He hit two batters and struck out 24. Opponents hit .205 against him.

“He uses his heater as good as anybody, and from a lefty especially,” Cubs shortstop Ryan Theriot said of Lee. “It’s impressive.”

“He throws everything for strikes,” Cubs second baseman Jeff Baker said. “He’s not predictable. He’s got pitches that go every way. He’s got a cutter that goes in, a changeup that goes in, a sinker that goes down and he’s got that big curveball. There’s a reason he won that Cy Young Award and he was so coveted at the Trade Deadline this year.”


Ryan Howard snapped a career-high 57 at-bat homerless streak when he hit a three-run homer to left field in the fourth inning.


Give Blood, Wear a World Series Ring

Fans who donate at the Phillies Blood Drive on Saturday at Citizens Bank Park have the chance to take a photo wearing an authentic World Series championship ring (must bring own camera). Plus other perks. Must pre-register.

Check out details here.


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Also Lee is hitting about .300 and had his second extra base hit since signing with the Phils. Great to see the Big Man finally get a HR this month. Maybe the middle of the line-up is finally coming out of its funk….what with Ibanez hitting his 2-run HR last night and Utley batting much better.

Sorry to hear that the next few days will be filled with talk of the Eagles signing Vick. YIKES!

I turned on Comcast Sportsnet at 10:00 PM to see if the lead would be Vick or Lee’s masterpiece. Of course, it was Vick.
The ironic thing is that the last commercial before the show was Chase Utey and his wife for the SPCA and awareness of cruelty to animals.


Thought I’d offer everyone chuckle about some news about some former Phillies. This comes courtesy of Paul Hagen of the Daily News:


In case you doubted how desperate some teams are for pitching … Adam Eaton, who turned out to be a waste of $24.5 million and was released by both Philadelphia and Baltimore this spring, has been brought up from Triple A Colorado Springs and put in the Rockies’ bullpen.

And Freddy Garcia, who cost $10 million and Gavin Floyd for exactly one win in 2007 before disappearing with shoulder problems and was released from the Mets’ minor league system earlier this year, could start for the White Sox next Tuesday.


He also thinks the Phils should consider Billy Wagner?!? Oy vey!

karen: I saw that Eaton story too. Teams must be so desparate for pitching that they’ll sign guys who have already failed twice before. Don’t they get the hint?
There must be such a dearth of pitching in teams’ farm systems that they’ll pay for these washed-up contracts instead of paying the minimum to a kid who might deserve a chance.
That’s why I like what the Orioles are doing. They’re releasing guys like Eaton and letting kids like Bergesen, Tillman and Albers have a shot. There is such a thing as losing with dignity.

Muleman: You’re so right! That’s how the Marlins & Rays have been successful by giving young players a chance. I hope it works for the O’s and also our western PA neighbors Pittsburgh.

Awwww look at the Eagles desperate for attention. They are certainly getting it but most of it is negative. I love the Eagles as much as the next person but baseball will always have my heart which is they the Phillies are #1 in my book all the time.

The Eagles have lost the city and now they are scrambling. What a 180 it has been. The Phillies, clueless for many years, are now in complete control and making sound moves after winning a championship while the Eagles continue their downward spiral which was only broken up for a short moment because the Raiders won a game.

Lee was masterful yet again and as some of you have already said, I was shocked he went back out for the 8th too. He is definitely feeling it, being in the middle of a pennant race after leaving a Cleveland team in disarray.

As for Eaton….he was throwing well in AAA for the Rockies so that’s why he got the call. I can’t wait to see him try to perform at Coors. It will be comedy for sure.

karen: The sad story for the Orioles is that they could win 90 games and still finish third. Another reason to root against the Sox and Yankees!
I’m not sure what the Pirates can do. I’m old enough to remember how great those teams in the 70s were, and it’s sad to see what a sorry state they’re in now.

Hey Todd – I am wondering if you might have an opportunity to speak with either Chase Utley and/or his wife Jen about the Michale Vick signing? Being an animal person myself, I know what huge animal supporters the Utley’s are and about Jen’s role with the PA SPCA. I think a lot of people are wondering how they feel about this. Might be a very interesting news article ;O)


Todd – Why is Saturday listed as a TBA for pitcher and not Cole Hamels? is it a missprint or are they waiting for something?
any clues?
Outside the Phillies Looking In

The Inquirer has Blanton vs. Jurrjens tonight, Hamels vs. Kawakami Saturday and Happ vs. Vazquez on Sunday.
Tomorrow’s game is on Fox, which gives Tim McCarver a chance to mispronounce Kawakami AND Ruiz!

VIck the D*ck is an Iggle, enough said for why I do’nt bother following that sport from 11000 miles away (or however far it is). The O’s are doing a great job of rebuilding. The Bucs could learn from them, get rid of aging players and start kids, and let them mature and then, when they are good, DON”T TRADE THEM!!

As for the ex-[phils who are starting, just shows what a calss organization we’ve become. We can afford to trade away two great pitching prosepcts and have enough in the minores to stock our rotation if need be. I wonder how Carpenter, Bastardo, Kendrick, Dybek, Flanders and the rest are going to do in the big leagues

muleman- I know all the press have hamels tomorrow, but the phillies website show as a TBA

Wagner had a lot of nasty things to say after he left. Do we need that cancer? I saw Freddie Garcia pitch a few weeks ago in Vegas and he is pretty impressive, but it is AAA.

davegas: That’s what happens. Those geezers go down to the minors, light it up and somebody decides they can pitch. They’ve found their level, and then come to the bigs and stink it up again. They should be going down instead of up.
Do you think the Colorado Springs team got any mileage out of “World Series Champion” Adam Eaton? They gave him a ring, as I remember.🙂
I see Pedro is going to make his CBP debut on Tuesday vs. the D-Backs. Should be interesting. Hope the wind is blowing in.

I’m confused about the Phillies Blood Drive. Are there people who can only be motivated to give blood if you allow them to wear a WSC ring? Isn’t helping to save another human being’s life reward enough? Anything that works is great; I’m just saying…..

Just a reminder, we currently have one of these geezers/retreads in our rotation as Pedro-mania takes hold.

erichh1: The answer is “yes.” Sad but true. On another note, I think the WS rings are gawdy and way too big. I’ve seen players and broadcasters wearing them and they look ridiculous.
thumpbump: Absolutely. For me, I’m still waiting for Pedro to show me something. Once he gets to the 6th inning we’ll be onto something.

I have to LOL at people comparing Pedro Martinez to the likes of Adam Eaton and Freddy Garcia.

phan52: You’re right, there’s no comparison between Pedro and Eaton, et al.
Pedro didn’t pitch that well in the minors.🙂

One more thing I prefer here to the old country, when they do a blood drive, they have to turn people away–they have too much blood and it’ll be wasted. Giving blood is the easiest way to save a life–with or without a chance to wear a ring.

Looking forward to my Fantast Ex Phillies team nexxt yar. Lots of fresh blood to draft. Even have a real ss this time.

fij- the problem here is they don’t have the same occurances that produces daily awareness for the need to give blood as out there…

Pedro was only in the minors to prepare himself for the show, not to try and salvage a career because of being being fat and lazy and stealing money.

Also folks Sunday’s game is the Sunday night game on ESPN. So I guess no T-Mac, Sarge or Wheels (not sure if they’ll do any of the radio broadcasts). Guess we’re popular this week what with THREE games nationally televised (Wednesdays and the weekend games)

Kinda interesting how the Eagles managed to steal the spotlight from the Phils for a bit with the Michael Vick signing. I’m Eagles fan to a degree. We have a family football pool that makes watching the games a bit more fun, but my true sports love is the Fightin Phils🙂

phan52: I guess the joke was lost on you. Sorry.
karen: I’ve always been a Phillies fan first. The Eagles were horrible when I was a kid (in the 60s) and now management is so arrogant that I can’t stand to listen to them. Today, when Reid was quoted in the paper saying Vick is “a nice kid” I about lost my lunch.
But enough about them. It’s baseball season.
The Phils have a chance to bury the Braves this weekend. Let’s hope they take better advantage of that opportunity than the one they blew against Florida last weekend.

I am also puzzled by the TBD listed by the Phillies for Saturday’s starting pitcher. Could they bump Cole and put in Jamie?

martinlaw- I am thinking they are waiting to see what his bullpen session goes like today, I don’t think he threw one yesterday, I didn’t want to draw any conclusions from it, but I think they need to verify something soon…

I doubt Jamie would be taking Cole’s spot in the rotation unless, Cole has admitted being injured and is going to go on the DL.

that or its something they think they can sort out in under 15 days and only want him to miss 1 start…hopefully it’s just a lack of website maintanance

they fixed it, they have Cole Hamels showing now as Saturdays pitcher…

devilabrit: Thankfully, those “occurances that produces daily awareness for the need to give blood ” have declined since we spent a few weeks in Caza explaining things to them. In the meantime, Hamas and Al-Qaida are busy fighting it out in Gaza tonight.

Back to baseball: We’ve the 4th best record in the Majors. The Yanks and both LA teams are better then us. I hate being behind any team in NY or LA, so I guess we need to pick up the pace. This series against Atlanta is a good time to pick up three games. Blanton goes tonight so we can expect a good outing. In fact, we can always expect good outings except when (I can’t believe I’m saying this) when Hamels pitches. He’s got to get it together very soon

fij- thanks for the local update… it’s been awhile since I was there, but friends to keep me posted from time to time…
and I agree about the NY & LA teams and unfortunately the pitching, here’s hoping todays website glich was fixed because Hamels had a very good bullpen session…it would be very nice to sweep the Braves just maybe to much to ask for though

I wish Ryan could break out of his 199 strike outs a season streak while he’s at it!

FIJ, God bless you and all the people in Israel who are on the frontline of this fight against terrorism. Most of us here in the States don’t think about stuff like 9/11 happening again. The wars are in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even though blood is shipped from the States to the Middle East, most of us won’t make the connection unless the sign specifically says the blood drive is for our troops.

thanks Erich and Devil,. Now lets leave the politics to the F*cking politicians and win some baseball games. I’d love to see Werth get back in the groove and Rauuuul come alive again.

FIJ, politicians (Mayor Nutter) were consulted before the Vick signing. Maybe Montgomery et al needed Nutter’s OK before Cliff Lee was signed. lol

any comment on Mayor Nutter and his consultation regarding Vick would probably get me barred from here so we’ll leave it alone…which is why I’m probably not in politics…
Werth on the other hand, I wonder if the full season is getting to him, maybe he needs every 3rd or 4th day off, at least Francisco can fill in without to much of a drop in performance, in any at the moment…

Nutter was only advised because he had to in turn advise all the dog kennels in the Philly area to be on the alert for ‘sick Vick’ if he shows up looking for some new dawgs to pal around with.

This is just another example how screwed up the NFL is, who will the Eagles seek next ? Jack the Ripper for a little help ????? How about Charlie Manson, he’ll scare the daylights out of the offense with that stare of his 🙂

Blanton throws gem after gem and gets no run support. And Lidge is stil as scary as ever. His fastball is all over the place. He never hits the target Ruiz puts up there and the Braves got some good swings.

The wound that will not stop bleeding. Un effing believable.

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